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About Ann

I am a spiritual educator and writer, deeply committed to our shared journey of consciousness with Earth and all life, and compelled by the urgent and desperate need for deep and profound change in our world today. I have led spiritual retreats around the world, and have practiced and taught the ageless wisdom and innovative heart-centred practices since the 1980’s.

My focus is on life as a journey of awakening heart and deeper consciousness, integrating mind and body, emotions and soul, Earth and spirit in a balanced, connected and wise whole. I have always sought meaning behind the challenges of life, and a path of responsible and grounded spirituality. I feel deeply connected to the living presence of Earth, and nourished by the flow of evolutionary intent that I perceive, that embraces our planet and all life. I find hope and purpose through the clairvoyance, clairaudience and connection with the spiritual worlds that I have been gifted, and that I have trained hard to develop and refine so that they are finely tuned enough to discern carefully in these times where there are many disruptive influences.

As well as my life-long love for Earth and passion for spiritual truth, I have a science degree and have worked in business analysis and software education. I use all my skills to bring the spiritual insights and knowledge I receive down to Earth through my analytical and pragmatic outlook.

We face such incredible challenges on Earth today, and we really need a new way of thinking and relating to this amazing planet so that we can create the profound changes needed. We can’t think our way out of this crisis – our global thinking is mostly formed in the outdated mental approaches that have magnified this crisis to the great challenge it is today. We need a new consciousness to inform our choices and actions.

I strive to offer practical heart wisdom, to help with this change of consciousness, and update our relationship with this beautiful, living Earth we have the privilege of calling home. I do have hope, unyielding hope, because I truly believe that it won’t take much to reach that tipping point of consciousness, where we collectively reach the understanding that can and will create the positive change we so urgently need at this pivotal time.

Why I Write

I write because of the deep challenges we face on Earth, and I believe the wisdom I am given in my writing can contribute to creating change.

I am deeply affected by the adversities we and all life are facing, collectively and individually, from the global challenges of climate change, war, environmental destruction and economic inequity, to the social and physical repression, distortion of truth and disadvantage experienced by so many. At the same time, I believe there are reasons for these challenges that go deeper than the superficial splash of news headlines, political debates, social norms and corporate pronouncements. Reasons that give insight into how we can collectively create the positive change we so urgently need. But we can’t find and respond to those reasons if we don’t understand the system we live within.

We know our world is made up of complex systems ecologically, socially, economically and politically, but where is our understanding of our whole Earth as a living, evolving system in which we have a vital role? We need to update our consciousness and understanding of our purpose and relationship with this beautiful planet.

Most religions and spiritual pathways are human-centric, and certainly the economic world view is. We need a new perspective and a new moral framework to lift humanity out of Earth-ignorance and the destructive actions that come with that, into the consciousness where we understand our role within Earth as a living system. With that understanding, we can become conscious contributors to the great change unfolding around us. That’s what my writing is about.

Searching deeper

my childhood jacaranda tree friend – still there!

I have long sought a deeper perspective in my own life. As a young child I would sink into the embracing branches of a nearby jacaranda tree, seeking insight into my challenges from the vibrant life-force of nature I could see and feel around me. I have always loved and intuitively known the Earth as a beautiful, living being.

My search has continued throughout my life, and I have researched, taught and practiced the ageless wisdom for over 40 years. This wisdom is a non-doctrinal expression of truth that guides spiritual evolution, brought into focus through Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey over the last 150 years.

My journey was deeply nourished and inspired by my spiritual teacher Ananda, who taught a new heart-centred approach to this esoteric knowledge, and how to apply it in a life of practical service of Earth healing and personal transformation. She was my dearest friend and I was privileged to work closely with her for 20 years until her passing in 2002. She has remained my deep inner heart teacher, and continually inspires my work and my hopes. She gave me the spiritual name Surya, which brings her love around me.

How I write

I have been writing for over 20 years. The way I write has evolved over these years, but always involves my deep inner attunement to the great wealth of wisdom in the inner worlds, and with the great and wise hearts who guide and inspire conscious evolution from there. I tune in deeply through my heart and write what I can access through my consciousness. Sometimes it comes as an ethereal concept, sometimes as a direct dictation, usually somewhere in between. Much of it is new to me. I ask questions and strive to write it in everyday language, because it is so important that the spirituality of the heart can reach everyone. Our global transition will not be a product of the illuminated few, but of the heart-centred many that care and want a better world for all.

The information always comes to me as a spoken flow of words and, if you imagine receiving a stream of words just a few at a time, you will understand that including the right punctuation mid-stream is quite the challenge! I am forever grateful to my beloved husband Brenton, who tirelessly edits my work to make it as clear as possible as a written document, while holding true to the intent given in the energy flow of the words. Because of this, however, you will still find quirky expressions in the text. Sometimes you will also read  ‘I’ and ‘we’, which does not refer to me, but to the inner being or beings with whom I am in contact.

I continually check my attunement while writing, and do my best to accurately represent the loving truth I perceive. That said, every spiritual teaching comes through a human being and is necessarily a product of that person’s life experience and consciousness, and I am no different. Every spiritual teaching is also contextual, given to meet the needs of the time. Ultimately, you have to be the judge of what resonates in truth for you, and what nourishes your journey.  

What you will find

The teachings on this website are written as short notes, because they are to stimulate your consciousness, not fill your mind; and also because I can only maintain the intense concentration required for the one to two hours they take to write. There is no intention from where I access this wisdom to write a long treatise, as there is already plenty of knowledge written in this world. It is what we do with the knowledge that matters now:  how we let it stir our consciousness, and awaken us to purpose, soul and our living Earth.

Each note explores the possibilities and opportunities for conscious development around a particular concept, while not dictating a dogma of knowledge and absolutes. The wisdom of the heart is not a prescriptive doctrine, but a pathway of choices to help you deepen and enrich your consciousness, increase your radiance, and create positive change in our world.

You will find all the notes presented by date, but you can read any note, in any order, according to what your intuition guides. There is no beginning-to-end structure. They offer a framework for understanding our conscious journey and responsibilities in this world, including Earth’s evolution as a living spiritual system, and new ways of understanding soul, heart and our human experience. Throughout, there are many touch points to help you hear and respond to the call of your own heart, and be nourished by Earth’s love, which you can also explore using the free audio practices available to download.


My greatest hope is that these notes will give you hope. Not the emotional hope of wishful thinking, but the undimmable light of hope born in the conscious understanding of life, purpose and community on this beautiful planet. The more we love Earth and this shared journey, the more our hearts shine and hasten our collective awakening and healing. This is how we create a world of love, respect and peace for all.

In love and kindness,

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