The Change through Mother’s Grace

[written in conscious attunement]

To work with the Mother is the most wonderful grace of this new age into which we are emerging. Of course there have been great and gracious Mother deities throughout history. But the difference now is the stage we have reached upon the evolutionary journey, both personally, and globally.

In the past, the intention of the evolutionary impulse, and thus the ways in which it became manifest, was to guide and awaken the human mind such that this investigative, analytical and decision-making tool of human consciousness could develop. Through mind, humans can become conscious builders, taking the inner impulse into a structured plan that can be built in our world, either physically, or in our societies and cultures, or both.

Now, we, humanity, know enough collectively, and have enough development of mind to enable us to hold and sustain the inspiration and intent that serves and sustains our planet and all her life. We know enough to build and create the changes needed. Yet so much still needs to be done.

Many in roles of leadership succumb to the motivation of greed and selfishness – the two greatest ills in our world today.

We are here to evolve with Earth and all her life forms, and to take a leading role in the apprehension and implementation of the evolutionary plan through our skills of mind and capacity to build. We collectively know enough, and have enough development of mind – yet still we do not do enough, collectively.

The realisation of that which shatters the grip of greed and selfishness is the next needed and urgent step to be taken by humanity

The realisation of that which shatters the grip of greed and selfishness is the next needed and urgent step to be taken by humanity. This step is the awakening of the conscious realisation of our relationship to our living Earth, so that we treat her with care, and let go of that blind determination built of greed and selfishness that is destroying our world.

These are, of course, generalities about humanity as a whole. More and more individuals are aware and awakening to the intense and urgent need for planetary and whole-of-Earth-systems care. But we still need a shift in humanity overall, in many individuals who lead, in many societal and cultural structures that have been built up around greed and a focus on me, me, me.

We cannot change that which has been built with mind and the mind-set of greed and self-centredness, by using mind alone

We need a shift in consciousness. We cannot change that which has been built with mind and the mind-set of greed and self-centredness, by using mind alone. A higher rationale, motivation and perception are needed, or else we remain in the house of consciousness in which we already live, and do not realise the change needed, or understand how to create it.

The time of the evolutionary impulse to build the capacity of human mind is closing, for there is enough now.

Now we enter the time of the consciousness of heart, from where all that can inspire, guide and energise the change we need is given. Through the consciousness of heart, we see the bigger picture not as what we can isolate, study and know; but as a living journey within which our relationships are key. Not our personal relationships, but our relationships to soul, and to Earth, as evolutionary beings with responsibility in this world.

This is where the presence of Mother as a static deity in our objective-mind-focussed world, changes to a dynamic living relationship with Mother as the nourisher of all life, as the living presence of Earth herself, the living light that moves through our planet and our consciousness. This is the Mother-presence born out of the inter-relationship of the Mother of Cosmic Intent, the Earth Kumara, with the Mother being who is the living entity that is our planet.

Earth Kumara brings that ever present impulse to evolve, through the life-force and intent sent out through the heart-pulse of Cosmic Heart. In co-resonance with Earth Mother, this impulse now becomes a flow of living, loving light between them, circulating the most beautiful, radiant vitality from Kumara’s heart, where it is infused with Cosmic love, to Earth’s heart, where it is received and given the vitality of personal choice.

Personal choice is what enables the flow. It is the creator of the light of heart, because when personal choice is aligned with evolutionary will and love, the cascade of resonance from the highest intent to the deepest manifestation of life itself in physical expression is enabled, and this brings light to life so it can move from one level to another, all the way down into our world. Thus, the flow.

To work with the Mother now, is to work with this co-resonance of living light that brings this flow to our consciousness, and that develops our own living co-resonance and thus our relationship with the higher realms of light and purpose, and the living Earth within whose embrace we exist.

Conscious awareness and engagement with this reality will enable greater heart development. Not only because it enables that co-resonance of living light, so that we may better perceive the grace and need of heart and life on all levels, but because of the flow it creates.

Flow changes everything. Flow counters the cemented mind, still glued to personal and societal structures and constructs that no longer serve Earth and all life. Glued to the constructs of greed and selfishness. Glued to the old and familiar structures that no longer hold life-force and light.

We, humanity, have built all these. Now we need to dismantle and rebuild any that do not allow the co-resonance of heart’s intent to manifest through all levels of Earth’s being. We need to make way for the light that flows.

This means getting rid of selfishness and greed, because these bring flow to a complete stop; for any flow that does enter is captured and stagnated, and the light is lost. That is, until the consciousness engages with the positive change needed, and begins to open the door to flow. In flow, old structures can be dissolved quickly, their individual elements broken down and released, to be ready to form into new structures that can align with the flow.

Personally, this manifests through choices that enable a change of perspective and greater awakening of your relationship to the light you seek for guidance (whether an inner or outer teacher, or your own soul), and with the Earth upon which you live. You realise you are not just here for self (even if that includes family, personal causes, etc.), but you are here for your self in relationship with Earth. It may not change what you do, but it will energise it greatly with the living light of Mother’s love, and you become a co-creator and healer of our world, our planet. The light flows.

 Because of the alignment and co-resonance between Earth Kumara and Earth Mother (through Earth’s choice), the flow is there now. It has not been so present globally before. Some individuals have aligned with it – many of the great Mother deities, for example, Isis and Mary – but now we are emerging into the era of Mother’s light and love, which is flow.

The grace of this flow is in the ethers, in the vitality of life; and with conscious intent we can open to this grace, and facilitate not only our own healing and rapid steps upon the path of heart, but be part of the very needed healing and rapid change for Earth herself, and all the life she nurtures here in this world.

Call upon the Mother, she will help you.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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