Evolution of Love

Love is the driving force behind the development of consciousness and the evolution of life. Explore this deeper cause and intention behind the great changes happening in our personal and global world, and how this evolutionary force is touching our hearts to energise greater positive change.


What is consciousness in this era of heart awakening? Explore the choices we have that are so important in developing and acting with greater consciousness.


Soul:  get to know this inner resonance of your being, anchored in your heart, shining with your purpose. Your soul is of a finer vibration than your physical self, and exists in the embrace of the Earth’s Ocean of Love, from there infusing you with living light, and guiding your evolutionary journey of consciousness here on this wonderful planet.

The Human Journey

What is this magical path we walk life after life, through all the joys and travails? It is our journey of learning through our experiences and the awakening of consciousness that comes from our soul’s resonance within our heart.


Heart consciousness is awakening in our world, and bringing with it many pressures to change – personally, globally, and everywhere in between. Deepen your understanding of heart, this place within our being, and within the Earth, where we can align with, and be nourished by our soul and the global evolutionary intent.

Living Earth

Our beautiful Earth is a living consciousness, with nature her radiant garment of life – yet she is under so much pressure at this time with the environment, the climate and all creatures threatened. Find insight into your relationship with Mother Earth, which has never been more important, as we are the responsible co-creators who must care and create positive change, so we can all share a sustainable, heart-conscious future.


Mother – existing in the space between stars and atoms, her embracing presence spans Cosmos to our physical world, enabling heart and life to awaken. We need to bring our consciousness to the Mother to awaken this life and heart in our world.


Renewal gives a guide to the conscious choices, practices and experiences for clearing old patterns, essential for walking a path of heart.

Greater Hearts

Greater Hearts are the evolved beings that hold spirit, guide angels, and embrace the Earth. They reach out to us to stimulate our consciousness and awakening hearts, and inspire and guide evolution in this time of great change.

The Law

Spiritual Law defines the path of evolution, and in these times of great change, the Law is changing to stimulate and guide our growth onto the path of heart. The better we can understand the Laws that guide our evolution, the more we can align with our soul’s intent and heart’s journey.