The Spirit of Cosmic Mother

[written in conscious attunement]

When you think of spirit, do you think of male qualities, female qualities, or neither? Perhaps you think of spirit as something that gives strength and clarity, a push to rise up and fight for something or someone. The word is often used in our everyday language to convey this kind of fire inside that ignites in certain situations: a force, a spark, an intense light, something other than our human experience that comes from deep within. This perception is often associated with male qualities (irrespective of the person’s gender), and is very human-centric.

Then there is another common association with the word ‘spirit’, and that is of an all-pervasive sense of otherness that can be felt at times in nature, or in certain human structures that have been highly energised over time by human and angelic intentions of light. This is usually a more embracing, uplifting experience, and could be said to be a more feminine expression. Again, it is human-centric.

Now there is another expression of spirit emerging, that of Cosmic Mother. This is the spirit that flows with all the life-giving and life-inspiring qualities needed for Cosmic life to unfold on the awakening journey of evolution.

This is not a force that instigates fire within to inspire action, or the embrace from without that holds and comforts. It is something completely else in the field of human experience and planetary journeys. It is not a static spark held within, nor a fixed presence felt in a blessed space.

The ways we have used the word ‘spirit’, and the meanings and experiences we have come to associate with it, are part of the old paradigm, when our evolutionary journey was focussed on the internal experience, hence the spark within; and the personal external experience, hence the embrace from without. The awakening focus was on self, even if that was in relationship to others or a cause. This has been the intent of evolution for a long time, so that individual human beings could become cells of light as souls, and some as soul-infused humans.

However, now the whole being needs to be the focus: the whole being that is Earth, within whose body we are cells, and the whole being that is the Cosmos, within which Earth dwells. For now Earth journeys to become a cell of light in the greater sphere of life in which she lives.

Now the touch of spirit embodies another meaning and journey completely; one of the wholeness of our evolutionary unfoldment with Earth herself.

The thread of spirit’s intent that has filtered down into human understanding has, to date, been that touch that inspires the individual awakening. Now the touch of spirit embodies another meaning and journey completely; one of the wholeness of our evolutionary unfoldment with Earth herself. It is not to say we do not, and will not, continue to experience spirit in the ways we with which we are familiar, but these are no longer energised as the path of evolution going forward. Their energy will be more and more a representation drawn from human constructs (either personal, or as groups), and not from the divine.

In some groups, this is already seen, where the light and life-force is no longer a radiant grace, but a human-aggregated form pushed into consciousness with human will. Some expressions of religion are in this phase.

This new life-force and nourishment of spirit that comes from Cosmic Mother, shall only be perceived in the wholeness of relationship with Earth. It is not focussed on us as individual soul and human cells, but on us as living, conscious cells within the great loving body of our planet, our Mother Earth.

To feel the force of spirit will no longer express as the inspirational drive to personal action, or the encompassing embrace for personal calm. It will be felt through the souls of groups, brought together in co-resonance from shared learning, and shared lessons to learn – and, more importantly, shared purpose as a group.

The purpose is not to create individuals who hold this light, nor to create organisations and structures to be the custodians of this light, but to bring humanity into the next level of conscious cooperation – that of soul groups.

As soul groups we may not find or interact with many others in that group in our physical world. Instead, we need to learn to find and work with others through our hearts. This is not an invitation or expectation to become isolated hermits, far from it. This is about where we find and come to understand the touch of spirit’s intent. Its expression in the world is still a product of our personal consciousness and dharma, but instead of creating the individual vibrations that enable our own journey, we will create with the vibrational tone of our group, and that means the group starts to function in our physical world with a cohesion of intent that not only nourishes our personal world, but can also heal our beautiful Earth.

The key word for Cosmic Mother’s intent in the spirit we can and will perceive is co-resonance: as souls within our soul groups, and as individuals in this physical world, where we bring forth that soul-group intention in our daily lives.

The differences may seem subtle, compared to the expression of spirit we perceive today, but the significant difference lies in the intent. Intent is everything in the manifestation of spirit, for it is the force and nourishment that enables creation and evolution.

As the touch of Cosmic Mother flows into our Earth, that intent shall become more and more embodied as the evolutionary force and nourishment for the future. This is the soul group, and human co-resonance, such that we no longer hold the path of individual sanctification and illumination as a goal – but the path of becoming co-resonant groups working in illuminated sanctity for Earth as a whole.

This is the spirit of Cosmic Mother, and our new guide to awakening in light on our personal and global path.

Please note:

  • This is written in conscious attunement, and at times may be given directly from an inner source. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.


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