The Three Forces Creating Heart

[written in conscious attunement]

There are three forces at work that are energising and giving impetus and strength to the awakening of heart consciousness. A force is directional, and is the embodiment of intent. In the context of evolution, that intent is always of a higher vibration, for that is what holds the wisdom, the oneness and the possibilities of the union of higher intent with the substance in which it seeks to resonate. It is what draws out and magnifies the already existing resonance that lies in the heart of every life-form on Earth. We are all born of the intent of spirit clothed in soul that lies resting in our heats until the awakening call is sounded.

The three forces at work are:

  1. The force created by Earth’s conscious decision to open her heart, thus increasing her heart flow and its force;
  2. The force of Cosmic Heart, seeking to bring greater heart flow and resonance into our earthly sphere; and
  3. The force of angelic intent to engage with the building of heart in our world.

Why humanity is not mentioned here is because, collectively, the higher human consciousness of soul is not separate from the consciousness of Earth. Our souls reside in her Ocean of Love, her astral self. As Earth awakens and consciously chooses to align with and embody more heart flow, the force created by this choice embodies in her being and thus infuses our souls. Her choice ultimately guides our souls, for we are here as part of her journey – for as long as our spiritual path aligns with her choice to become a planet of heart.

Recognise that this is a long journey, which is why it can be hard to understand how all human beings are aligned with this evolution of heart when human behaviour can be so spiritually and physically destructive. In this long journey, however, there are points of great choice – meaning choice beyond that of one life’s expression and action. These points of great choice are periods when the choice is not just personal, but is in the evolutionary context of humanity and Earth, in their partnership and evolutionary commitment.

We are in one such time of great choice now. Through Earth’s awakening and opening to greater heart and heart flow, humanity must respond. The souls of humanity are infused with this evolutionary intent, this force of Earth’s choice. It is both our personal and collective choice as to how that infusion of force at soul level manifests and reaches into our personal lives, choices and actions.

Some, who are young of soul, may not have the ability to resonate with and imbue this force individually into their human expression, but this is where it can happen collectively. Thus, the importance of strong leaders, able to compassionately and clearly resonate truth and meaning into the human world, so the younger members of humanity – those who have not walked the path of evolution for as long – can be nourished and guided to open to the resonance of heart.

As much as this seems a one-way flow from Earth’s choice – embodying this evolutionary force – it is also a choice she could not make without the heartfelt cooperation of the human family. This is a partnership of conscious evolution, and enough human choice has been made, and alignment achieved, for Earth to open her heart further and create that increase in opportunity for heart flow through her, and through us.

Consciousness is always created in the resonance that occurs in partnerships

Consciousness is always created in the resonance that occurs in partnerships, whether that is between higher and lower, inner and outer, physical and non-physical, or personal and collective spheres. For Earth, her partnership is not only with us, but with the higher, nourishing, guiding love and light that embraces and infuses her being, which is Cosmic Heart. As our souls are infused with Earth’s spark of love and her intent for evolution, so is her inner being infused with Cosmic love and intent from Cosmic Heart.

Earth’s choice to awaken more heart has been stimulated by that loving presence seeking greater heart consciousness, for that is the intent, the force, of Cosmic evolution. Again, it is a partnership, for while Cosmic Heart sends out the resonance that stimulates and stirs the inbuilt heart light in all embodied planets and stars in this Cosmos, there is also a conscious choice needed in that planet or star to allow that Cosmic Heart resonance to awaken deep within.

Earth has made that choice, and thus the force of Cosmic Heart becomes a force in Earth’s sphere, and thus a force provoking and enabling another great step in the evolutionary journey.

The third force, the force of angelic intent, is another type of partnership within the sphere of earthly and Cosmic conscious expression and evolution. Angels are beings of flow. They bring the life-giving force of intent into every level of our universe where conscious intent can engage; in other words, where the resonant call of Cosmic Heart vibrates sufficiently for conscious life to begin.

Flow always has direction, and thus it is different from the stimulus of resonance, and yet they are linked. For example, through your force of intent you might throw a stone into a pond, expressing the flow of your intent in your action. When that stone, carried by the flow of force you gave it, hits the water, it sends out ripples. Those ripples are like the resonance: the reaction of the substance in which the force is applied. In this way, angels can be great agents of evolutionary stimulus.

On Earth, angels bring their intent and loving embrace to nature and Earth’s physical body in many ways, stimulating points of resonance so that consciousness can awaken, and evolution unfold. This we see and feel in the uplifting beauty of our natural world, and the resonance that touches us and reminds us to care about this living planet in whose embrace we live. However, in conjunction with the two other forces of Earth’s heart and Cosmic Heart, a new expression of angelic intent is now coming into being:  the creation of heart. Hitherto, broadly speaking, angels have brought stimulating and guiding flow to nourish the evolution of light, the path we have all been upon in this earthly sphere. Through light, consciousness has been awakened in the substance of our world and nature; and in us, so that we have been able to become beings able to express our own will and force in this world, and thus be sufficiently anchored here to hold the increasing evolution of heart.

Angels have brought this stimulating flow, like the stone creating ripples in the pond of our world. Cosmic Heart and Earth heart have created light through the co-resonance of substance created with their evolutionary intent, reaching into our world through our souls and hearts.

Enough consciousness of light exists in our world for Earth and Cosmic Heart to align in creative intent, and seek to awaken heart consciousness in the deeper physical substance of Earth’s being. In this evolutionary moment, the force of angelic intent is aligning with that choice. It enables that flow within hearts in our world, not just as ripples in the substance of our world.

A heart is a built structure that has form, yet exists only to create flow. Angels are masters of flow, yet not of form. For heart awakening to occur in fullness, not only is there need of that co-resonance of Cosmic Heart and Earth heart through our souls and hearts so that we awaken heart consciousness, but there is need for flow, so that the life-giving gift of heart flows into our world. While there may be some heart consciousness without flow, it is only the stillness of knowing heart, rather than of being heart. Angelic intent is aligning such that those who choose can awaken not only that resonance of knowing heart, but can open the door to the full consciousness of becoming a flowing heart.

To help this, many angels are seeking human embodiment, so as to better understand the form-building nature of the human self, and thus better understand how to bring these forces of heart flow and heart form together in their conscious intent.

In reality, these three forces are working as one evolutionary intention, yet they are manifest and expressed in different ways, hence the value in pausing to reflect upon these as individual inputs to our own conscious journey of heart.

In grasping the resonance of Earth’s heart choice, Cosmic heart choice, and angelic flow, we awaken greater breadth and depth in our consciousness. Awakening to flow helps us move from the more familiar resonance of knowing in a contained, form-focussed experience. Awakening to the force of heart choice resonating from Cosmic Heart through Earth heart, stimulates the reality of the evolutionary call within, and the urgency of the hour.

We are the most physical vehicle through which heart consciousness can express, because through our hearts we can resonate with Earth’s heart intent as we are born with that in the substance of our being; and, with openness to angelic intent, we can learn to become beings of heart’s flow, and share this love in our physical world.

We are where these three forces meet, and this is the evolutionary moment where your choice to awaken heart consciousness, in resonance and flow, matters. Find your way to make that choice in your day, your life, in balance and peace, and be a conscious part of the wondrous opportunity of this great moment in evolution’s loving expression of life itself.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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