The Grace of the Full Moon for Great Change

[written in conscious attunement]

On the special days of the year when the moon is full, not only is the physical ocean of Earth moved, but her Ocean of Love is also drawn into greater movement, her inner ocean of flowing matter in which our souls dwell. Especially at the moments of the great full moons:  those that have been energised in Earth’s aura by the great teachers embodying her Ocean of Love here in the physical world, in particular Jesus Maitreya, bringing the Christ light of love, and Gautama Buddha, bringing the Buddha light of illumination.

It is not that we have not had other great teachers and way-showers upon this Earth, but their role has been of a human spiritual focus, whereas Jesus and Gautama incarnated for both humanity’s and Earth’s spiritual journey. They not only brought insight, wisdom and healing to the human consciousness, but they incarnated an element of christly or buddhic love and light into Earth’s physical body. They gave Earth a profound healing that was not just a rectification of imbalances and a soothing of ills, but an inflow of spiritual life force to stimulate the next global phase of evolutionary growth.

All true healing is a spiritual awakening, even if you are not conscious of it at the time. It is the same for Earth. On her journey of evolution, she has ills and travails, and healing is needed. In time, humanity can become a balanced force for love and light that will enable Earth to be in good health, and that is the harmonic goal of our lives here on this beautiful planet.

The moon draws the substance that flows towards it as it circulates around our planet, and is part of what enables Earth to be a place where life force can incarnate and express in physical, living form. No life exists without movement of nourishment. Without our moon, there would be no tides and very little effect from currents in our oceans, and Earth’s life force would be severely impacted, for it is the movement of water on all levels that gives life – whether ocean currents and tides, the rain and rivers, ice and snow, or our own blood and lymph, or our spiritual nourishment through the light that flows.

In our human consciousness, it is our emotional self that is of a substance that can flow. When people speak of being in the flow, most usually it is an astral emotional experience:  this substance of our beings moves in harmony, enabling all of our expression to be aligned with the flow, and thus it is much more energised. The next level of our human life stream that can move in a flow is the substance of our souls, for souls are born of and live in the Earth’s Ocean of Love – her emotional body. Our souls not only seek to awaken and develop wisdom such that they can nourish us as human beings, but they also have a role within Earth’s livingness. They are part of Earth’s ocean of feeling, and as such they are moved and aligned by greater flows, at least that is the hope.

All souls, being of that Ocean of Love, are of a substance that flows. But it is the development of the soul that enables it to be either a particle that needs to be carried by the sweep of the current around it, or it has developed sufficiently to have resonance with the cause of the flow, and thus its own resonance aids the flow. It becomes a particle in which the resonance sets up a harmonic wave, and thus harmonic movement. A younger, less developed soul does not yet have the refinement of learning and wisdom in its substance, and so it cannot resonate and develop its own harmonic movement, and thus it needs to be carried by the effort of those around it.

The movement of Earth’s Ocean of Love is essential for the nourishment and stimulation of her being, and thus our beings. The stimulus and movement of this ocean at full moon is stimulating to our souls, and spiritually sensitive people will feel this.

The great teachers Gautama Buddha and Jesus Maitreya incarnated to heal Earth, and also to awaken a pathway in her ethers that could continue to hold their resonance for millennia to come, so that others could follow; whether as teachers, to give more out to humanity; or as seekers who could be reminded of this experience of the light and re-awaken their yearning for soul, life after life.

The emphasis on these two great teachers is taking absolutely nothing from the validity of the many other spiritual teachers and traditions that exist. The factual difference is that the Christ impulse, and the Buddha impulse, gave us two major expressions of light for Earth’s sake, and that is our focus here:  the development of human consciousness in the context of the evolutionary path of Earth.

All spiritual and religious teachers and pathways that encourage, teach and enable human kindness, care and love on the path (to better ourselves and our world) are of utmost beauty. But when it comes to Earth’s path, there are only these two great souls that have incarnated in our current era of evolution. Jesus Maitreya incarnated as the soul of love:  love as a flow of consciousness, the flow from soul to soul, human to human, and all in between and to Earth. Gautama Buddha incarnated a great radiance of light, creating ripples of resonance throughout the substance of human and earthly life, as well as in the world of souls.

Thus two stimuli were created:  one, the direct flow of substance; and two, the ripples of resonance creating waves through the substance. These are the two major methods of stimulus in our world, and all spiritual teachings express one or both, otherwise they would not reach the human consciousness.

All awakening needs movement, or else we stay in the familiar, comfortable and static bubble of self. At full moon we have a greater opportunity to experience this stimulus: the Ocean of Love of Earth’s emotional self is drawn to the gravitational pull of the moon, just as our ocean tides are, and so are our emotional bodies. This stimulus can help awaken us, to see things differently, to seek new insight, to open to new understanding. It can also be challenging, because if the substance of our being seeks to move and flow, but part of our being is locked in to fixed patterns, or has become rigid so as to wall-in unresolved experiences, then movement is restricted, and we feel that. But that is what evolution of consciousness is all about:  becoming aware of that which no longer serves the being we are becoming, and that needs healing, transformation and clearing. Then we can put our consciousness to the needed change, and step forward on our journey.

So, the time of full moon is stimulating. The full moons energised around the incarnated lives of Buddha and Christ are not just energising because of the stimulus of flow and movement in our consciousness and soul selves, but they also hold extra stimulus through the resonant pathways and ethers left behind by these great souls. When their consciousness moves, they set up waves of flow and resonance through all the souls they have touched over the ages through their healing and teaching. They send ripples of awakening and loving light into humanity and Earth, through all the places, people and institutions where they have resonated in the conscious journeys of the millions they have touched over the last millennia. Thus the full moons that have been energised by their presence remain energised. They are powerful points of stimulus in our earthly lives, and powerful times of healing for the Earth.

So today, for example, it is the full moon energised by Buddha’s life, known as the Wesak Festival. It is not only a festival of the Buddha and the path he taught, but a call for compassionate action by all towards each other and the Earth. It is a call to seek and act from illumined insight, which itself is more accessible in the light at this time. All the illumined and conscious souls gather to help magnify this great moment, where the Buddha light is energised on a global scale for this purpose at this full moon – to help the ripples and currents of living, loving light illuminate life on Earth, and awaken our souls and personal selves to become more resonant with that light that nourishes and heals all life.

For those touched by Buddha’s light (in this life or in past lives), it can be easier to experience this grace; but most have had a touch of it at some time on their path, and all can seek to resonate with the purpose with which this festival is energised:  the awakening of consciousness to the path of choice and harmlessness, and to demand a planet of peace. Note that harmlessness is not passivity in the face of dark and destructive deeds.

The other full moons most energised by the great souls are Easter, and the full moon following Wesak known as Asala. Asala is the least known because it holds the promise of a future incarnation of the next great soul to stand upon Earth in 500 years, Maitreya; and because it is of significance in the blood flow of the Cosmic Christ through Earth as a living being of Cosmic love and heart. So it taps into a Cosmic presence that is not so known in earthly journeys at this time, but it will become more so, and certainly as more open their awareness to this reality, it shall strengthen its presence and blessings equally in our lives and within Earth.

The Easter full moon is well known as a point in time around which many Christian festivals are based, but it is not so well known as the festival of light and love that it is. As with Wesak, the great souls gather and lend their loving flow to support Christ, who magnifies that stimulus and flow as an awakening to souls in the Ocean of Love, as an awakening to hearts in the human family, and as a nourishing gift to all of the Earth – for Christ brings love into living flow to sustain Earth, like our blood sustains each of us.

Every touch of a great soul contains love, but the expression and purpose is different so as to draw different souls to them, and to develop different experiences and (thus) wisdom in souls and humans, and thus awaken consciousness.

Buddha and Christ work together – as they always have and always will upon Earth – because they represent the two elements needed for life, flow and light. Without flow we would not live, without light we would not live:  flow of blood, of love, of relationship, of hope; light of the sun, of our souls, of our teachers, of our Earth. 

Both build and enable life and growth, so at these valuable times of full moon, when the ethers are energised, when the hearts of the great souls are focussed together for these events, open your mind and heart.

Add your heartfelt hope for Earth’s healing to be magnified, and be part of the living light that enables the Great Change to awaken conscience and consciousness, so we can create the planet of peace we seek.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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