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Your Soul’s Touch in the Great Choice

[written in conscious attunement]

In the need of the hour comes the choice – for at this moment soul and personal dharmas coincide, and deep lasting choice can be made. The choice to align and surrender, with determination, to the light and driving force of soul and evolutionary intent. Or the choice to retreat to the small vehicle of personal demands, fears, hopes and dreams.

Evolutionary choice is always a determinant of soul engagement. Even a young soul engages with this, even if for the most part it is usually just at conception, birth and death. For the young personality (evolutionarily speaking) and soul have no need of more stimulus, and these touch points are enough to awaken and reawaken in the substance of both, i.e., soul and personality, with a glimmer of recognition of the other – which is what evolutionary choice is built upon.

Most incarnated souls upon Earth at this time are well past this stage, and thus the opportunity for great and global transformation of consciousness. For there are many souls that can reach out, in the numerous crises of existence that enfold so many –  and with love, create that sacred space, that still point, within which the heart of livingness pulses in an ever-present yet gentle rhythm; to awaken the younger, or older, personality to the choice, and to stimulate in the soul that engagement that brings the down-flow of evolutionary force that is the loving light of Cosmos, shone through the ocean of soul love and the intention of higher beings who know, and held here by Mother Earth who has opened her heart to this loving light of great awakening, and thus to change.

So, the choice. Ever the choice is instrumental in awakening consciousness. Ever the touch of soul to personality, even if like the lightest of feathers, or the gentlest of breezes, is that stimulus.

For how shall you awaken to what is beyond if you have no sense of the beyond?

This is evolution. When the sense of the change steers the young in experience and soul, to see, feel, hear, touch, a different world, and wonder. To wonder is the greatest start to the evolutionary path. Mind and emotions on their own seek their like; to build substance and form, to find certainty, they seek what matches in vibration and direction.

Only the touch of soul can change this – or the great change on a societal, national or planetary scale where all substance is shaken, where old forms are broken, and thus the familiar resonance of like with like, of expected confluence, of comfortable certainty, is changed in the surrounding environment, and the soul and personality are forced to wonder, ‘what comes next?’

Thus, ever, does evolutionary change proceed.

So, when you feel uncertain, listen. Take a pause, and listen for that deeper heartbeat that is brought to you by your soul, that surrounds you in your circumstance, and that is there to nourish you in your seeking and need.

This is the great choice!

Not such a great action required of any one person, but amassed through a nation, a continent, the whole world, it creates a conscious shift that opens the doorway through which so much more loving, graceful intent can flow, and stimulate and nurture more positive change, release more loving intent – and so it goes. The great change takes place.

So, do yours.


Seek that gentle breeze of deeper love from your soul within. Open to the gentle, subtle rhythm of your soul’s heartbeat, reflecting the gracious heartbeat of our Mother Earth.

 Then you have done yours, and your path will shine before you, and greater love will flow through you. No matter the trials of life around you, you have touched that sanctuary of peace and aliveness within, and shall never forget its grace that fills and strengthens you.

Heed the call of your soul, of beautiful Mother Earth, and all will be well in the greatest change for souls and Earth of our time.

Heed the call, rest in the loving touch – even just a moment of time awakens the greatest love in your heart.


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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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