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5 Keys to Develop Conscious Intuition

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Intuition is essential for navigating life – but how often do we miss those intuitive nudges?
These 5 keys will help you develop and strengthen your intuitive abilities, and let go of doubt and uncertainty! They will help you walk your path in life, aligned with your deep inner guide, your soul.
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Intuition comes as a message from within, whether a whisper, a feather touch, or a deep-felt sense. It comes to nudge us to review something we are going to do, say or choose in life. It creates a momentary check to help us look a little more deeply, reflect a little more broadly, or just plain not do something at this time.

The catch is that we too often dismiss our intuition, or if we do pick it up, we don’t know how to respond.

These 5 keys to Develop Conscious Intuition will help you change that.

They will help you refine your ability to perceive those intuitive nudges more consciously in the first place, so that you don’t miss them.

They will give you a framework for how to listen with discernment, and learn how to refine and trust your intuitive insights. They will help you develop your consciousness and alignment with your inner heart to validate the inner guidance you receive, and make conscious choices accordingly.

Consciousness develops when we are able to bring the awareness of our experiences into alignment with the deep inner purpose of our life. It enriches the understanding of our opportunities, challenges and choices, and gives reason and meaning to help us navigate our journey with wisdom.

Developing conscious intuition is key to opening to the guidance of soul and walking a conscious path of heart, empowering you to create positive change in your life, in our needy world, and for our beautiful Earth.

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The Quest for Elevated Consciousness Amid Global Challenges

Listen to my conversation with host Shaman Isis on her podcast Citizen Journalist, in her words …

“Embark on an enlightening journey with host Shaman Isis as she sits down with the visionary author Ann Surya to untangle the profound connections between the evolution of human consciousness and our beloved planet’s own path.
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In a conversation where we confront the most pressing issues of our era, we uncover how attuning to higher consciousness is not a luxury but a necessity for addressing the mental health crises, homelessness, and climate change that threaten the fabric of our societies. Ann’s groundbreaking book echoes my mission to elevate human awareness, offering us a lens to view Earth as a sentient partner in our collective growth.

As we peel back the layers of our present reality, we recognize the adolescent-like tumult humanity endures, urging our societal structures to mature just as we must. Anne and I discuss the awakening within the mental health sphere, where speaking out becomes a beacon of hope against the shadow of oppressive systems. We unravel how quantum physics interlaces with spirituality, suggesting a future where science and metaphysical insights coalesce. Surya points out the destructive grip of greed on our institutions, spotlighting the climate crisis while also bringing to light the grassroots movements that are seeding transformative change. Our exchange is a vibrant tapestry, illustrating the vital role of intuition and open-mindedness in spearheading a worldwide renaissance towards a sustainable and enlightened existence.

Finally, our dialogue ventures into the essence of consciousness, its mysterious origins, and the indelible impact of choice on our life’s meaning and purpose. I recount my personal spiritual encounters and how they spurred a quest to decode the universe, while Ann weighs in on the complex web of social media’s influence, binding and fragmenting global consciousness. We conclude by emphasizing the significance of choosing higher vibrations, nurturing a collective consciousness that will navigate through technological and societal shifts with compassion, guided by the timeless wisdom of the heart. Join us in this compelling episode to explore how every choice shapes the grand tapestry of our shared destiny.”


Becoming Cosmically You!

Listen to my conversation with host Louise Hately on her podcast Becoming Cosmically You.

“Meet Ann Surya, a spiritual educator and writer deeply dedicated to our collective journey of consciousness with Earth and all life. With a commitment to fostering profound change in today’s world, Ann has led spiritual retreats globally and has been practicing and teaching ageless wisdom and heart-centered practices since the 1980s.
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Focused on awakening the heart and deepening consciousness, Ann integrates mind, body, emotions, and soul into a balanced, connected, and wise whole. Rooted in a lifelong quest for meaning and responsible spirituality, she feels a profound connection to the living presence of Earth and draws hope and purpose from her clairvoyance, clairaudience, and connection with the spiritual realms.

In addition to her spiritual pursuits, Ann holds a science degree and has worked in business analysis and software education. She utilizes her analytical and pragmatic outlook to bring spiritual insights down to Earth, recognizing the urgent need for a new consciousness to inform our choices and actions in the face of today’s global challenges.

Ann is passionate about permaculture and advocates for updating our relationship with Earth to create the profound changes needed for a sustainable future. Despite the incredible challenges we face, she remains hopeful, believing in the power of collective understanding to drive positive change at this pivotal time.

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