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Healing through Your Soul Group

[written in conscious attunement]

The most wondrous thing about the journey of evolving heart consciousness is that it is at once spectacularly individual, and unified within a soul group, humanity as a whole, and Earth’s loving embrace.

It is individual because every evolving being on this journey has their own physical heart, ignited and sustained by their very personal spark of life from their soul, and infused with their very personal karmic patterns and the lessons contained therein. There is no duplicate heart anywhere. But as we know, a heart only exists when there is flow, and beyond the physical heart’s flow of blood, the inner flow of sustaining living light is circulated between soul and Earth. In that flow, you are immersed in the conscious intent of soul and Earth and their relationship.

You are created as a human being by your soul’s relationship with Earth – but this is static. It enables the spark of your spirit’s intent to clothe in soul’s love, and there gather substance around that spark to create you, the human self. It is the building aspect of human life, and one we repeat many times until we have built a strong enough human self to step through the doorway into the next great evolutionary embrace.

That next evolutionary embrace is to awaken to the living flow of love. This is the giant leap in consciousness that lies before us all, for the flow of conscious intent from Earth’s soul, nourished, embraced and guided by Earth Kumara (previously by Sanat Kumara), is flowing through her being. That means it is flowing through her astral self, wherein our souls dwell, and is seeking to flow more deeply into and through her physical self. We are on this journey together. Earth cannot achieve the full flow of her heart, and thus the fullness of awakened heart consciousness, until all those living within her embrace either engage with the flow purposefully, or at the least, do not obstruct it.

Heart is the place where personal and collective intent and purpose can be present. You cannot awaken your true spiritual heart without opening to the relationship your soul has with Earth, because this lies in the substance of the very spark that gave you life.

You can awaken your astral heart, and experience flows of loving light – but this is different. This flow is contained within your own being, and to where you may guide it in relation to others, according to your personal choices. It is personal. Wonderful, beautiful, and needed in our world, but not the same as what stirs in you when you awaken your spiritual heart. When you open to that spiritual heart light, you also open to that greater flow of grace, which is of your soul, and of the Earth.

Your soul may irradiate your astral flows as you open to that higher loving presence – but it is still a presence of light, and any flow is created within your personal self. When you awaken to the grace of heart flow from your soul, certainly it can manifest as a great flow of love within your astral self and to others, but always there will be a flow to Earth. Always. Else it is not a flow of heart consciousness.

To reach into that vast Ocean of Love wherein our souls dwell is the next step taken to awaken heart consciousness. Unlike the radiance and presence of light that has nourished and guided our development of mind, emotion and personal self, the journey of heart consciousness – by the very characteristics of its substance – is one of flow. Astral flows are of our personal self. Heart flows are of soul, personal and Earth substance. Thus, the individual evolves, yet is also infused with that emerging reality of awakening global heart flow.

When you touch that true flow of heart, a whole new world of healing emerges:  because in the heart you heal not only as an individual, but as a sequence in this flow of love between soul and Earth. You heal as a participant in your soul group, which enables karma, in both its grace and its lessons, to be shared and thus hastened in its resolution. You heal as a living presence of heart light within the Earth herself.

Healing is always about choice. Awakening heart consciousness always requires choice.

Upon what level is this choice made? If you are reading this, then it is hoped you are awakening to the power of your personal choice. For many, it will be a soul choice – but only if there are at least some members of that soul group who are making some personal choice. Otherwise, the collective learning of the soul group will not be able to gain the fullness of what awakening heart consciousness is, and thus the human expressions of that soul group would remain hindered in their personal evolution, and this would hinder the evolution of heart consciousness within Earth herself. This is not enabled as part of Earth’s, and thus our, journey of evolution on this pathway of heart. It is possible there will be soul groups in which there is insufficient conscious choice, but then a second level of aid is offered by Greater Hearts and their aids, who may step in and embody in such a way as to show those in the group more clearly the opportunities, options and consequences of conscious choice in our evolving world. Grace, ever there is grace.

All the great spiritual teachers we know from history (and many we do not know), have been Greater Hearts or their close ones, incarnating to both illuminate the way for those they touch, and to rekindle that loving flow through their own group into the Earth, for Earth’s sake and thus for all life. These great teachers touch more than one soul group.

A soul group is like an extended family. When souls are created by the spark of spirit, there is an individual resonance in that spark. That resonance has harmonic vibrations with other soul sparks. When that harmonic vibration is strong enough, it creates a harmonic exchange that keeps those souls in close contact. Thus, groups of souls are formed where each individuating spark of spirit resonates with a similar vibration, and thus, a similar expression and journey through the human family. The collective consciousness achieved at soul level is able to guide each individual incarnation, and enables the karmic grace and lessons to be shared.

In life, you will always have some contact with those in your soul group. It is inevitable, as the recognition of a shared resonance is a great attractor. It does not mean they will necessarily be family, partners or colleagues, but they may be. That level of contact comes down to your personal choices and karmic opportunities.

However, as a member of a soul group, your individual choices to open to heart’s flow and consciousness, will have a great ripple effect through your soul group. This is why we do not need all of humanity to be able to awaken heart consciousness. As long as each soul group has the knowing and capacity to enable that resonating love to flow, then the love of Earth and our souls can circulate.

Therefore, take heart on your healing journey, and know that in your soul group is great support and healing grace to be shared. As with anything of soul, you tap into this through your own heart, where you find the balanced way of awakening consciousness. Through that, in your soul group, you become a living light within the heat flow of humanity, and thus you become a living light flow within the body of Earth.

Individual, and yet both healed and enabled by the living light of soul group, humanity and Earth.

This is why the Great Change will be so profound. The strongly individuated presence and push we have as human beings, will become tempered by the greater guiding light and flow of our souls and soul groups, within the resonance and awakening that we are not here as isolated individuals, but as part of humanity and Earth:  co-creators of the greatest heart unfoldment in physical expression yet to be seen in our world.

Healing in this emerging era will enable this greater flow, and empower the greater speed of learning and karmic balancing through our shared effort. That is why healing, deep, life-changing healing, now becomes a choice in consciousness, rather than an individual hope born in need. They may overlap, but true healing can only emerge in the resonance of karma’s fulfilment, soul and personal choice. Karma and soul are infused with the evolving changes, so then it is up to us to enable deep healing grace to be our guide.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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