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  • The Three Forces Creating Heart

    There are three forces at work that are energising and giving impetus and strength to the awakening of heart consciousness. A force is directional, and is the embodiment of intent. In the context of evolution, that intent is always of a higher vibration, for that is what holds the wisdom, the oneness and the possibilities […]

  • Vitality, Consciousness & Karma

    Vitality is always present where there is consciousness. We often think of vitality as a measure of physical energy, but it is more than that. There is vitality in our astral-emotional selves that gives the shine and radiance to our emotional expression. There is vitality in our mental bodies that gives luminescence and clarity to […]

  • Vitality & Healing

    Healing is fundamentally about vitality:  how much vitality is there in the organs, systems and elements of consciousness; and how much freedom of flow does that vitality have. Vitality is a product of Cosmic Heart. It is the inherent radiance of intent, resonating within the substance in which that intent is embodied. It is the […]

  • Healing through Your Soul Group

    The most wondrous thing about the journey of evolving heart consciousness is that it is at once spectacularly individual, and unified within a soul group, humanity as a whole, and Earth’s loving embrace. It is individual because every evolving being on this journey has their own physical heart, ignited and sustained by their very personal […]

  • Healing as Part of the Earth

    Everyone wants to feel whole, on whatever level or levels that need is perceived. Not feeling whole is created by three factors:  internal disruption by soul to stimulate conscious change; personal disruption through karmic patterns to balance the past; or global disruption through changes in the milieu of our existence within the Earth, that is, […]

  • Earth’s Karma & Our Healing Choice

    Earth on her own journey as an evolving, conscious being has her own karma. Every evolving being in this sphere is held to that law, the Law of Karma, because we live within a contained system, and the Law of Karma ensures this system remains alive by balancing irregularities, excesses, and transgressions against the guiding […]

  • Evolution’s Pressure & Healing Grace

    In the context of the great heart flow from Sirius and her embrace of Earth, and of Earth’s own choice to open to more of that heart flow, we, humanity stand at a truly significant crossroad of evolution. Either we collectively choose to proceed straight ahead on the path of rapid evolution aligned with Earth’s […]

  • Cosmic Heart Flow

    In the great Cosmic call for the next evolutionary step to be taken, the directive to awaken heart is rippling out from Cosmic Heart, Sirius. This call is resounding through our universe, stimulating heart awakening, for this is not just a great change here upon Earth, but a great transformation of the Cosmic life within […]

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Evolution of Love

heart vibe

Explore the deeper cause and intention of the changes happening in our personal and global world


heart rainbow

Mother – existing in the space between stars and atoms, her embracing presence spans Cosmos to our physical world, enabling heart and life to awaken.

The Human Journey

What is this magical path we walk life after life, through joys and travails? It is our journey of learning through experience, consciousness, and our soul’s resonance within our heart.


golden light

Stimulate your understanding of consciousness and what it is in this era of heart awakening, and what choices we need to make to awaken the consciousness of heart


deep rose heart

Immerse in this beautiful place within our being, and within Earth, where we can align with, and be nourished by, our soul and the global evolutionary intent


Soul: get to know this inner resonance of your being, anchored in your heart, shining with your purpose, guiding your evolutionary journey of consciousness.

Living Earth

love the Earth

Re-awaken the loving touch of Mother Earth in your being, and explore how to deepen your conscious relationship to nourish your journey and contribute to the global healing so desperately needed



Understand this path of conscious choices to heal and revitalise our wisdom and wholeness, so we can better walk the path of heart

Greater Hearts


Gain insight and feel the touch of the beautiful family of those who have walked before us, the loving Masters of heart who guide, nourish and uplift us whatever spiritual tradition or path we follow

The Law

Heart blessing Earth

Explore the evolving law of life that guides evolution, and that enables us to live in complete alignment with our soul’s intent and take our heart’s journey in this time of great change

What we are about

These times of extraordinary change require us to live and work differently, with more conscience to play our part in the evolving world we live in, and with more consciousnesss to care about the Earth and all life – for we are all in this together.

We can’t think our way to the significant change we need, neither personally or globally, because the mind is a human tool. While it can enable wonderful problem solving and creativity, it needs a deeper moral and ethical framework as a guide. Without that, we just continue to create that which has developed our global problems in the first place, where higher conscience is not the guide, and the results are expressions of greed, selfishness, environmental disregard, and separativeness.

The place to find this higher conscience is in our hearts, where we can tap into the wisdom of our soul, our higher self. There, global and personal care and responsibility meld into one loving and meaningful framework, to guide our lives and efforts to create positive change in our world.

Call of the Heart aims to stimulate your consciousness, deepen your soul wisdom and awaken your heart to enrich your journey. The information is written through conscious intuitive contact with inner wisdom (read more).

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Explore our range of simple practices to help bring your awareness to your heart, to clear impediments from your inner consciousness, and to stimulate your healing and awakening journey.

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