Cosmic Blueprint & Personal Action

[written in conscious attunement]

In the heart of Cosmos is held all the potential and possibility for the awakening journey of life to come, and the directive force that guides that awakening.

The knowledge of this potential, possibility and directive force comes from the incarnational law that guides how all intentions of higher vibration express in lower vibrations – the Law of Life itself. Always, the previous incarnation draws all wisdom, experience and loving expression into the seed of its next life. This applies to Cosmos as it does to a planetary being, a human being, a nature being, and so forth.

As the seed of Cosmos awakens, it sends out vibrations of intent throughout the unqualified (that is, unconscious, unawakened) substance of the universe, to begin the awakening of the blueprint of life to come:  the Mother impulse. When enough substance holds the ripples of that awakening, then the forces of intent begin, through which to fulfil the plan imbued in that seed for the life to come. This is the Father impulse. Thus Mother and Father begin the dance that creates all that can evolve in this incarnation.

For you as a human being, your soul holds the seed of your previous incarnations with all the potential of what can evolve in the next incarnation, and provides the directive force to bring that seed into incarnation, to bring that force and potential to life. However, your soul is already itself born out of the intent of Mother Earth, who was born out of the intent of Solar Logos, who was ultimately born of the intent of Cosmos. This is how our creativity and life expression is linked to the big picture, and why it matters.

Our Mother Earth holds all the seeds of potential for her expression of Cosmos in this Cosmic incarnation, which is to become a physical expression of heart.

Sirius is a Cosmic expression of heart, but not in the dense physical vibration that it is to become within Earth. Sirius expresses heart in intent, and in the loving Cosmic embrace in which Earth is held, and thus imbues Earth with all that potential and direction to aid and guide her own awakening upon this path.

The Greater Hearts of Earth, and the great Kumaras of Earth, present and past, have been, and are, conscious vehicles of this love and intent from Sirius. Many of the first Greater Hearts came directly from Sirius, bringing that intention and love into direct interaction with Earth’s evolving hopes and dreams, to awaken and strengthen her deep knowing (through the blueprint of Cosmic design that is within her substance of being), and to stimulate her evolutionary intent.

As Earth has evolved, with and through all her streams of life force (humans, nature and all creatures included), she has held more and more of that Cosmic consciousness – that is, the knowing of the potential and directive force – in the substance of her being. She has become more and more directly engaged with the heart’s intent from Sirius, and the heart’s call of Cosmos imbued in her being. Her consciousness has become more coherently whole, as an expression of life itself.

This is the journey we are all on with her:  to realise we are part of one glorious expression of Cosmic love, here, with Earth.

That is why we are on a trajectory of such a profound change, and many feel this.

The individuated path of development, whether seen personally, racially, culturally, religiously, nationally, institutionally, has incarnated some of the picture, but never the whole. The whole can only be expressed when all parts within that whole start to awaken heart, and then those hearts start to beat in unison.

This is what plays out in consciousness throughout humanity at this time of Great Change; as it does through all involved in the loving evolutionary journey of Earth’s unfoldment, the Greater Hearts, angels and nature included. It is a significant shift in consciousness for humanity, which has walked a path strongly focussed upon individual development, both personally, and in larger expressions such as religions and nations. Now our human consciousness needs to evolve to a state of individuality yet within the conscious knowing and positive support of the greater whole of the Earth and her journey of heart.

This is the reason why many nations and institutions are being disrupted from within. Not that this is not from without. The wars of ideology and distorted world vision leading one nation to seek to crush another (for example, Russia and Ukraine, Israel and Palestine) are not expressions of the Great Change, but come from human distortions and excess and cause great harm.

What to do?

Seek to understand what is in your heart, for in your heart is the blueprint of potential, and the guiding light of your soul

Seek to understand what is in your heart, for in your heart is the blueprint of potential, and the guiding light of your soul, that enables you to be a force and creator of positive change here, where you live, upon our Earth. In your heart you know Earth, and Cosmos in the small part you have embodied. You cannot be separate from this, our whole universe is thus imbued.

As Earth awakens to the wholeness of her being, and to the synchronicity of all of her expressions in the rhythm of her heart, in turn, in concert with the heart’s loving flow from Sirius, and thus the living light of Cosmic Heart, we are touched by this awakening. We cannot be outside it, for we are made of Earth’s substance and consciousness, and thus of the Cosmic blueprint.

But, as all consciousness and thus awakened life arises through the effort of consciousness, which is choice, then that is what lies ahead in this moment, in this life, in this century of change.

Find your feet upon this Earth, feel her, and let the resonance of her consciousness touch you and awaken within you the knowing of who you are, as a being of consciousness within her embrace.

Be your heart, and be the positive change you, we, and our whole Earth needs.

Start in Your Heart!

Start in your heart

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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