Mother Spirituality

[written in conscious attunement]

On the journey of awakening heart, it is essential to understand the qualities, nuances, nourishment and guidance that come from the spiritual Mother, and this is probably not the Mother aspect of spirituality that you have experienced before.

Our spiritual path upon Earth to date has primarily been infused with what are considered masculine qualities: one-pointed, directive, and rules-based. One god, one path, one system, one source of truth, one way to salvation. Those spiritual paths that do not teach about one god still teach about one system.

This has been essential on the path of human and Earth development. For this infusion of the one-pointed directive has awakened the spiritual search in humankind, and has been the push to develop mind and discernment. If there is one path, you have to be able to choose to follow that path, and choice is the cornerstone of spiritual development to awaken consciousness. You cannot become conscious through inertness.

We have come to know through history many the Mother deities, and they have brought, and still bring, beautiful Mother qualities to our journey, but it is still the journey of the one-pointed path.

In the coming era of heart awakening, the presence of spiritual Mother will be felt not as an adjunct or support to this singular path, but as a fullness and multiplicity of presence in, around, above and below. It still holds a singularity, which is the single, resonant note of spirit’s call, unified with Earth’s embrace to aid us all, including Earth, to continue our evolutionary steps forward. However, because Mother’s presence is all-pervasive, and will not be expressed as one teacher, one teaching or one way, the consciousness we have gained over millennia on the one-pointed pathways of spiritual development need to update.

The spirituality that comes through this Mother presence is not of the directive model, but of a pervasive resonance. The way to discern if you are walking forward with Earth on your journey of spiritual development, is to learn to feel and know your deep resonant harmony with the Earth.

Mother’s love is an alignment of spiritual will with the substance of Earth herself

Mother’s love is an alignment of spiritual will with the substance of Earth herself, to enable creative responses to evolution’s call. It is not an embodiment within the substance of Earth, not a resonant call from on high to lift our gaze to higher worlds. That has been the path to lift and develop human consciousness sufficiently (collectively speaking) so that the purpose, meaning and need for spiritual truth in action has at least some purchase upon the human self. Now, the spiritual awakening stirs through the very ethers and substance of Earth herself.

It is no use if all humans aspire to go to their one god, one heaven, one afterlife; that is not our role nor destiny upon Earth. It has been a pathway of learning, as said. We are here as part of Earth’s living expression, so better get used to this idea if you want to stay and awaken heart!

Heart requires a structure to receive the electrical charge and to pump, but without the nourishing substance to flow through that heart, there is no life.

Earth’s life is sustained  by the Kumaras who have been the living substance of her heart for many an eon, but now she seeks to consciously embrace this loving flow in her own personal awareness. That includes us, humanity.

In the past, Earth’s life sustenance has flowed into and through her being through the care and direction of embodied Kumaras, who have been the conscious link to the higher loving flows of heart that come from Sirius, the Cosmic heart, to sustain her life. Human development has occurred in parallel with this, until now.

a shift is occurring such that the human spiritual journey is no longer largely separated from the spiritual evolution of the Earth

Now, in this time of the Great Change, a shift is occurring such that the human spiritual journey is no longer largely separated from the spiritual evolution of the Earth. We are stepping into the role we are here to fulfil: to be loving expressions of the divine, in all its myriad colours and nuances, here in this physical world. The subtle difference between this, and the individual spiritual expression encouraged on some existing pathways, is how you come to understand and know the nuance and colour of the divine inflow of love that is yours to express.

In the past, you could seek guidance from on-high, or expression through a structured framework with which you are familiar, or alignment with a truth you have learned. Now, it is about understanding your heart flow, not your mind choice. As Earth becomes more conscious of her own heart flow, and thus embodies that more in her own consciousness, we, too, are infused with more of that flow, both of Earth, and of our own souls.

Discerning with heart is about resonance. Is that which flows through you resonant with what you seek to do, to express, to be? Is it resonant with Earth? What you know may not be a helpful guide – other than to apply the essential discernment of life on Earth, to not create harm or act in selfish greed.

Learning to discern through resonance is the great step forward ahead of us, humanity as a whole. The greater the presence and vitality of Mother’s loving, resonant flow (the love of Earth, imbued with Cosmic spirit’s intent), the greater the change. The old paradigm of singularity is breaking down, whether in the structures guiding societal norms, political truths or religious certainty. As the forces that have sustained these rule-based systems weaken – and until there is enough cohesion of resonant understanding of the true Law of Life that guides evolution in harmlessness and with loving embrace – there will be some chaos, as is already seen.

There is hope, however, as the tipping point of conscious alignment needs less of humanity than it is easy to expect. The masses of humanity do not need to achieve co-resonance with the new loving light guiding us and all life, as it is measured in the substance of consciousness that can co-resonate. The more you align in your own consciousness, the more you magnify the effect. The wondrous thing with consciousness through resonance is that the vibrational harmony becomes compelling to the substance around it. Just like the ripples in a pond, when one wave starts, others follow. That is why you must always hope, for although a period of transition lies ahead, change can come quickly.

Mother spirituality is key to understand deep in your being how you resonate in the loving flow of the heart: your heart, Earth’s heart, Greater Hearts, Kumara’s heart, all who are involved in this great journey of the life of Earth. Mother spirituality is built through resonance and co-resonance because that is the learning held within flow. If you resonate, you can align with the flow. If you do not resonate, you are buffeted and bounced around in that flow.

The only part of your consciousness that can truly discern the nuances of truth in flow is your heart. Mind does not discern flow, it seeks stillness to divide, analyse and choose. Emotions can flow, but can flow equally with personal cravings as they might with spiritual guidance, and it can be hard to discern between them without another filter and framework to guide your perception.

In your heart, you can learn the resonance of your truth, which is the resonance of your soul’s purpose here upon Earth and thus is the note of co-resonance that is yours to sound. The more you take your consciousness there, the more you build that resonance into your being, and through that you can filter all that is around and within you, and make choices accordingly.

In this way, you align in individuality, yet with the oneness of the Mother pulse of living light that will nourish all life to become the next level of evolved beingness it is becoming, in harmony through heart.

Please note:

  • This is written in conscious attunement, and at times may be given directly from an inner source. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.


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