Conscious attunement

This heart note is written in conscious attunement, where I bring my awareness to the inner realms and seek alignment with the wisdom, love and insight given. Sometimes the input is very visual, sometimes it is a clear auditory message, but mostly it is a clear impression of a concept in consciousness. I sit within the energy embrace I perceive, sometimes with others on the inner levels who help hold the intent and wisdom, and then work to express it in words.

The inner world I attune with contains the diversity and fullness that enables the journey of every heart, so that all travellers can find their path. It is the meeting place of our consciousness and the loving embrace of Mother Earth’s presence, because she is not only our physical home, but the holder of the divine wisdom that guides our evolution, no matter what our path is.

The material is given in short passage, to sound a particular note, explore a concept, or describe an opportunity for conscious development. It is not expressed as the linear, logical or mentally focussed exploration that our minds usually seek, because that is not how the path of heart expresses. Neither is it expressed as a doctrine or a prescription of absolutes, because that is also not the way of the heart. Rather you will find a description of possibilities, amidst the realities and responsibilities of a spiritual life upon Earth, to help you find meaning, knowledge and insight from the breadth and depth of your own human journey, and thus the wisdom to walk your path.

Although I have had over 40 years of training and development in the perception and discernment of information from the inner levels, I always evaluate what I perceive to check it is true, kind, necessary, and the right time to share it. However, I am also on this journey of heart, and like every other expression of spirituality written from the inner worlds, now and throughout history, what I write comes through my human consciousness. This is unavoidable, for that is how it gets to be words on paper or screen. So I ask you to use your discernment and work with what resonates for you, and do not take anything as irrefutable. I urge you to treat all spiritual texts the same way.

Ultimately the journey of heart is your journey to take, and it is your choices that fill your steps with love, light, strength and certainty. So when you read, let what resonates with you be your guide. Read what you choose, and where it rings the bell of awakening in your consciousness, listen, and explore. Where it doesn’t, simply move on.

Ann P. Surya

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