Maitreya is a being of enormous consciousness, a Greater Heart who currently holds the role of Bodhisattva, the great teacher of all. He radiates love and light into the world and into every heart.

He has been actively involved in stimulating conscious awakening through the many spiritual pathways available on Earth, bringing love and wisdom to all who seek. He works with all the Greater Hearts to awaken souls and consciousness, irrespective of religion or spirituality. He overshadowed Jesus when he walked on Earth as Jesus Christ, and it is prophesied he will incarnate in around 500 years to become the next Buddha of Earth, stimulating another great awakening of light and heart in our world. The preparation for his incarnation has already commenced, and many feel his presence as his heart flow descends through the Mother of Light all over the world. He has a physical presence in the Himalayas, from where he sends out blessings to the Earth every sunrise and sunset.

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