Vitality & Healing

[written in conscious attunement]

Healing is fundamentally about vitality:  how much vitality is there in the organs, systems and elements of consciousness; and how much freedom of flow does that vitality have.

Vitality is a product of Cosmic Heart. It is the inherent radiance of intent, resonating within the substance in which that intent is embodied. It is the shimmering radiance every life form on Earth has, when inspirited from a soul intention.

Cosmic Heart brings not only the flow of life-force that is this heart flow, but in that flow is contained all the intent of that Cosmic heart flow:  the possibilities, the promises, the pathways of conscious choice that enable this Cosmic life stream to live. Cosmic Heart holds, radiates and pulses out the life force of our universe. Cosmic intent, in so far as we can understand, is to enable its embodiment into the substance of our universe, both as a flow of that intention that inspirits all life with meaning, and the radiant, vibratory resonance that is the vitality that enables that life. No life can exist without both.

As far as we are concerned, Cosmic intent reaches into our Earth sphere through Earth heart, who engages with that intent and embodies that vitality of life, to take her path of becoming a planet of heart.

We are held within the embodied intent of the Earth, we live completely within her ring-pass-not, and thus we are not only brought into living expression by being inspirited through our souls residing in Earth’s Ocean of Love, but we are nourished by that living, shimmering resonance of Cosmic vitality, stepped down through embodied expression within Earth herself.

Within the human life, vitality is also an adjunct to consciousness. Consciousness tells the story of how aligned the human self is with its soul intent, and thus, equally, how much vitality may flow into that human vehicle. People emerging from a deeply aligned, soul-infused meditation shine with this vitality. So too do people who have opened to the flow of their soul through their service, and are aligned with their dharma, their pathway of giving to this world. Light as a resonance of vitality has been given. Like an atom receiving light, when the resonance is absorbed, the whole being, like the atom, vibrates with more energy. In time, this energy dissipates, and the light fades.

Conscious choice is what enables the human self to continue to open to this incoming flow of vitality – and is also what holds the resonance in place.

If you develop your consciousness so that the incoming vitality can illumine you with this vital life-force, then your whole being is lifted to a higher level of resonance. But it is not just a choice of consciousness, it is a pathway of deliberate action – for it is not only your consciousness that is affected, it is your whole body, in which your consciousness resides, in which your increased vitality must resonate.

The gift of healing our physical bodies is not very well developed in our world today, for in the main, it is focussed only on physical intervention, and is often extremely narrowly focussed on one factor, without recognition of the whole body system. No matter how much physical intervention, full healing cannot flow until the consciousness enables the increase in vitality to nourish the physical change occurring.

All disease is caused by a disruption to the quantity and infusion of life-giving vitality. Mostly that is through individual karmic patterns, where restriction is created by lessons not learned, by choices not made wisely, by darkness (in other words, lack of vitality) allowed to manifest, whether through greed, self-centredness, hatred or feigned ignorance.

Every karmic journey, and thus every journey of consciousness and of vitality, is part of the system as a whole, that is, the Earth. The Earth absorbs vitality, she infuses it into all her life forms, and she absorbs more. This is the pulse of life. Our human journey is part of this system; thus, if we do not absorb the vitality, and awaken our consciousness to the degree offered in choice in every life, then we disrupt not only the flow into our own being, but into the Earth as a whole.

This is another way of understanding how inextricably linked we are in this system of Earth and her conscious journey – and of understanding that as she turns a major corner in conscious awakening to align her heart with Cosmic heart, through and with the Earth Kumara, then we must too! This is another expression for the Great Change; for as Earth increases her consciousness, she needs to embody more vitality. As she absorbs more vitality, then there is more pressure on the organs of her being to absorb more vitality, and thus awaken more consciousness.

We, humanity, are a major part of her body, as are the angels, and nature.

Angels are already beings of flow, and thus the increase in the infusion of vitality can be absorbed through gentle gradations. However, it also depends upon which elements of the Earth system they infuse with vitality. For those that inspirit and nourish nature, great challenges exist because of the human destruction of nature. There is simply less of it through which the angels can bring that vitality into Earth’s body. They either have to increase the flow through pressure and force, for example, may create earthquakes, increased volcanic activity and other Earth-scale changes, which is not desirable; or reject the increase in flow, which means Earth herself has less vitality, and develops dis-ease.

Other angels infuse nations with evolutionary intent, and here the pressure very clearly shows. Some nations say no to increasing consciousness and vitality, by diminishing citizen education and choice, by repressing positive change, by violently enforcing a national vision based on their leadership’s desperation to cling to a power structure built out of the old.

The longer the human rigidity and choice to resist remains, the greater the pressure builds, for the Earth is absorbing more vitality and it must reach her physical heart to nourish and lift all life in her embrace.

As far as humanity goes, we have two choices: individually, and nationally. Why these are separate is because many of humanity do not engage with their nation as an entity to be of light and radiance within our global, Earth system. If you do not even engage with this possibility, then your choices will not resonate on a nation-building level. Even those engaged politically are often engaged within a personal paradigm, which limits it reach into the national resonance as it stays within the personal bubble. Then of course, there are many millions of people who are forced out of their nation through the evil actions of leaders, and it is hard to engage with their nation in this circumstance. However, much can be achieved by holding even a small flame of intent in your heart for the hope of a nation to be a positive expression of evolution’s life-force.

Individually, your choice is to seek the wholeness of meaning of your life’s circumstances, and through that, the choices available to you that enable the wholeness of your being to be filled with healing vitality. Wholeness comes in recognising the context of your journey is not just as an individual here to gain what you can, but as an individual who is part of a deep and intertwined system of flows of vitality, that both nourish you, the Earth and all life.

When we open to the increased flow of vitality through our conscious choice, we can infuse those areas of our being, of our lives, that do not easily resonate. It highlights what we need to heal.

That said, this is not a pathway of instant change or instant healing, because we need to take the journey that our embodiment holds in resonance for this life. What a conscious recognition of our pathway and choices offers is a way to create lasting and deeply resonating change, clearing the karmic lessons that exist as heavy elements and patterns in our being, and absorbing the wisdom we can gain through this process.

Then we can become more greatly infused with the vitality of life, and radiate more, and be a vehicle of more vitality reaching and healing the Earth. Thus, we not only heal, but become part of the dynamic positive change in our world, as love’s intent seeks greater flows and radiance in this beautiful sphere we know as Earth.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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