Cosmic Mother: Jesus, Gautama & the Path of Heart

[written in conscious attunement]

In the Cosmos, Mother holds the potential of all that is to be. In the galaxies, Mother holds the promise of all life to come. In the solar system, Mother holds the blueprint for evolution’s grace to unfold. In the planets, Mother holds the birth-print for consciousness in physical life. In physical life, mother holds the genetic and energetic inheritance from generations past, merged with all the other possibilities and potentialities given by the planetary Mother, who in turn holds all that can be absorbed and understood from the great Mother lineage just described.

Then comes the Father impulse:  the force of fire that is pure intent, that ignites the potential held in matter, whatever the level. Then the creative journey begins, where intent interacts with potential, and the journey of consciousness emerges.

Every level of this interaction in our Cosmos is the same, for the goal of life is consciousness in this Cosmic expression. Consciousness is only possible when intent engages with matter to create something different to, yet of, both.

This description of Father and Mother has nothing to do with the male and female sexes in human life. Every human being is a mix of both in their personal embodiment. Some may hold more or less of intent or of life’s potential, guided by personal, racial, national or global karma, and again, irrespective of gender. Some, however, who have trained for many lives and millennia, may be called to embody an intent and imbue a potential that is greater than that of a normal human life. These are beings of great heart and consciousness, who have merged their own spirit’s intent with their human potential, and become adept as beings of transmission – whether from soul and spirit to Earth and humanity, or from the loving Cosmic embrace of higher intent and potential into the heartbeat of Earth herself. These are the beings of great spiritual intent, who shake up the perception of higher light, the consciousness of human life, the reality of earthly existence.

Two great beings are seen in history, who have had this Earth-changing impact:  Christ, and Buddha. Many teachers have followed on from them and expressed their energies of devotion, sacrifice, compassion, illumination and steadfastness in nuanced ways to reach different groups of humanity, but the fundamental impulse for conscious evolution has been created by these two great ones.

Why they stand so brightly in human and earthly history, and impact so many with the pathways they have inspired, is because they embodied an evolutionary intent and earthly potential that was Cosmic in its source. They embodied the next great evolutionary leap for Earth, humanity and all life.

Jesus, who embodied Christ for his mission, brought forth the spiritual impulse of love as an emotional and whole-of-consciousness expression, to stimulate a greater coherence of development in humanity of our shared responsibilities to each other, to Earth. Of course, people already loved and cared for each other, and for nature and Earth, but the impulse that Jesus embodied was to stimulate this to reach its global potential. That is our evolutionary journey, for we, humanity, are to be the conscious expression of Cosmic-Planetary-Solar love in physical embodiment within Earth’s embrace. This is the journey we share with Earth.

Jesus came to stir this awareness, and stimulate the many expressions that followed his incarnation, many of which have become world religions and movements.

Two thousand years later, we, humanity as a whole, are only just starting to understand this impulse as a global and earthly responsibility, and to lift our perception and apprehension of this great stimulus out of the world of personal emotions to the truth of global care. This, Mother Earth has embodied, and the great teachers have sought to evoke with their intentful guidance throughout our lives and collective history.

Gautama Buddha embodied the Cosmic intent of illumination, to bring light into the collective mind of humanity, so that the vibration of soul, and thus higher intention, could resonate in the human consciousness, and open doorways of awakening such that humanity could learn wisdom.

His embodiment came first, because without some illumination of mind, then the stimulus of love in humanity’s emotional self would too easily have been lost in the lower emotions of separativeness and selfishness, as the closed mind still allows today.

These two great brothers brought the Cosmic stimuli of love and illumination, and all the ripples and nuances of light and consciousness these created, into human and earthly reach. Although their embodiments were 500 years apart, in terms of the journey of consciousness they were part of one great surge of intent from Cosmos, enabled by the conscious response from Mother Earth, who enabled that intent to become embodied and enlivened potential – and this has been the milieu of conscious and soul development for humanity for these past few millennia.

Now, another great impulse is descending:  the intent of heart.

Mother holds the blueprint, all the way from Cosmos to Earth in which you and your soul are birthed

Heart as a consciousness cannot be birthed in one ignorant in mind and undeveloped in emotion. However, not all the development of mind and emotion has to be individualised. There are many younger brothers and sisters on the human journey who still have much to learn in these spheres, but we are not upon this journey alone. Earth has also been absorbing these lessons of consciousness, in concert with the great achievements of all the illumined and loving embodiments within humanity, and thus the very milieu of existence into which we and our souls are birthed is changed. Unless you are bound to a driving intent that is contrary to the stimulus of love and illumination of the last two and a half thousand years, you can experience the evolutionary leap into the consciousness of heart by making the effort to be a caring and cooperative citizen of Earth.

Unfortunately, the driving intent to resist the evolution of heart is strong in some, most particularly those who see their life and the world around them as tools for a journey of self-aggrandisement, power and personal gain (that is, greed). They are able to ensnare many younger brothers and sisters in humanity by their use of emotionally and mentally charged intent, when really this is not in alignment with the true intent of conscious development and evolution at all. But it can be compelling.

Nonetheless, the evolutionary stimulus of heart is emerging, for Earth is ready and awakening the potential deep within her being, and Cosmic embrace is embodying through intentful stimuli.

Your job, as a caring citizen of Earth, is to align as much as you can to the truth of heart, and let go of the clusters of emotional tugs and pulls of mind, that hold too much focus on self in isolation from the realities facing our Earth, the world of nature, all her creatures, all of our living planet.

Nothing obsessive or fanatical, for they are entrapped and intensified emotions that do not help. Nothing of mind alone without love, for that is not the consciousness of illumination, and it entraps the creative, evolving mind into a limited box of unillumined, rigid thinking.

No, to be part of the emerging wave of awakening heart, just go there, to your heart, and seek to be guided by love and caring thought in all you do.

You cannot wave a wand and become heart consciousness, but every time you apply yourself to this journey, you awaken more of that emerging awareness within you and within our world. Soon it will become unstoppable, and peace and sustainable life, imbued with illumined love, will nourish all.

Mother holds the blueprint, all the way from Cosmos to Earth in which you and your soul are birthed. This you know deep inside, and the awakening can begin through your own conscious choices, and is made possible by all the lives of training you have already had, learning on the paths of illumination and love, now becoming the path of heart for all.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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