Mother, Heart Flow & the Great Change

[written in conscious attunement]

When Cosmic Mother incarnates, she embodies the force of life that is love. This is the fundamental drive in all matter to seek that with which it can resonate. Without this, there would be no life, no evolution, no journey of consciousness.

Mother holds presence in matter, and this is the undeniable tug from within sub-atomic to human, global to solar and cosmic entities, that is the foundation of the Law of Attraction. This Law defines this inbuilt urge within all levels of substance to seek that with which it resonates.

In our most earthly substance, this expresses through, for example, crystals, gems, and other aggregations and seams of pure minerals within our Earth’s body. All of nature, all its life forms, all humans and angels are built this way, as are planets and stars. The substance has to be aggregated in some way – and that comes down to the inbuilt resonance within the substance itself, that seeks that outside itself with which it can resonate

the force of life that is love … is the fundamental drive in all matter to seek that with which it can resonate

This is Mother’s doing. She embodies this potential, and enables substance to become a vehicle of consciousness where a co-resonant vibration, and thus relationship, is established between the different levels of beingness being incarnated. This is the basis for evolution in our universe at this time.

In our human evolutionary journey to date, most of our learning has been along the line of resonance between our human self and our soul. We have sought to understand how that higher resonance of soul that sounds in our hearts, can guide our human journey with meaning and love. This may be a journey through inner awareness, or through our resonance with another human embodying and teaching with light. Learning and awakening an ability to resonate in consciousness, or at least in acquiescence to the higher light, has enabled our human self to become more imbued with light. Every human has this potential, whether realised (that is, conscious), innate but unconscious, or awakening through life’s journey. This is the gift of the Mother, who as the Earth Kumara has embodied Cosmic Mother’s love within the Earth, to enable her, our, and all life’s evolutionary journey.

As mentioned many times before, Earth and humanity have now reached a major turning point in their relationship. Enough substance in Earth’s physical self, holding the levels of our emotional, mental and physical selves, has achieved resonance and relationship (consciousness) with the higher light that holds meaning and intent for the Great Change to begin. Mother stirs, for now her resonance of love is awakened enough for the next great step to begin:  the journey of flow.

Of course, these are generalities, and seen from a higher perspective. Through human eyes, our world can look far from a place resonant with Mother’s love. War, conflict, and an overbearing expression of the masculine approach of past eras to dominate, control, fight, and plunder the Earth are prevalent. But those few who choose to do this (both men and women) express unresolved human actions from the past. They highlight the great need for change, and many in humanity are becoming more aware, more conscious, and more determined to create and enable this change because of this.

Have hope.

In this Great Change, the force that is love now begins to move. Embodied by the Earth Kumara, this force has enabled us to awaken within, but now as our hearts stir, it must change. Just as it is for a human mother:  from conception she is the one who provides the life-force for her baby through her heart’s flow, but when the evolving baby begins its own heartbeat, then this flow must change and become a harmonious resonance of both heartbeat and flow between mother and baby.

Earth is ready to begin that heartbeat deeper in her body, in harmony with the Earth Kumara who has embodied within and around her to bring her that Cosmic life force. As Earth’s deep heartbeat begins, we, humanity, are key to the awakening of her living flow.

angels embody the pure flow of love directly into nature, such that nature sparkles and vibrates with life’s sheer joy

Earth’s heartbeat circulates her flow of loving intent from her inner bodies of light, through her physical self, and back. Humanity is awakening to become the element of consciousness that enables the flow of love’s intent to guide our physical expressions and actions, and thus the manifestation of love’s intent in our physical world, our Earth. Nature infuses Earth’s heart flow with vitality, brought in large part by the angels who embody the pure flow of love directly into nature, such that nature sparkles and vibrates with life’s sheer joy, and Earth’s physical body is sustained.

Ever does life need both the vitality that is love’s nutritious flow, and the conscious yearning from within that awakens relationships, meaning, and eventually the embodiment of purpose and will, aligned in flow with higher intent, on this ever-evolving journey of life itself.

We, humanity, are like the babe awakening its own heartbeat, in harmony with Mother’s heartbeat – the heart of Earth, aligned with the heart of Cosmos.

Do not despair, for the heart is awakening, and no amount of human mischief, destruction and hatred can change this.

Stay the course, and awaken to your own heart’s flow.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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