Healing with Flow & the Intent of Fire

[written in conscious attunement]

To work with healing guided by knowledge is to implement a healing guided by fire, for it is only this element of intention (of fire) that can energise the healing flow within the human vehicle. Fire coordinates and drives healing done this way.

This is not to say that the healing itself will be of the element of fire; that is rarely needed in its fullness. The healing may be radiatory and soothing like a liquid balm, or it may be illuminating and gently embracing like air. Fire may come if the healer can transmit fire (not a widely developed skill), but also if the healee wishes for and can accept that rapid transformation of internal elements that fire gives.

The ability to heal from within the sphere of personal knowledge requires intent, to garner the energy radiance needed for the healing, and fire is the driving intent that can mobilise this. The fire is internal to the healer, and not the energy of the healing.

When you attune to a higher source to give healing, reflect on how you do this. Most achieve this through knowledge:  through utilising certain techniques learned to create alignment, to position the personal self in the right state emotionally and mentally. Thus, the personal self is still activated by the internal drivers to heal, and that is personal fire.

Fire drives all intent. Fire enables activation and mobilisation:  no matter if it is a quick burst or a slow burn, all action and activity as a human being comes from the inner intention creating a spark, a flame or a great fire of internally aligned motivation. If you are slow to motivate, work with a little bit of fire. If you are quick to burn, work to temper your fire. You do both from your inner heart. Your inner heart has a most spectacular capacity to be both a receiver and a generator of both fire, and of flow.

Your inner heart creates the fire of inspiration every time you open to soul

Your heart, at its most physical level, ignites every time the spark of neural activity floods your heart muscles to enable your heartbeat. Your inner heart creates the fire of inspiration every time you open to soul, or those infusing soul intent to you from the inner worlds (your inner guides and mentors). Then it is up to the conductivity of the substance of your astral, mental and etheric self as to how easily that inspiration reaches your consciousness. Fire is the vehicle that brings the force of intent into being.

However, flow has very different effects. Flow can be initiated by a fiery intent; but then the forces of flow will guide its path, unlike the intentful direction of fire that is created and maintained by that fire. To truly allow flow, you have to let go of the driving intent to guide it, and stick to simply enabling the flow in the first instance. Just like water on Earth, it will flow where it will, depending upon the physical substance it encounters, and the force with which it flows. Your intent can guide the force, but you must let the flow do its work from within that guiding intent.

This is enunciated to convey the difference between healing with techniques based on knowledge, and healing expressing a learned understanding of flow.

Flow-based healing relies on an intentful awakening of your inner heart

To reiterate how they differ:  a knowledge-based technique has its foundation built of learned alignments and structural arrangements of your inner self, and intent (fire) is needed to enable these. Flow-based healing relies on an intentful awakening of your inner heart, where you apply that fire of intent to open to the flow and initiate the direction of the outflow, then remain in openness to the flow.

Of course, there is some overlap where through knowledge someone can open the healing self to be a vehicle of flow. But the significant difference is that when healing is created via a learned framework of knowledge, that framework is undeniably involved in directing and guiding it, and that invokes the intent of personal fire.

To truly understand the healing of flow, is to emerge into the consciousness of heart. The drive and intentfulness is completely different, something that is understandably somewhat difficult to conceive, until you journey along that path and experience it for yourself.

Suffice it to say, to truly heal with flow, you need to discover your own heart’s intentful expression, and learn how to work with that.

Like all healing, this may be to bring positive changes to another human being, but equally it may be to bring positive change, ie, healing, to groups, society or nations at large.

The other fact about healing with flow is that as you open heart, it is inevitable that you will open to healing flow, for you, those around you, and the Earth herself.

As explored previously, you cannot open heart without being in the alignment of inner heart flow, and that flow cannot reach your heart and then stop:  it must continue through you to Earth, so that it circulates through her heart, and then returns to soul, and then to flow through you again. Heart is part of a bigger schema. Because it is a vehicle of flow, it cannot be enabled spiritually without this alignment between soul and Earth. Thus, to awaken the intent of spiritual heart is to open to the intent of soul, for the direction of the flow is from soul into the Earth. This requires an openness in the personal self, to be unafraid of outcomes, and be prepared to accept change.

Opening to spiritual intent always creates the potential for change; that is nothing new. However, the change initiated by the flow of heart is unstoppable, whereas change initiated by higher intent, absorbed into the personal self through the mind, body and emotions, is subject to your capacity for exploration and expression through your personal self, and can be stopped, started again, and/or contained through personal wishes and resistance.

When you engage in the healing and awakening journey of the heart path, then you open to that stream of higher flow from your soul to the Earth, and you are no longer a container of light, but a vehicle of flow. To stop that flow is to stop the heart infusion from your soul. That is okay if you need a rest. All human selves can take only so much spiritual input, no matter if it is radiatory or of flow, and a balanced path forward is essential. Just seek to be conscious, then you will be able to find the right balance in your being.

The most important thing is that we are in a time of paradigm shifts, and as a spiritual being the greatest shift is from fire, intellect and containment; to flow, alignment and openness to soul and Earth through love.

Love your path, and you will discover your journey and service in this emerging world of awakening heart.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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