The Shared Evolution of Heart

When the Earth breathes with intent, humanity evolves. When the Earth bleeds, humanity suffers. When the Earth radiates, humanity is uplifted. When humanity holds on to cruelty, the Earth feels so much pain. When humanity spreads hate, the Earth is dragged down with heaviness. When humanity fails to evolve, the Earth faces such painful choices. […]

Cosmic Blueprint & Personal Action

In the heart of Cosmos is held all the potential and possibility for the awakening journey of life to come, and the directive force that guides that awakening. The knowledge of this potential, possibility and directive force comes from the incarnational law that guides how all intentions of higher vibration express in lower vibrations – […]

Cosmic Mother: Jesus, Gautama & the Path of Heart

In the Cosmos, Mother holds the potential of all that is to be. In the galaxies, Mother holds the promise of all life to come. In the solar system, Mother holds the blueprint for evolution’s grace to unfold. In the planets, Mother holds the birth-print for consciousness in physical life. In physical life, mother holds […]

Will, Mother and Heart

In every creature that has a physical heart, soul is involved in that life stream – whether individually, as for humans, or collectively, as for many other creatures. Soul and heart go together:  one needs the other to express. Soul needs a physical heart as the vehicle through which its fine, almost indiscernible resonance can […]

Hope, Comfort and Mother’s Vision

In the embrace of the Mother, comfort is given. Not the comfort of repair, atonement or rectification, but the comfort of knowing:  the knowing of life ahead and past, of a picture so big it holds the universe, yet celebrates you, a tiny divine spark within that outpouring of creative love. The knowing of life […]

The Change through Mother’s Grace

To work with the Mother is the most wonderful grace of this new age into which we are emerging. Of course there have been great and gracious Mother deities throughout history. But the difference now is the stage we have reached upon the evolutionary journey, both personally, and globally. In the past, the intention of […]

Aligning with Intent and Flow

When you want to work with the Mother, you need to understand how to work with both flow, and intent. People talk about being ‘in the flow,’ when, for example, they enter a different zone of consciousness, and feel movement. Most often, this is heard of from sports people or teams who achieve an unexpected […]

Mother, Heart Flow & the Great Change

When Cosmic Mother incarnates, she embodies the force of life that is love. This is the fundamental drive in all matter to seek that with which it can resonate. Without this, there would be no life, no evolution, no journey of consciousness. Mother holds presence in matter, and this is the undeniable tug from within […]

Heart Consciousness and Mother

garden of light

Mother is the life force and living nourishment that moves and works in between the particles of intent, those aggregations that hold the directional force of will in a contained form. An example of these particles, from a spiritual perspective, is an atom, which holds a certain intentful resonance that allows it to hold in […]

Mother’s Sacrifice and Heart Consciousness

Sink into Mother’s embrace. She is the love that fills your blood with life-sustaining vitality. She is the body of Earth, of which you are built. She is the consciousness that draws you here, to embody in this privileged home, this beautiful world in our universe. She is the glue that binds your soul consciousness […]

The Spirit of Resurrection & Flow of Consciousness

To engage with the awakening of heart consciousness, it is helpful to understand how spiritual flow works. On the one hand, you can see it as we see flow in our physical world:  a coherent movement of liquid, or air, from one place to another; driven by the force of gravity, or changes in pressure. […]

Engaging with Love’s Flow into Earth

The life-blood of our beautiful Earth flows as a liquid life force, just like the blood in humans and animals, and the sap in plants. It is energised with the oxygen of spirit, which is love, circulated through Mother’s heart with the angels in harmonious living expression with nature. This is the unstoppable flow that […]

Healing with Flow & the Intent of Fire

To work with healing guided by knowledge is to implement a healing guided by fire, for it is only this element of intention (of fire) that can energise the healing flow within the human vehicle. Fire coordinates and drives healing done this way. This is not to say that the healing itself will be of […]

Healing in Mother Earth’s Heart Flow

If you want to heal in the light of the heart, on the journey of heart, you must seek to understand what heart is and how it functions in you as a spiritual vehicle, and you must seek to understand the Mother. Healing on the path of heart utilises the nourishing, cleansing balm of heart […]

Pray to the Mother for Peace

In these times of deep and confronting global challenge, seek the Mother. She is here, in and of the Earth, in and of whatever spirituality you follow, whatever human and social beliefs you hold – because all is built of her, and her compassion is all encompassing. Whatever way you activate your hope, whether through […]