Aligning with Intent and Flow

[written in conscious attunement]

When you want to work with the Mother, you need to understand how to work with both flow, and intent.

People talk about being ‘in the flow,’ when, for example, they enter a different zone of consciousness, and feel movement. Most often, this is heard of from sports people or teams who achieve an unexpected result. This is indeed a flow, but not a flow of Mother’s presence. It is a flow of astral substance between the person or team, in alignment with their karmic possibilities (necessary for it to happen at all), and, most importantly, the environment around them.

Everyone can create, and/or be within astral flows; for example, a parent’s loving embrace of their child creates a loving flow between them. Or, at the other end, a person in an angry outburst, or those who submerge themselves in antagonistic, isolationist conspiracy expressions, trigger and mobilise the lower vibrations of emotions. However, these expressions, and all between them, are personal, even if they involve a degree of interaction and flow between people. These are simple examples of the multitude of flows we create, experience and interact with in everyday life, through the substance we call feelings.

Emotions flow, but experiencing emotional flow is not the same experience people describe when they feel they have been ‘in the flow.’ This experience takes people into another place, and it is always a place of positivity. It is not the same experience as for those swept up in the flows of personally-directed astral movement that only have a personal goal. The difference is the involvement of soul. Of course, a sportsperson or team is striving for a personal goal, and emotions are invested, but if, in their striving, they align with the karmic possibility and opportunity to take another step forward on their journey of consciousness, then the greater flow of soul love can enter. This creates an upliftment and focussed vitality that not only changes their physical efforts, but opens their consciousness to that experience of positivity beyond their human perceptions.

This changes consciousness. It opens doorways in the personal self to the reality and truth of the vibration and vitality of soul, even if not understood as such. No one who has experienced this sense of being in the flow ever forgets it, and that is the marker of conscious change. The mind, the feelings, the physical self never forget, and because it is such a positive experience (regardless of physical outcomes), you seek it again and again. Thus the doorway to soul opens further, and the possibility for deeper conscious change emerges.

However, these astral flows that invite soul vitality and resonance to flow are made possible by both personal karma, which manifests as inner and outer choices and opportunities, and also the environment in which that flow is expressed.

Any flow of love can only occur where it can truly enter the Earth and re-circulate, for this is Earth’s flow of vital life force.

Soul is of the Ocean of Love, Earth’s astral self. Any flow of love can only occur where it can truly enter the Earth and re-circulate, for this is Earth’s flow of vital life force. It cannot just flow to a human being and stop there. For this flow to Earth to be possible, it does not require the human self to be consciously aware; and clearly most, if not all, who describe this experience of being in the flow do not express this understanding. This flow is an alignment between your soul and the Earth, where the vibrational possibility of flow reaches a point of co-resonance – and then suddenly it is there.

The human choices involved do not, as said already, require a conscious apprehension of soul or of the living presence of Earth in this life, but do require an alignment with those truths. These are usually attained through training, experience and conscious development in past lives, such that the resonance of truth in that alignment allows the flow, and does not resist.

It may sound complex, but in reality it is a simple expression, where the resonance built within the human consciousness through past training and current choices, sets up a vibrational harmony where soul and Earth can co-resonate – and thus, there is flow.

In all of this, both human intent and soul intent, are involved. Intent is the focussed expression of choices made, and energy directed, on whatever level that intent is expressed. Humans have more familiarity with intent than with flow, for personal intent is guided by mind, and development of mind has been a focus of human evolution for some time. We apply mind to determine and enact choices. They are always motivated, to some degree or sometimes even wholly, by emotional drivers, but none-the-less, the guidance and direction of personal choice is enabled by mind. Mind creates the force needed to garner the substance of mind (thought) and of feelings, and align them to the choices made, and express the intention accordingly. This is the building capacity contained within the human consciousness, and enables the spectacular capacity of every human to create change.

Now we need that capacity to align to the Great Change unfolding in our evolving home, our Earth.

We need to awaken our consciousness to the flow that moves from soul to Earth, and learn how to be part of that flow.

We need to use our personal intent to make choices that align with our soul’s intent, which resides as our purpose, resonant within our heart. We need to awaken our consciousness to the flow that moves from soul to Earth, and learn how to be part of that flow. The one choice above all else that enables a human being to become an intentful and flowing creator of this light on Earth, is to love Earth.

Love is the resonance that reverberates on every level, and can create a harmonic alignment through all octaves from soul, to human, to Earth herself. It does not have to be conscious love, for some simply have within themselves an inherent resonance of love for the Earth. But one way or another, this resonance of love must be there, for that is ultimately the only way that soul love can flow through you into the Earth. This is the only way we can build the future Earth we all seek:  of peace, equity, compassion and care for all life, all of nature, all of Earth.

This is the evolving expression of Mother, for she is the consciousness guiding the soul flow of every human (and other life forms as well) into and around the Earth. The consciousness of our Mother Earth expresses in her Ocean of Love as the flow and intent that our souls are immersed in. Then there is the embrace of Cosmic Mother, embodied by the Earth Kumara in our planet, who brings Cosmic intent and flow into resonance with Earth’s choices. As Earth’s choices align more and more with this love, the pressure for intentful personal change within humanity is increasing, rapidly.

We need to become, at the very least, beings acquiescent to this increase in intentful flow, but preferably, consciously engaged with it, for the sake of Earth, humanity, nature and all life in this sphere.

Alignment to, and co-resonance with, the loving vitality of Mother is the key, so that you can emerge in consciousness into this great flow, and take conscious part in this Great Change.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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