Mother’s Sacrifice and Heart Consciousness

[written in conscious attunement]

Sink into Mother’s embrace. She is the love that fills your blood with life-sustaining vitality. She is the body of Earth, of which you are built. She is the consciousness that draws you here, to embody in this privileged home, this beautiful world in our universe.

She is the glue that binds your soul consciousness to you, your human self, through the sacrifice of her own blood. For to create life takes effort. To sustain life takes will. To enable conscious life takes sacrifice of the one who is conscious, to feed and nourish the unconscious until they mature.

Effort comes from choice, for from choice follows energy, and energy creates. Will comes from spirit, the spark of intent that emerges via soul to reside in your heart as a tiny spark, or a roaring fire, depending upon your life’s journey, karma and past lives of experience.

Sacrifice comes from the Mother who gives you birth:  physically, spiritually, earthly. Your physical mother gives of her body and consciousness to birth your physical, emotional and mental self, who you are as a human. Your spiritual Mother guides the flow of stimulus from your soul, from that great Ocean of Love wherein your soul dwells. It is her life-force that awakens your search for meaning, answers, realisation – in other words, the journey of consciousness. This is the Mother of Cosmic intent, who embraces the flows of all incarnating life here upon Earth, the one about whom little is known. The one who absorbs Cosmic intent from Cosmic Heart’s flow; the one who absorbs all sparks of spirit, aligned in that flow of Cosmic love from Cosmic Heart to Earth, in the life stream we are all within. She is the one about whom we must awaken our awareness, for she guides the ultimate expression of life’s intent here upon Earth:  to become conscious heart beings in this physical world. She is that consciousness and flow of heart that sustains and enlivens us.

Your earthly mother is Earth herself:  this living, loving being we call home. She gives birth to every soul and human within her body, and seeks to awaken the consciousness of this world within you, this world that we call ‘Earth’. She is the Mother that pulls you to her bosom so that you can incarnate. Then she holds you here, even if you personally rebel, for she knows your soul’s choice and enables you to embody that conscious intent. That intent is aligned with her intent, and is the evolutionary journey we take together.

Life takes sacrifice on all levels, for the intent and substance required must be given out of the body of the one who is the conscious being embodying all that intent and substance.

Awakening to the reality of our spiritual and earthly Mother’s presence, has not been the evolutionary impetus of the past, just the factual reality of how life has evolved.

Many have touched the presence of Earth Mother, through their relationship with Earth and nature. Many indigenous peoples know and understand this relationship, sacrifice and obligation, and embody earthly consciousness to some degree. Most humans have immersed in the development of the personal self as an individuated point of will, becoming personally conscious enough to enact that personal will in daily life. The development and expression of personal consciousness and earthly consciousness have some interaction, but so much more is needed.

Earth has given of her body that we may incarnate, evolve, learn and develop consciousness, but it is not just a one-way journey for our own personal gain. It is true that everything we become is of the Earth’s substance and thus we give that to her – but it is not just the static becoming that is our, and Earth’s, journey. Consciousness is not (and can never be) static, because it is the expression and understanding of relationships:  whether the relationship of emotions to another, of soul to our human self, of our body to Earth, or of our spirit to our purpose here in this world.

This is the consciousness of life, which is the life-giving flow of heart that not only awakens and nourishes life, but also is the medium through which life is connected to the greater life of which it is a part.

We are part of Earth. Earth flows of heart sustain our earthly journey, yet we are not, and cannot be, isolated from the living flow of Cosmos. Now we emerge into a new era of conscious unfoldment, and this reality of the greater life of which we are a part is awakening within and around us.

Our Mother of Cosmic intent, and our Mother of Earth, have reached a new level of relationship – of consciousness – for their journey has a Cosmic birth and purpose. Thus, we must awaken our consciousness into that relationship as well, or else we become the heavy-weight laggards that hinder all.

Note here we are talking about consciousness, not numbers of humans. Many humans are young of soul and in consciousness, and like the younger sibling, less is expected of them. So do not despair if you see how many participate in the self-centred greed that harms life and Earth. It is a problem, but not as much as you may think, for in those who strive for consciousness, who yearn to understand and participate in the relationship with the loving, meaningful flow of love, from Cosmos to Earth, there is much more substance of consciousness present. We only need 51% of human consciousness reawakened to enable the great change needed

The key now is to evolve our consciousness from awareness of our relationship to spirit and Earth, to participation in greater fullness.

This is what Earth is doing. Her consciousness awoke to the inflow of Cosmic love, and enabled her emotional self, her Ocean of Love, to become resonant with the intent in that love many eons ago. Through that, the Greater Hearts emerged, and embodied Cosmic love in its many nuances to enable humans to consciously develop a relationship to their own spirit flow and personal journey.

Now earth has entered into conscious relationship with that love, embodied by the Mother of Cosmic Intent who holds Cosmic consciousness here in our earthly sphere. Their relationship enables the flow of heart on a global scale, for this is Earth’s heart flow.

Individuals and some groups have awoken a flow of heart in relationship with the Greater Heart who nourishes them, but now we need not just individuals and small groups – we need, and Earth has begun, a global flow.

The relationship of Earth Mother and the Mother of Cosmic Intent enables this great step, the great change from knowing Cosmic love, to becoming part of the flow and living expression of Cosmic Love. In their relationship, Mother of Cosmic Intent brings the flow of Cosmic love into Earth’s body. In the past this has been to sustain life, now it increases through Earth’s consciousness and relationship to express life in all its fullness. The life infused with Cosmic intent, which is pure love, yet full of will, for its flow is unyielding on its purposeful journey.

As the relationship between Mother of Cosmic Intent and Earth Mother deepens, the flow increases. The spiritual nourishment through our own souls increases – but so too does the need to engage in conscious relationship to that flow, so we are not just a dead-end, receiving and taking the flow without giving it out. This creates stagnation.

To take the conscious journey upon Earth, you need to realise not just your life – but your flow, and the flow between the Mothers who enable life upon and of Earth. This is about awakening to your relationship to the life-giving spirit from the Mother of Cosmic Intent, and the life-sustaining love of Mother of Earth, and the great relationship between them, of which you are part.

This is the great leap in consciousness of our times, for we change from evolving as individuals, to evolving in loving relationship with Earth, on her journey of becoming a being of Cosmic love.

This is heart consciousness, and you can awaken yours now, for Earth Mother, and Mother of Cosmic Intent, have awoken the pulse of Cosmic heart flow in Earth’s being, so it is there to feel for all those who seek.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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