Hope, Comfort and Mother’s Vision

[written in conscious attunement]

In the embrace of the Mother, comfort is given. Not the comfort of repair, atonement or rectification, but the comfort of knowing:  the knowing of life ahead and past, of a picture so big it holds the universe, yet celebrates you, a tiny divine spark within that outpouring of creative love. The knowing of life itself, as an expression of the divine, as a vehicle of love, as an intuitive receptacle of grace, as a conscious vibration of all that is in that creativity we call love in action, expressed on every level from Cosmos to the dense physical such as Earth.

change and evolution can only occur if substance can respond and hold that stimulus … that is the role of the Mother

This is the realm of the Mother, for she is the glue that binds intent to matter on every level. Intent arises like a spark of fire, full of force and direction, piercing layer upon layer of substance, stimulating change and thus evolution. But that change and evolution can only occur if the substance, into which that stimulatory spark descends, can respond and hold that stimulus beyond its initial impulse. That is the role of the Mother.

In unevolved worlds, she is there, to hold the most basic vibrational coherence in place so that the spark of spirit may set up a stimulatory resonance, when the evolutionary journey of Cosmos opens the door to that opportunity.

Thus, Mother is always there from the beginning, before the much heralded big bang, before the much yearned-for divine presence appears, before the worlds and galaxies of Cosmos take shape – for they too are an emergent expression of spirit’s spark, yet only made possible because Mother already holds this resonance of creative future in her being.

Mother of Cosmos births our universe, long before evolutionary intent becomes a spark driven with direction and force to bring about positive creation. Yet Mother herself, the Mother of our Cosmos, is born out of the creative intent of a previous living expression of Cosmos, which, in reaching its ultimate evolutionary expression of love’s intent, birthed this new being to hold the substance of the new Cosmos, filled with the vibratory harmonies that enable the evolutionary journey to proceed.

Within this new Cosmic Mother is held the presence of the life force that has reached full realisation in the previous Cosmic incarnation, plus the forward-looking intention achieved in that realisation, when the next horizon of conscious evolution appears in the new dawn’s light.

Thus, Mother is imbued with all that has been, and the promise of all that is to be in this new Cosmos.

The same is mirrored down through the levels of creative expression, from Cosmos to galaxies, to planets and stars, to the feminine deities that hold and sustain life in all its expressions in our world, to each and every mother of life in our earthly existence.

As a human mother, you hold the history of your family not only physically, held mostly in DNA, but also energetically in the blueprint of your family’s expression and journey of the past, and as the hope for the future. A human father also holds and shares their family history in their DNA, and energetically, but the physical differences in the carriage of a baby in-vitro means the mother’s energetic blueprint is more easily imbued into the evolving child. A father or other person holding the parenting responsibilities must make a different kind of effort to embrace and enfold the emerging life stream in their energetic blueprint.

A strong relationship between parents will also create a shared energetic blueprint for how their pasts are merged, and what hopes and promises they hold for the future, and this will influence the new life-stream coming into their life. Note that none of this comes with judgement, for there are so many variations of family, and it is not gender that defines how much love is created and shared. It is simply a fact that a child is born through a mother, and the mother has a significant role physically and energetically. As it is above, so it is below.

When you evolve in consciousness, you emerge from the energetic embrace of family in both what you seek, and what you are influenced by. The bigger picture of the world comes into view in a new way, and with that, emerges the need for understanding, insight, reasons, hopes for where this world is heading.

Religion and spirituality have played a role in this for eons, but are not always aligned with the future the Earth has embodied. All religious and spiritual practices have been birthed from within the ether of our Mother Earth, for it is with her conscious journey that ours is intertwined. However, many have not evolved with her, instead clinging to the way things were, and will neither be able to continue to give comfort as you evolve further in our changing world, nor support the positive changes in consciousness needed for life’s evolutionary plan to proceed.

Sadly, many now adhere to cults of belief, as a way of cementing a future that they want into their hopes and dreams. But if that future is not in accord with the blueprint of life’s and love’s expression on our planet, as embodied through our Mother Earth, it will shatter. For example, the cult of greed, normalised in many societies as the vision of endless economic growth which is factually a complete falsehood, and is ethically completely irresponsible. Or the many cults around political power that divide people on a national vision that favours the few and represses the other. Or the cult of absolute power that many yield to, giving one person absolute control over organisations, or nations.

We are of the Earth, and imbued with the blueprint Mother Earth holds for the future.

The search for hope in a world where much is in change, is understandable. But, seek the Mother to find your way.

All that is created in the human consciousness that is not in accord with the Mother that has given every single one of us birth, our Mother Earth, will not give hope, nor sustain life.

We are of the Earth, and imbued with the blueprint she holds for the future.

On a conscious journey, this gives not only the comfort we seek, but needs to be the vision we strive for. For then we nurture and co-create what is to be the future for all life on this beautiful planet, and we can fulfil our purpose for being here. Just as our Earth herself holds the blueprint of her part of the journey of our universe, of our Cosmos, in the great unfolding of Cosmic Mother’s love.

This is inevitable, and yet the small choices made every day in our human lives pave the way. If we create that way with care and alignment, the path is smoother and more illumined. If we choose greed and ignorance – the type of ignorance achieved when you ignore the opportunities to evolve and change attitudes and actions – then the way becomes cluttered with the debris of unillumined thoughts and hostile and greedy feelings, and either we clean it up through personal, societal or national karmic pressures, or we collectively experience a global karmic healing crisis as Earth seeks to shake out the debris the occludes the path to loving expression.

We are part of this journey, and our responsibilities are clear.

Love the Earth, the Mother of our life as evolving beings, and then see where your path leads you, and what choices inspire you and give you the vision that uplifts you with hope.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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