ocean ripples

The Kumaras, Ripples in the Ocean of Love

[written in conscious attunement]

Feel the ripples of my love wash through you,
my love,
the great ocean of love,
and the ripples from the great Buddha Maitreya, who touches my ocean and ripples spread.

Let my ripples flow through you.
I, Mother Ocean,
ripples of love of my being and Maitreya’s presence,
Buddha-to-be, in my arms, my body of Earth.

So we begin, the great descent of Buddhahood, 300 years to penetrate the ethers, 200 years to enter the etheric then to become Earth, then I and Buddha are as one, Earth and great Master, body and soul, existence and oneness.

Oneness with the universe.

Oneness with Solar intent.

Oneness of soul, the existence of life-force, and spirit, the spark of intention that creates.

Oneness, what we as human beings strive for, we hope for – but oneness with what?

Oneness with desires yields emptiness, unless aligned with eternal intention of soul and spirit.

Oneness of mind with the object created by mind? Entanglement in the endless derivative spinning of an unguided capacity to think – for thought and analysis give nought without guidance from the highest source of meaning and reason, soul and spirit.

So, feel my ripples – then you will begin to feel my oneness.

The oneness I achieve with my beloved Maitreya, Christed Master, Buddha in Soul, soon to be Buddha incarnate.

What does that mean?

Earth shall never look back.

For when Maitreya becomes the Buddha of Earth, so the Earth becomes Buddha-infused.

Choice still to be made, yes, but the ethers and body of my beautiful Earth shall resonate on a different note of many hues and sounds, but risen in vibration, and tolerant no more of the ill-advised minds and emotions of selfish greed, materialism and manipulation of matter to  build for self, not for good.

This, my beloved Buddha Maitreya brings, and so we begin.

The time has started. Now feel my ripples of love, the beginning before my ocean waves transform evil intention.

So different from Buddha Gautama, for the great Gautama, my beloved, brought Buddhahood into the ethers of mind, not the physical body of my beautiful Earth. Earth, my beloved, it was not time. For Earth is home to conscious choice, and choice needs options – and if the choice is to see light and love and choose that, then you must see that which is not light and love.

So Buddha Gautama brought light and love to the world of human mind, while at the same time through his incarnation he brought Buddhahood into his own body, and thus the vision and ripples of it to all he saw and touched. And that has given a memory to those graced thus, which they never forgot, and which stimulated the striving for that light. Thus the teaching spread, for humanity needs to embody lightness of mind in order to hold presence of soul in body.

Maitreya through Jesus brought the Buddhahood of love.

Humanity, you have millennia of exposure to the knowing and feelings of light, love, care and compassion from the great teachers and bringers of light – now you need to act accordingly and choose with love and light. You know this!

You know how this feels – awaken it!

You know the resonance of love and light, through great teachers and healers past and present – use it!

Great change is upon us all, we who embody the change within Earth, and you who are the choosers for how this story unfolds. We give the guidance, we who touch and live within this ocean of love, and who permeate this world with grace. We seek a story of grace and love.

The ripples of love are there.

Let them wash through your being, and give heart, awaken hope, and challenge your dark parts. For we all hold the darkened memories and actions of life on Earth, for they are experiences had, but as yet unredeemed, and they must be renewed.

All those old memories and experiences – shake them out and find the lighted way within. We all must do our part to clean up this amazing planet of love to become.

Feel the ripples of my love.

Time is now.
Love, its ripples made of time and intention, the light refracted through my beautiful waters, the purest intent from spirit, the love that washes over you, the greatest soul presence.

Feel the ripples of my ocean, and be still as the storm gathers – for only the darkness and mindless matter shall go, and all of heart-presence shall awaken.

Feel the ripples of my love, be love.

The Kumaras

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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