Engaging with Love’s Flow into Earth

[written in conscious attunement]

The life-blood of our beautiful Earth flows as a liquid life force, just like the blood in humans and animals, and the sap in plants. It is energised with the oxygen of spirit, which is love, circulated through Mother’s heart with the angels in harmonious living expression with nature. This is the unstoppable flow that keeps our planet alive, for angels simply are beings of flow, and love is the substance of that flow. Even if their creative intent is to build and nourish the plants and earthly structures in nature and her landscapes, and embrace nature’s creatures, love is the means by which that intent becomes a living reality within our Earth’s body.

Because angels are beings of flow, that flow never stops, unless nature is destroyed, and we know too much of that is happening now. It is not just the destruction of trees that is of concern, and the oxygen production and life-giving role they have in our physical world; it is the disruption to the presence of the angels and the spiritual oxygen, the love, that flows through their care and grace that keeps our planet alive. Plants are the lungs of our physical environs, whether on land or in water; but angels and their living flow into nature are the lungs of our living Earth; and it is the Mother of Earth’s heartbeat that enables the flow of love through nature and angels.

It takes intent to create flow. Matter’s inherent property is to release energy and come to a point of stillness. To sustain life in matter, there has to be an inpouring of energy to vivify and nourish that life. Our hearts sustain our physical existence, as long as our soul nourishes the inner flow of life force to keep our heart beating. Our soul is initially vivified by the impulse to create life by spirit’s intent, which enters Earth upon Cosmic heart’s flow of love, but then is nourished by the living flow of Earth’s heart and love in order to embody in her physical existence, our world as we know it.

Love is this potent expression of oxygen in our inner worlds because it is the life-giver in our universe

Love is this potent expression of oxygen in our inner worlds because it is the life-giver in our universe. This is the Cosmic cycle we are in, where love is the guide and the outcome of life’s journey, whether of planets, stars, humans, angels or nature. Because this is the intentful flow behind all life’s creation, love is the medium of resonance that carries from Cosmic Heart all the way down through the deeper and denser layers of life’s journey, into our physical world. Cosmic love energises spirit, which creates and infuses soul, which creates and infuses its living expression, such as us. For angels, the flow comes from spirit’s intent into the greater angels, and then flows down through the multiplicity of smaller angels until present in nature herself.

The vibration of love is able to resonate through all levels, because it has been the creative driver of life, and that keynote resides on all levels. Even if it sounds on a different octave, the vibrational harmony between all levels of existence created by love is the oxygen of our universe, the life-giver.

To return to the blood flow of our Earth:  nature gives life to her blood circulation, through the presence of the angel flows who bring love into her physical self.

Where, then, do humans fit in to this unfolding journey of love?

When love flows through angels it is unhindered, as they are beings of flow. Humans, however, are beings of structure and substance, and do not readily flow. Most human expressions of love are through radiance. The love of spirit through soul resonates within our hearts (that’s what keeps us alive), and infuses our blood and self-awareness with that vibration. We can use that to fill our emotional selves with loving resonance, and we can create astral flows to reach out and embrace others, who can then feel our love through that embracing presence and resonance.

Within our own personal self, we can create flows of this astral resonance to bring love into a more conscious presence within us. But we are not inherently beings of flow, until we embody the intent held in love in our hearts, and express that through our actions and choices in our physical world. This is service, true service, where love is the guide, and thus the outpouring, and what is created brings that love into resonance in the world around us. This creates a flow of love through us into the world; however, this still does not align us with the deep intentful flow of Earth’s heart, unless our service is to give to the Earth. This does not mean service only focussed upon the Earth, it means focusing your intent upon Earth’s wellbeing, which is the wellbeing of all life. You may still give of yourself to causes to help people or nature, but your flow of love is aligned with a greater insight and understanding of life’s meaning as part of this loving Earth’s embrace. This is about consciousness, and specifically, the consciousness of heart.

Consciousness is an ability to resonate with the different layers of life’s vibrational existence … and be able to discern those vibrational stimuli into the life-giving truths of love

Consciousness is an ability to resonate with the different layers of life’s vibrational existence, to perceive the harmonies and octaves of that resonance, and be able to discern those vibrational stimuli into the life-giving truths of love.  To discern the levels of vibration in mind and emotion will give a certain consciousness, but not the consciousness of heart.

To build a conscious human self, there is a need for containment to the human self (on the physical, emotional and mental levels), so that experience and expertise can be gained in how to express with consciousness in this world; that is, with the value-add of conscious choice enabling, empowering and guiding love’s expression. Once enough mental and emotional consciousness is enabled – as determined by your soul’s intent and purpose, not your perceived worldly intelligence or strength of personality – then you become part of the resonance of love from soul to Earth through your being, through your intentful and conscious service and care.

This evokes the awakening of heart, for that is the place in our being where the loving resonance of our souls already exists, in order to establish our life in the first place. When you tap into that resonance, you enable a flow to begin, for consciousness of heart is a receptacle of love. But then it must also flow out, and this is the great turning point in the human conscious journey. To awaken heart consciousness requires not only the awakening to that continuum of resonance from soul to heart, but to the full expression of that resonance as the flow from soul to heart and then to Earth – for that is the destiny of love’s intent in our world.

We are not here as isolated individuals, we are here as emerging streams of consciousness in the flow of Cosmic love to Earth, which happens through our awakening hearts. However, our journey is not to become streams of love and replace the angels. The angels bring the actual flow of love’s substance, the resonance that ultimately manifests as oxygen in our world. They, with nature, are the lungs of our world, both physically and spiritually.

Our human expression of love’s flow is through our inherent capacity which is to build – but then to build with love. Love for Earth, love for Cosmos and our part in it, love for our brothers and sisters in humanity, for nature, for all creatures.

Our role, as humanity, is to build a body of consciousness within Earth’s body that can not only resonate with love’s presence, but can actively cooperate with our spirit’s and soul’s intent to build the channels for love to flow into Earth’s body.

This is the experiment of consciousness we are part of, here upon Earth. Love is the expression of our universe, and our Earth has chosen to embody that consciously – the ultimate expression of love into the deepest realms of matter. The angels bring a flow of the substance of love to sustain our planet and all her life forms, including us. Now we, humanity, need to embody the consciousness of love into these deepest layers of existence in our physical world, and thus enable the flow of consciousness. Then we, together with Earth, become conscious creators of love’s expression from spirit to matter, and birth a great and radiant presence of love in our universe.

Cosmic love can then resonate through both life-giving flows through the angels, and conscious, creative expression through humanity in harmony with Earth, in every octave down into matter itself.

Thus, we build the conscious, creative, love-infused being of Earth, and the Universe is sustained by another fulfilment of Cosmic purpose:  to become love in resonance and expression.

Find your loving flow, then you begin to do yours.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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