Pray to the Mother for Peace
Pray to the Mother for Peace

In these times of deep and confronting global challenge, seek the Mother. She is here, in and of the Earth, in and of whatever spirituality you follow, whatever human and social beliefs you hold …

Curious about soul?
Curious about soul?

What is your soul … Is it the presence of your life purpose? A guide for your life choices? A source of wisdom? Your connection to Earth? Anchored in your heart, your soul is all of these and more …

How to Deepen Your Heart Consciousness
Deep heart attunement
How to Deepen Your Heart Consciousness

The best way is to go there, to sit in that space and be guided to open your perceptions to the subtle, yet all-encompassing love of the heart. We offer a free heart attunement to get you started, and have many more meditations to help you walk a conscious journey of heart.

Our Living Earth
love the Earth

Our Earth is alive and evolving spiritually, awakening her heart. We are born of her body and her consciousness, our evolution is tied to her journey, so as she awakens heart – so must we …

golden light

We strive for consciousness – but what is it? How do you find it and develop it? How do you align consciously with your inner purpose, and live a life of conscience in this changing world?

Updating Planetary Consciousness

Discover the power of heart consciousness and how it can help you overcome personal challenges and transform humanity’s global crisis.
With a pragmatic approach, it explains how we are in a planetary shift that is part of the evolution of heart consciousness personally and globally.
Building upon the ageless wisdom, this book offers a vital, new approach to changing our consciousness and our world!

Updating Planetary Consciousness
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Updating Planetary Consciousness – out now!

Updating Planetary Consciousness

Radical new wisdom for your practical, conscious awakening!

  • Deepen heart
  • Align with soul
  • Enrich your Earth connection
  • Understand spiritual evolution
  • Find meaning
  • Create change in this time of global shift
    read more
  • explore the wisdom of the heart
  • simple exercises to develop consciousness & intuition
  • grounded spiritual teaching
  • nourish your inner journey

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  • Meditations for Heart
  • Meditations to Balance & Clear
  • Earth Healing Meditation
  • Meditations for Deep Healing
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About Call of the Heart

These times of extraordinary change require us to live and work differently, with more conscience to play our part in the evolving world we live in, and with more consciousnesss to care about the Earth and all life – for we are all in this together.

We can’t think our way to the significant change we need, neither personally or globally, because the mind is a human tool. While it can enable wonderful problem solving and creativity, it needs a deeper moral and ethical framework as a guide. Without that, we just continue to create that which has developed our global problems in the first place, where higher conscience is not the guide, and the results are expressions of greed, selfishness, environmental disregard, and separativeness.

The place to find this higher conscience is in our hearts, where we can tap into the wisdom of our soul, our higher self. There, global and personal care and responsibility meld into one loving and meaningful framework, to guide our lives and efforts to create positive change in our world.

Call of the Heart aims to deepen and develop your consciousness and soul wisdom, awaken your heart to enrich your journey, and empower your inner strength to create positive change. The information is written through conscious intuitive contact with the inner wisdom (read more).

Explore the diversity of topics in this library of new wisdom through themes, or search using keywords or any topic that interests you, view all teachings, or read more about me.

Enjoy and shine!

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