Love and the Great Change

[written in conscious attunement]

In Mother’s arms, the stars shine brighter,
the dawn rises sooner,
the light enfolds more fully.

Mother is Earth, is life. Father is Spirit, is light. Life and light create heart – the centre of all existence; whether personal heart, angelic heart embracing creatures and nature, national heart or global heart.

The unfolding love of our universe flows through life and light, which manifest through heart.

The unfolding love within humanity rises, spreads, radiates, through heart – and this is the loving light needed on Earth to nourish all.

Life cannot exist without love – it is just form without meaning, capability without reason. Love is ultimately the diviner of choices – life choices can only be made when the loving heart irradiates the plan, the path ahead.

Heart radiates the light of spirit, and pulses love around your being. Heart is where Mother Earth and Spirit Father meet. The creativity of the divine.

Mother holds the love to nourish life, Father brings the light into matter to see and know.

Mother holds Earth and all life, her nourishment fulfils the evolutionary drive of matter itself, when matter is infused with love.

Love and intention, or light, creates vision. Love and matter, in life, creates awareness. Vision and awareness are the blessings that unfold consciousness.

Consciousness is the healing balm of life and spirit in unison, the ultimate merging of two worlds, with meaning and purpose.

Life is inherent in matter, yet without vision it will not evolve much. Matter holds life because that is all it has ever been – the substance of life, from cosmos to the sand beneath your feet.

The great change is a massive leap in consciousness of matter and life, and melding with more light – so to give more meaning, vision, understanding, insight.

Yet to hold that matter infused with light, to be one with that life force Mother now expands in her Earthly garments. That needs change.

Like water flowing down to the sea, matter moves within the laws of the physical world. When more light is infused, it moves according to different laws – like the water becoming clouds, rain, droplets in the air … their movement affected so much by the other elements, such as wind and heat. This is an example.

Matter infused with more light becomes a different substance.

Mother holds that substance, Father brings light, life must change.

The entire milieu of physical life is becoming made of new matter, the matter infused with greater light.

Hence the great change, one of the greatest we have seen in our beloved, beautiful Earth.

That is why you cannot use many of the lessons and patterns of this and many previous lives – the very matter those patterns of thought, feeling and action are built within, is changing.

You cannot move water from the mountain to the village when it is not liquid, but in the air.

So, you must hold on, and learn. There is so much help and support being given – yet without you seeking, knowing, accepting the need to change, it is harder to find.

It is a choice, of love.

We all have so much love to help. You have so much love within your heart. Go there, seek deeply your new awareness, your new beingness, your new consciousness, and become more loving, more light, more conscious, more in tune with our beautiful Earth.

We are all cells within her being, she has said ‘yes’ to this great infusion of light – Mother holds us all as the great descent rains upon us; Father’s light shows the reasons, the way; the nourishment comes from both, in your heart.

Reason, love, matter, light – seek deeply in your heart and the great change shall be an enormous healing, nourishing balm that awakens untold visions of light – and life shall never be the same again.

Never look back.

Rest deeply in Mother’s arms, the great change shall fill your heart with joy, life shall awaken with love, light shall illumine your path.

Rest easy, be and become that wondrous beingness of light and life – love, in a radiant heart beating with joy. Be and become, life shall shine and you become a sparkling star of love for all to love in return.

Love in a loving heart: such grace shall enfold all. Then we shall find the new world is born of Mother’s life and Father’s light, and great loving heart in all.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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