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Heart Consciousness and Mother

[written in conscious attunement]

Mother is the life force and living nourishment that moves and works in between the particles of intent, those aggregations that hold the directional force of will in a contained form. An example of these particles, from a spiritual perspective, is an atom, which holds a certain intentful resonance that allows it to hold in its sphere the electrons, protons and neutrons, etc, that enable it to bring its specific qualities into our physical world. Another example is us, and all other creatures. We are aggregates of physical, emotional and mental matter, made possible by the driving intent that spearheaded our incarnation in this world, and, like the atom, created the resonance that draws to us the elements of the world around us to embody that intent.

No life can embody without intent, for that is the force that makes possible this expression of will in the deeper layers of our physical world. Just as you cannot achieve anything without will, whether motivated by desire (lower will), or soul impetus (higher will), without either you would remain effectively inert in this world – and we do not incarnate to be inert.

Our whole evolutionary journey is to express what is held in our hearts – our soul’s intent – through interaction with this world, in whatever way it is ours to do. We are here as change agents, for that was Earth’s call through which our human presence was enabled:  be part of the great evolutionary leap and incarnate the living heart in the depths of physical matter.

When a human awakens to their heart in their consciousness, it is like a cell in our beautiful Earth lights up, and radiates, and gives that intent, its life force, into that which is around it.

We are cells in the body of Earth, and, just like the cells in our own bodies, these cells need to be full of vitality and radiance for us, for Earth, to be healthy and radiant. But this is also just one part of the tapestry of life, because each cell, whether a human in Earth’s body, or a cell in our own body, comes into being through the will to create, and an expression of the story of intent. All particles of intent – whether atom, cell, human or all the other expressions in our world – are born within a milieu that is able to receive and co-create with that intent. This milieu is the other aspect of evolutionary understanding that we need to embrace.

Through mind, we look for those expressions of intent around us, and seek understanding of them:  why they exist, how they function, what ways we can interact and change those expressions. This is all on the line of evolution that is of mind, which is very exaggerated in the human consciousness at this time. It is valuable as an evolutionary tool, to bring consciousness to the laws of matter, of the environment, of life. But we can only get so far through the search for the embodied intent within these particles.

Now there is a need to realise, seek and understand the other part of the evolutionary equation:  the substance, the milieu in which intent seeks to embody.

If you throw a pebble into a pond, it will create ripples. Why? Because the substance of water holds the resonance of response that creates waves. If you throw a pebble into a circle of earth, you will not see any ripples, for that substance holds to a different set of laws that define its physical interaction. The milieu is different.

The milieu in which we live is what enables our interaction with, and response to, the intent we perceive, whether internal intentions, or those from others and the world around us.

This milieu fills the space between all particles of intent. It is the Mother, the being who incarnates first to hold substance in a coherence such that spirit’s intent can resonate, and thus manifest, and thus evolve amidst the loving embrace of what already is.

The study of physics has long recognised there is something else that influences matter:  some other bond that pairs electrons across time and space, a presence that influences particles in deep space, and that creates unexpected effects in sub-atomic experiments (such as the double-slit experiment).

This is where our collective consciousness needs to go; beyond the mind and its analytics that describe the laws of matter and life based on what intent and action is embodied. We need to go to that space around and within us and our world, within which all this intent becomes manifest.

This we can find through the consciousness of the heart. Our heart is where our soul intent manifests, but, it is also where love flows – the love that nourishes our life as an incarnated soul, the love that makes possible our life within the bosom of Mother Earth, the love that fills us with eternal hope, which is the essence of life itself.

Heart is where spirit and will merge with matter, with Mother. We cannot awaken our consciousness of heart with intent alone, for then we can only witness, perceive, and understand the intent of our heart. Wonderful when you seek greater alignment with your soul’s intent, your purpose; and when you want to bring the heart’s resonance to your consciousness of mind, to deepen your understanding of the laws in action around you, for example, the Law of Karma. But to truly awaken the consciousness of heart, you need to awaken to that which is not directional and intentful, but that simply is; and is full of the potential and promise of every expression of light and love upon our Earth.

It is the Mother that holds this. This is the role taken by the Last Kumara who was also the first:  the great Mother being who merged with this world the moment, she, our Earth, said ‘yes’ to the journey of heart consciousness. The two work in harmony:  the Earth Kumara holds and embodies the love of Cosmic Heart, while Earth holds and embodies the love within matter itself. Between them, they create the blend of the forces of gravity and the forces of attraction that make it possible for every soul and life-expression to incarnate.

As the journey of evolution proceeds, Earth will build more and more of the substance of heart within her own being, and soon – evolutionarily speaking – the Last Kumara shall be free to embody elsewhere, and Earth shall hold and resonate with Cosmic Heart in fullness through her own being.

On this journey, we, humanity, have to turn our seeking gaze to that which is the presence between the particles of intent, to the love that holds life, to the substance that is alive in both our spiritual and physical worlds. To the Mother, and all she is between our wishes, hopes and intentions – for then we become part of the fullness of the heart, personally, of Earth, and of Cosmos.

This is the promise of the awakening heart, when consciousness becomes an expression of both creative intent, and the living presence of the loving world in which we exist.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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