Emotional Discernment and Intuition

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If you want to understand intuition, look to your experiences and the input of your every day. Variations in vibrational tone and level are the language of your inner perceptions. The learning to be undertaken is how you perceive and receive their presence into your conscious self, or perhaps how your conscious self reaches out […]

Cosmic Colours and the Love in Your Heart


In the pure white light of Cosmic intent, every colour is found. In every colour is found every octave of existence, from human to planetary, to Solar and Cosmic. The resonances on the octaves – or whatever musical system you know, for it is all the same in terms of harmonic resonance – enable development […]

Your Note of Consciousness

When you become light in matter, you glow. Not a physical glow (although that may manifest for higher initiates), but a deep, inner glow of finely vibrating light. Everything in our universe is vibrating, from very fine to very deep in resonance. A deep vibration will not harmonise with a finer vibration unless there is […]

Intuition, Impression and Consciousness


Intuition is a discernment of finer vibrations. It does need to be differentiated from impression – which is when the substance of your inner consciousness, learned and developed over lifetimes, resonates with an internal or external vibration of the same, or similar-enough, vibration to your own. This interaction will give impressions, and may trigger more […]

Colours and Consciousness

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Colour is an expression of light, created by different vibrations. There is colour in everything with vibration – which is all the matter (and substance) of Earth, of consciousness, of soul, of spirit. You see it with different organs – your inner eye, your feeling self, your knowing self, your conscious self. Why have colour? […]

Consciousness and Renewal


When you renew, you change your consciousness. You reconfigure the patterns, for all consciousness involves patterns – that is how we, and most life-forms with consciousness, learn. We build patterns. That is why the forms we live in matter so much: patterns are forms, built in the substance of the level of consciousness they affect. […]

Developing Consciousness

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As my golden light fills the Earth, I am here. I am consciousness: the capacity of matter to know itself, on every level. To know is to see, to feel, to witness, to experience. It takes senses – that is what takes time to develop. Matter can know itself inherently – else how should matter […]