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Vitality, Consciousness & Karma

[written in conscious attunement]

Vitality is always present where there is consciousness. We often think of vitality as a measure of physical energy, but it is more than that. There is vitality in our astral-emotional selves that gives the shine and radiance to our emotional expression. There is vitality in our mental bodies that gives luminescence and clarity to our thoughts and their expression. There is vitality in our souls, giving them the radiance and activated intent to reach into our lives with love.

In fact, it is vitality that comes first, before consciousness. Vitality is necessary for life, whereas consciousness is necessary for evolution. However, because vitality is given on a continuum of intent and loving grace from Cosmic Heart, you cannot continue to live, without receiving the stimulus that comes from a higher vibration.

In the early journey of a soul, the touch of intent is enough to energise the soul to reach out beyond itself, and give intent to a human expression. It takes effort and energy, and this is the vitality of life needed at the most basic human level. That vitality is like a charge in the heart, where it energises the three-fold flame that burns as the grace of life’s creation in every being. It is the charge that resonates between soul and human self, that some see as the silver cord.

In every life, this charge is given, and when the charge wanes, the life ends and its learning and experience is distilled and drawn back to the soul. The learning and experience we gain through life are developed as patterns of not only thought, feeling and action, but as patterns of the vitality within us. We learn how to qualify our soul’s vitality within our hearts through how we express that energy, creating the varied and nuanced diversity of expression we are as human beings.

When these many and varied patterns of energy become pure enough, they can resonate in harmony with the charge of vitality in our hearts, and thus we shine with the radiance of purpose. This is most obvious when young children have the karma and dharma to express a relatively singular radiance of soul at an early age, for example, showing amazing musical talent. Not only does it seem incomprehensible that one so young can achieve the dexterity and expression usually only obtained with many more years of practice and maturity, but they shine. Here, the soul note, the charge given into the heart, is not only strongly developed and able to resonate through the human self and express through music; but it is so dominant that other expressions are not energised.

Usually, life is much more complicated. We have many qualities in the vitality within our heart, and we have more karmic lessons that filter and construct other patterns in our being, so it is not such a one-to-one expression of soul gift through our human self.

This is how vitality, the charge in our heart from soul, is the enabler of consciousness. It is the life force that we inevitably express in one way or another, energising our journey and choices; and it is there as the light against which we can check within ourselves, and validate our choices to see if they resonate in harmony with our deep, inner gifts.

In the early stages of the soul and human journey, this is mostly done after passing, when the soul withdraws its charge of vitality. Whatever resonates with that charge, will stay with it, and will be drawn into the richness of human consciousness. Whatever does not resonate will either dissipate, and return to the sea of astral, mental and physical matter from which it was created; or, if the pattern has been built with such conviction and repetition that it cannot be dissolved without effort, it remains, and becomes karma, which ensures the effort is applied.

To enable this karma, these undissolved residues are tied by the faintest string of resonance to the soul. This string is the vibrational pathway that was the silver cord in life. When life is withdrawn, the silver cord is withdrawn, unless there are these undissolved patterns. While as much energy as possible is withdrawn, a residue always remains, and the energy of the silver cord and thus the soul charge that emerges in the heart in a new incarnation, is influenced by those patterns. Everything is personal between you and your soul.

Consciousness develops here in two ways. It is developed when the soul draws back to itself the charge of vitality within the heart, with the radiant qualifications that can rise with it. These qualifications are the very seed of consciousness, because consciousness is developed through holding the differences and similarities of vibration in one space; in this case, in the soul. Becoming conscious is the action of building a pattern of cohesion and resonance with these different qualities, or vibrations.

The drive to do this is evolutionary intent. This is the intent filling our hearts, our souls, Earth’s heart, and the very substance of our universe, because it is the intent energising creation at this time, from Cosmic Heart. In our very physical human lives, this manifests as the search for meaning and understanding of the world we live in, and our part in it. We are born with this: it is the filtered-down vibrational resonance that comes from Cosmic Heart to our Earth, then from Earth it is infused into our souls, and from our souls it is given into our hearts. This is the evolutionary driver of our current Cosmic expression of life.

We are born with this inherent drive to find meaning and understanding. This enables the second way consciousness develops, for when we incarnate with karmic patterns that require resolution, it is this drive for meaning and understanding that turns our karmic experiences into wisdom and insight, otherwise they remain challenges and blockages that we repeat until we learn.  Even if very contained in our early journey of life to small and very personal experiences, it all adds up to the same result:  consciousness.

Vitality stimulates expression, and energises its manifestation. It is through sending out the vibrational resonance of the vitality in our heart that we exist in this world. Vitality seeks expression, for it is a vibration, and a vibration is not inert, but always seeking where it can harmonise and resonate. Every harmonic and resonance, when repeatedly created, builds the patterns in our being, which either return to the soul, or remain for karmic effort to be applied in the future.

These patterns are the seeds of consciousness, as we in our human self, or in our soul expression, follow the blueprint of evolution’s intent and seek to encompass all our patterns in a framework of meaning and coherence. Thus, we become conscious, step by step, life by life, karmic lesson by karmic lesson, until such time as the coherence of vibration in our souls can express unhindered through our hearts into this physical world we live in; and we become fully conscious, fully healed beings, radiant with all the wisdom and love we have developed.

There are many levels at which this point of conscious cohesion can occur, and that depends entirely on your conscious choice, and your relationship with Earth and her ongoing evolutionary journey.

In the unfolding Age of the Heart, many will find this coherence with soul by going to their hearts, and slowly bringing their conscious choices into harmony with that resonance. It depends upon how much consciousness it is in your soul’s intent to develop. A longer path develops a greater breadth and depth of consciousness when the lessons are learnt. This is the path taken by the Greater Hearts, who not only encompass their personal journey, but the journey of the millions who are in their embrace. We do not all need, or wish, to take this path, but we do need to work towards the point of coherence with our souls that is ours to achieve, for then we not only resonate in that conscious love, but we resonate that love into Earth’s being, and help her on her journey, which is why we are here in the first place. It is all a harmony of intent and choice, in which love shines.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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