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The Spirit of Resurrection & Flow of Consciousness

[written in conscious attunement]

To engage with the awakening of heart consciousness, it is helpful to understand how spiritual flow works. On the one hand, you can see it as we see flow in our physical world:  a coherent movement of liquid, or air, from one place to another; driven by the force of gravity, or changes in pressure. But spiritual flow is not quite the same, as the substance of the flow is neither quite like air, or liquid.

Spiritual flow into our world is of two main types:  a flow of life-giving intent, and a flow of light-building consciousness.

Spiritual flow into our world is of two main types:  a flow of life-giving intent, and a flow of light-building consciousness

Life-giving intent is the flow that angels work with and bring to our Earth, and to all living expressions in this sphere. It is the intent driven by Cosmic love, full of the promise of life’s expression. It is like a breath of creation, yet so soft and gentle it can feel like a liquid flow. It is the breath of Brahma, one of the names given to the great Cosmic being that creates life. Our whole universe is an expression of this outbreath of Brahma, expressed with the life-giving intent of this creative cycle, to be love.

This is what the angels express:  this breath of love, full of life-giving intention, then qualified by all the other influences upon life within the sphere in which they work. In our earthly world, these include the guiding intent of Mother of Earth and Mother Kumara, who birth all life here on Earth; and the collective karma created by all the streams of life upon our planet.

Then we have the light-building consciousness. This is the path upon which humanity develops, and to awaken heart, we must understand how consciousness flows.

As with all things, consciousness is a vibration that creates resonance, and that resonance creates an expression. To become conscious, you first have to perceive the vibration, and then build the capacity to resonate with it – whether through life experience, spiritual and personal learning, or through the blessing of a teacher to create a rapid change in your vibrational makeup and structure.

When you perceive a higher vibration and then build a resonance with that in your human self, you are building with light. As you do this, you enable light to flow as a vibrational note from higher to lower octaves. Eventually, as a fully conscious being able to resonate with your soul and with Earth, you become a symphony of sound in an exquisite harmony. This sound is the flow of consciousness. It is an inner sound, yet it is the vibration of creation. The more present it becomes in our human world in general, the more other individuals are able to hear and resonate with it, and build their own capacity to harmonise and reverberate this loving presence in our world.

Thus you can see these two expressions of love:  the breath of loving intent, that the angels are made of and express; and the resonance of love’s symphony, built in layer after layer from the highest to the deepest realms of our physical world.

On our journey as humans, we are given much assistance to learn how to perceive and build with this resonance of light, to awaken the symphony of love. Each note is like one radiance of light, but as our ability to perceive increases, the multiplicity of colours becomes the sound of love in greater and greater fullness.

As an awakening soul, we are held in the embrace of one of the Greater Hearts. These are beings skilled and experienced in the journey of consciousness in our world, and they each hold a harmony of related notes to enable us to gently learn the sound of this light that they embody.

the Greater Hearts hold all the notes of love for our planet’s wellbeing

Collectively, the Greater Hearts hold all the notes of love for our planet’s wellbeing, creating the full symphony of the sound that is love in its fullness. Heart consciousness is the full expression of this symphony, because when the heart awakens in consciousness, it does so through the perception of love in its fullness. Not just the love that awakens enlightenment, that we achieve through mind. Not just the love that awakens devotion and service, so that we perceive our relationships to Earth, divinity and other beings through purified emotions. These are all steps of consciousness; but heart consciousness is the ability to perceive the fullness of love’s intent, and build with that intent within Earth’s body.

In the past, the few who walked the path of heart consciousness journeyed through all these notes of learning. But now humanity is collectively upon the rapid path to awakening heart consciousness, and we do not have the evolutionary time to journey through the many lives of learning with each of the Greater Hearts, such that we can learn to build with that full symphony of sound they create together.

It is not that the Greater Hearts have not each achieved this fullness of conscious capability, but their role has been to individually hold a certain resonance, to make the journey easier for the human consciousness to evolve – like creating individual classrooms for the learning to be contained for the young student. But as Earth takes this next step towards heart, and as humanity has enough consciousness collectively to begin this journey of heart, then changes are needed.

One of those changes is the arrival of a great Cosmic being of flow, the Spirit of Resurrection, called this because this being embodies pure life, which is the loving intent of Cosmic Heart. This life force has expressed upon our Earth in subtle ways for millennia, but now the conscious intent manifests as this very present being, working through all the vibrations of the Greater Hearts, feeding and nourishing heart perception amongst all people, and the life-giving flows of all the angels.

the Spirit of Resurrection embodies pure life, the loving intent of Cosmic Heart

It is the quickening, as some have called it.

While your own spiritual perceptions may awaken through the vibrational embrace of one of the Greater Hearts, with the Spirit of Resurrection now present in our Earth sphere, that vibrational embrace is infused with the fullness of Cosmic Heart’s intent. You not only awaken to the qualities held by the Greater Heart embracing your soul, and the path of learning they embody, but you learn how those qualities resonate in the fullness of the presence of heart’s intent from Cosmos, through the Spirit of Resurrection.

This infusion of the Spirit of Resurrection magnifies the life-giving and light-building impulse touching our personal and collective consciousness, and it is time to respond.

The Spirit of Resurrection has been able to come to Earth not only because our collective consciousness is ready (just); but because Earth’s conscious embrace has sought this infusion. Her own evolving consciousness, embraced and supported by Earth Kumara (herself a Cosmic being), has opened to this, and thus her ring-pass-not has opened to enable this great inflow that is the embodiment of the Spirit of Resurrection in our world.

The angels are working tirelessly to increase the infusion of life into nature and Earth’s body, enabled by the Spirit of Resurrection’s presence and flow. Now it is up to us, to open up to more consciousness of love, so that what we build holds more love, and enables heart to manifest in our world.

The Spirit of Resurrection can be seen and felt as a shimmering, pearlescent flow, that holds the potential for everything to be renewed in that one-pointed loving intent that is life itself.

When you seek to awaken your heart, bring your awareness to this great shimmering, loving light, and let it guide and nourish you to greater heart consciousness. Then you do yours to help build with this loving light of deep conscious intent, all the way down to Earth’s body and our world, to nourish peace and awakened life for all.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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