• Mother Spirituality

    Mother Spirituality

    On the journey of awakening heart, it is essential to understand the qualities, nuances, nourishment and guidance that come from the spiritual Mother, and this is probably not the Mother aspect of spirituality that you have… read more

  • The Spirit of Cosmic Mother

    The Spirit of Cosmic Mother

    When you think of spirit, do you think of male qualities, female qualities, or neither? Perhaps you think of spirit as something that gives strength and clarity, a push to rise up and fight for something… read more

  • The Forces for Change

    The Forces for Change

    In the blood red of the night sky, where death and hatred rage, where life shines little, it is only heart that gives the life force to awaken the light that nourishes light. If you want… read more

  • The Three Forces Creating Heart

    The Three Forces Creating Heart

    There are three forces at work that are energising and giving impetus and strength to the awakening of heart consciousness. A force is directional, and is the embodiment of intent. In the context of evolution, that… read more

  • Vitality, Consciousness & Karma

    Vitality, Consciousness & Karma

    Vitality is always present where there is consciousness. We often think of vitality as a measure of physical energy, but it is more than that. There is vitality in our astral-emotional selves that gives the shine… read more

  • Vitality & Healing

    Vitality & Healing

    Healing is fundamentally about vitality:  how much vitality is there in the organs, systems and elements of consciousness; and how much freedom of flow does that vitality have. Vitality is a product of Cosmic Heart. It… read more

  • Healing through Your Soul Group

    Healing through Your Soul Group

    The most wondrous thing about the journey of evolving heart consciousness is that it is at once spectacularly individual, and unified within a soul group, humanity as a whole, and Earth’s loving embrace. It is individual… read more

  • Healing as Part of the Earth

    Healing as Part of the Earth

    Everyone wants to feel whole, on whatever level or levels that need is perceived. Not feeling whole is created by three factors:  internal disruption by soul to stimulate conscious change; personal disruption through karmic patterns to… read more

  • Earth’s Karma & Our Healing Choice

    Earth’s Karma & Our Healing Choice

    Earth on her own journey as an evolving, conscious being has her own karma. Every evolving being in this sphere is held to that law, the Law of Karma, because we live within a contained system,… read more

  • Evolution’s Pressure & Healing Grace

    Evolution’s Pressure & Healing Grace

    In the context of the great heart flow from Sirius and her embrace of Earth, and of Earth’s own choice to open to more of that heart flow, we, humanity stand at a truly significant crossroad… read more

  • Cosmic Heart Flow

    Cosmic Heart Flow

    In the great Cosmic call for the next evolutionary step to be taken, the directive to awaken heart is rippling out from Cosmic Heart, Sirius. This call is resounding through our universe, stimulating heart awakening, for… read more

  • The Fabric of Consciousness

    The Fabric of Consciousness

    We are all on a journey of awakening consciousness. Awakening, because the potential for consciousness exists in the very substance and fabric of life itself; because in the bigger picture, all life has been created by… read more

  • Consciousness & Healing the Past

    Consciousness & Healing the Past

    In the structured nature of who we are as human beings, we are a complex mix of patterns of what we have learned and what we have experienced. As builders – which is an inherent quality… read more

  • Healing, Building & Forgiveness

    Healing, Building & Forgiveness

    In our human journey over many millennia, we have been focussed upon building a vehicle for self within this physical world, to exist and express in this home we call ‘Earth’. A sense of spirituality in… read more

  • The Healing of Flow

    The Healing of Flow

    In the exact moment when you hold the past, aligned with the future, in perfect harmonious consciousness, then you have touched soul, and you understand flow. The past always flows to the future, but as human… read more

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