Will, Mother and Heart

[written in conscious attunement]

In every creature that has a physical heart, soul is involved in that life stream – whether individually, as for humans, or collectively, as for many other creatures. Soul and heart go together:  one needs the other to express. Soul needs a physical heart as the vehicle through which its fine, almost indiscernible resonance can hold a presence in the human self or other life form, until the conscious journey awakens realisation and thus magnifies its resonance in physical life. And every physical heart needs soul, for the physical heart is the giver and taker of life, and that cannot occur without soul, for soul is the ultimate giver and taker of life.

Soul is the vitality that absorbs spirit’s intent, resonates with Earth’s will, and enables the spark that stimulates the aggregation of substance and consciousness to form into the individual, in accord with the great law of balance and evolution, the Law of Karma.

Earth, too, has a heart, for she lives in the life-stream as a planet, embodying Cosmic intent, evolving as Cosmic Heart enables and guides.

Thus, it is in the heart that the secret of life’s journey may be found. For only there is the evolutionary note held in resonance, and activated by will, so that the motivation and dedication to grow in consciousness, love and light is the constant guide.

it is in the heart that the secret of life’s journey may be found

Much of humanity is trapped in the emotional vibration where wants, needs and desires and magnified, and the resonance of heart cannot be easily heard above this cacophony and disturbance. Many individuals are awakening to heart, but the mass awakening of humanity needs a mass stimulus of heart within the realm of astral consciousness, so that the reverberation of heart may be amplified and reach through the personal, individual perspective that sounds so loudly in the world of emotions.

Even those who consider themselves thoughtful and of higher intelligence, are still entrapped by the glamour of personal needs, wants and desires, unless their mind is aligned with, and energised by, the purpose and resonance of soul through their heart, and this is present in relatively few. Thus, we have a significant mass of humanity who are not guided by, or aware of, their true purpose for living here upon this beautiful planet, for they cannot hear their heart’s resonance.

Earth has responded to the resonance in her heart and awakens more and more deeply through her body of consciousness to her purpose, which is to be a planet of radiant heart.

Humanity, as a key embodiment of living, active consciousness in Earth’s physical existence, must get with the program.

There is no longer time for the number of individuals awakening to gradually increase. Now there is need for the change of human consciousness, en masse. This requires a resonance of heart in the astral worlds, such that the bulk of humanity can, with rapid steps, respond and awaken. This is the Great Change.

Earth is awakening her heart on deeper and deeper levels, and that is a start. But the strength of heart resonance needed cannot be achieved by Earth’s consciousness alone – for she is on this journey of evolution within the embrace of Cosmic intent, and humanity, nature, and all creatures living within her embrace are on the journey with her.

This is why we have a great body of consciously aligned and directed light, embodied by those of higher consciousness, the Greater Hearts, who bridge Cosmic intent into Earth consciousness, either directly to her, or through individuals and groups in humanity, or through nature and all her creatures.

For Earth to build up the strength of heart resonance in the human astral world to enable the Great Change, specific support is needed. That comes from the Last Kumara, the Earth Kumara, the one who holds the blueprint of Cosmic intent, yet embodies within the Earth herself in conscious and loving partnership.

This relationship has been evolving for many millennia, and has been strengthened by every religious and spiritual practice that celebrates and calls forth the Mother in her true light, for it is the embodiment of Mother that is the only way to bring heart into matter.

Every creature with a physical heart is born through a mother, for not only does the mother enable the physical development of the child, but she is also the vehicle of heart awakening. She gives life, and the child’s soul flows through her to awaken that heart, and awaken that life.

Kumara has come into conscious embodiment … to bring forth that resonance of Cosmic Heart that she embodies

Kumara has come into conscious embodiment in the deeper levels of Earth’s body, to give birth to the heart of Earth on this deeper level. To bring forth that resonance of Cosmic Heart that she embodies, such that it may become co-resonant with the substance of Earth, and stir that great awakening that is Earth’s physical heart in consciousness. This, in turn, is the stimulus to the awakening of humanity en masse, for the milieu in which we exist will sound such a different note, that change is inevitable.

However, humans are builders, and we have built not only buildings, but social structures and personal edifices to which we glue ourselves through belief, desire, ignorance or all three.

When the Great Change begins in greater resonance (for it has already begun in gentle sound waves of conscious awakening, occurring for some decades), then the great choice will emerge to confront the human sense of self:  to cling to the structures of the past, whether personal, societal or seemingly global, or to awaken to the new reality of a world imbued with and acting from heart.

It is only 51% of human consciousness that needs to open to heart. That is not the same as 51% of the human population, for many older brothers and sisters in humanity have more consciousness than their younger siblings on the evolutionary path. Still, it requires choice, and choice takes an effort of will in several dimensions.

First, the options must be energised so the need for choice is realised. For important evolutionary steps, this comes from soul for the human self, or from Kumara and/or those in the body of light of Earth’s higher consciousness, for Earth’s choice. This is higher will, energised by the alignment with the great Cosmic Heart from which all evolving life is nourished. Then, the perceiving mind must apply will, to break the binds of familiarity, desire and past patterns. This is energised by that feint, but growing resonance of the personal heart with that will of soul and of Earth, such that what is right and harmonious with the living light of evolution’s journey rings true, and other attachments fall away.

Then, lastly, is the will to evolve. This is the fundamental seed sown in every heart, otherwise life would not exist, for all life is a journey upon the evolutionary river of light. Yet it too requires will to enact, to be made conscious, to be accepted, and most crucially, to create the inner alignment that enables you to become a fully conscious radiance of light, a cell of living expression, here, in Earth’s body of loving embrace.

There is enough mind and enough emotion in our human world, we do not need to develop more. We need to bring heart into both, so we can resonate with the Great Change, and be part of the positive transition occurring in this time upon Earth. The great embrace of the Mother is here to nourish and aid us to do this:  Mother Earth, Mother Kumara, and the great female teachers of the world and those who hold and radiate Mother love, irrespective of gender.

Will may be needed to enable the choice and the Great Change, but no will can be exercised without the vibrancy and resonance of the heart birthed in our world and in every human by the Mother. She is the one who creates the milieu in which choice exists, in which it has meaning, in which it matters.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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