The Forces for Change

[written in conscious attunement]

In the blood red of the night sky, where death and hatred rage, where life shines little, it is only heart that gives the life force to awaken the light that nourishes light. If you want the night to end, the night of human suffering, the night of global terror, the night of earthly trauma, seek the light.

The loudest vibrations in our world are the ripples and waves of lower emotions, magnified into tidal forces by human aggregation, driven by shared intent. Intent for what? Underneath the lower human emotions is one of two drivers: the drive to survive, or the drive to control. Control emerges from the drive to survive, when the human personality has enough development of consciousness to garner its own drive to survive into purposeful plans for a world view involving more than itself.

The intent to control aggregates lower emotions more than any other force

The intent to control aggregates lower emotions more than any other force. The intent to survive is personal, the intent to control life can be personal, but rarely is. Usually it extends to others near and far, and is what coalesces the shared emotions of the many into a tidal wave with great force. All the current wars and conflicts are about control: control of land or ideology, wealth or security.

Through the media, all of humanity is exposed to these forces of the underlying emotions. The lower vibrations of humanity’s existence are magnified, and they shake our world and all within it.

We have to stop this torrent from magnifying further and deeper, for it consumes and dims the light. Many people are striving to end conflicts, to change attitudes, to bring light into the closed and driven minds of the control-seekers, but more is needed. Those who are on the front line of these places of turmoil need greater support of our light. Those swept up in the tidal wave of lower emotions need light to see another world where peace and equity exist for all.

In our world, the ability to gather and strengthen waves of energy is made possible by 1) the volume of the substance of similar vibration, and 2) the amount of intention that can be stimulated to direct that vibration.

If you are struggling to survive physically, emotionally, or mentally, the natural human urge to seek change emerges. This is the powerful urge of life-force, stimulating and awakening intention, experience and thus consciousness. Every individual is on this journey of exploration and discovery of self and the world. Eventually it leads to spiritual awakening and the understanding of the world of causes, the light of soul, from where the lessons of life emerge.

However, our journey is never in isolation from others or the Earth, and this brings us back to the challenging times we face. When the urge to control the forces influencing life extend beyond self, and start to coalesce the intentions of others, this creates another major influence on our personal and global journey.

In our own emotional bubble, we have some influence on others through radiation. Our energy radiates out, and others can perceive it. If our emotions are guided with force through our intention, we can have a greater impact. If our intention aligns with the intention of others, the coalescence of emotion can be huge. This can be positive, such as the elevation of feelings found when people mass together for peace or positive change. But it can also become a wave of heavy and dark energy, if the guiding intent is driven by lower emotions, such as those driving the wars and conflicts of our times.

if we coalesce the finer vibrations of higher energies, they can change the dark night and the tidal force of lower emotions

Suffering and struggling people can be vulnerable, and if others with strong intent can garner these emotions and needs into their vision, the forces are magnified, and the feelings coalesce. The forces of personal intent align and become one. In this magnification of force, the wave of emotion can sweep all before it.

For those who seek peace and equity in our world, these forces of lower emotion and control-seeking intent are hard to witness. They are strong and influential. But every human being has other energies than these, and if we coalesce the finer vibrations of higher energies, they can change the dark night and the tidal force of lower emotions.

Don’t give up.

Put your intent into the coalescence of force for peace, join the millions of hearts who seek that. Let us build the vibration of light that reaches every heart, and disrupts the sweep of the darkened intent to control.

Go to your heart, and send out your intent for peace, truth, equity, sustainability, and be part of the great wave of light for positive change.

Please note:

  • This is written in conscious attunement, and at times may be given directly from an inner source. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.


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