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What Call of the Heart is about

These times of extraordinary change require us to live and work differently, with more conscience to play our part in the evolving world we live in, and with more consciousnesss to care about the Earth and all life – for we are all in this together.

We can’t think our way to the significant change we need, neither personally or globally, because the mind is a human tool. While it can enable wonderful problem solving and creativity, it needs a deeper moral and ethical framework as a guide. Without that, we just continue to create that which has developed our global problems in the first place, where higher conscience is not the guide, and the results are expressions of greed, selfishness, environmental disregard, and separativeness.

The place to find this higher conscience is in our hearts, where we can tap into the wisdom of our soul, our higher self. There, global and personal care and responsibility meld into one loving and meaningful framework, to guide our lives and efforts to create positive change in our world.

Call of the Heart aims to deepen and develop your consciousness and soul wisdom, awaken your heart to enrich your journey, and empower your inner strength to create positive change. The information is written through conscious intuitive contact with the inner wisdom (read more).

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