The Shared Evolution of Heart

[written in conscious attunement]

When the Earth breathes with intent, humanity evolves. When the Earth bleeds, humanity suffers. When the Earth radiates, humanity is uplifted.

When humanity holds on to cruelty, the Earth feels so much pain. When humanity spreads hate, the Earth is dragged down with heaviness. When humanity fails to evolve, the Earth faces such painful choices. When humanity creates with positivity and care, the Earth hums with joy.

When humanity creates with positivity and care, the Earth hums with joy

We are inextricably linked. We evolve together. We learn together. We suffer together. But if the pathways diverge too much, between the path of evolution upon which Earth journeys as a planet of consciousness, and the path upon which humanity journeys as an element of Earth’s planetary consciousness – then deep choices are needed.

Humanity is here in response to Earth’s call, we are held in her loving embrace to co-evolve. We do not, cannot, walk a separate path from her until we leave this sphere and journey elsewhere in the universe, which only occurs after the completion of training upon this Earth, as a soul and spirit, and a withdrawal of all vibrations of our consciousness to another planetary, stellar or Cosmic sphere.

Thus, we are here with Earth on this joyful journey of evolution together. But when Earth breathes, and that stimulating breath of her spirit flows around and through all who live within her embrace – great change is stimulated. Evolution is the journey of responding to change. Earth’s great breath of life has swept over humanity and nature many times, enabling great steps on the journey.

Now, not only is she bringing the consciousness of spirit’s breath, but as she now awakens heart, in concert with her guide and mentor, the Earth Kumara, she begins to pulse the energy of heart consciousness through her being, and thus through humanity and the whole of nature.

This is a great step upon the awakening journey of becoming a planet of living light, of heart. And we, humanity, have to take that step with her.

As her ripples of heart consciousness move through her being, two things occur in the body of humanity:  our senses perceive the stimulus for change yet cannot deeply understand it, because it is not the breath of spirit that is at least somewhat familiar; and the very framework upon which we have structured our society and perception of enlightenment changes.

This is not just another enlightening breath of spirit, guiding us further along the path we have built into our collective perception of spiritual illumination and radiance. This is a challenge to the very substance of our journey, and thus to the pathway, our perceived destination, and the steps to get there. This is no longer a journey guided by illumination of mind and purity of feelings, which have dominated religious and spiritual explorations, teachings and practices for millennia. This is where our pathway truly merges with the path of Earth’s own journey.

As we evolved in the past, we built a body of illuminated mind and purified feelings within the collective consciousness of humanity, and of course that was within the body of Earth as well – yet it was not needed in her body of consciousness. Our thoughts and feelings are vehicles of our consciousness and actions, and pathways for spirit’s guidance and Earth’s breath of light to stimulate our evolution. Earth’s consciousness is not in and of itself evolved by humanity’s development of mind and emotion – rather, as stated, these are tools for humanity’s conscious development such that we can become co-evolutionaries with Earth and walk our shared path in cooperation.

That is the Great Change occurring now. There is enough (just) illumination and purity of emotion within humanity collectively for the next great evolutionary stimulus to emerge, and that is the path of heart.

It is a completely different journey, for we, humanity, shall take it in concert with Earth, for no heart can develop in isolation because heart creates flow, and there is no flow in the closed or dead-end system created by separativeness and isolation.

As Earth awakens heart, her flow must move through the whole of her being, and thus, through us, humanity. And as we awaken heart individually and collectively, we cannot develop upon this evolutionary step unless we relate to the Earth and share our flow.

Our next evolutionary step can only occur in relationship with Earth

This is of such fundamental importance to understand! Our next evolutionary step can only occur in relationship with Earth. The heart must flow on all levels. That is why you do not need exceptional illumination of mind, or great development of spiritual feeling, to walk the path of heart.

Humanity, collectively, needed to awaken mind and emotion with light and purity so that the stimulatory breath of Earth’s and spirit’s love could help us evolve to this point. Now there is enough illuminated matter of mind and purified vibration of feeling within humanity’s collective body of consciousness to receive this next great stimulus:  the wave of heart’s love.

This is framed in evolutionary terms, and is not a process of days, weeks or years, but it will emerge in the coming decades – but only if it starts now, and that means, at every opportunity, you must open your heart to the light and to the Earth, so that you can add to that emerging heart flow that will help all.

Remember, the darkness we see on Earth in war, greed and hate, is a creation of humanity, formed out of the residue of unloved and unhealed choices of the past, and/or, of constructed resistance to the change that comes. We must ultimately become citizens of Earth, acting responsibly and with care, fulfilling not only our responsibilities to evolution’s call personally, and collectively as humanity, but also as co-creative expressions of the living light of the Earth through our shared heart flow.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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