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Moon Cycles, Consciousness and Wesak

[written in conscious attunement]

Full moon is an enhanced time on the journey of consciousness, because it subtly draws the emotional body, in its watery vibration, apart from the mind that resonates more with the sun’s radiance.

At full moon these forces (sun and moon) are on opposite sides of our world, and their strengths pull the different parts of our consciousness in opposite ways.

We are beings of vibration, and consciousness is the journey of exploring this world of subtlety until it becomes familiar. Then you can journey deeper and deeper into the finer nuances of consciousness, and what it means to be a living being in this amazing world of many levels.

At full moon, the physical moon body draws to it the energy of the watery vibration, because it sets up a rhythm that moves water throughout its orbit around the Earth, and we are no less affected than the oceans who express this influence in the daily tides.

In a human being, or any being with emotional consciousness (some animals feel this acutely), the pull on this emotional vibration within causes stresses – and realisations.

Stresses, because if the emotional body is very tied up in the forms and patterns of set ways of being, or rigid thought patterns that hold the emotional energy tightly, then the pull on that emotional energy to move freely with the lunar movement creates a sense of stress. When extreme, this can manifest as the phenomenon once known as lunacy.

At other times of the lunar cycle, the pull of the moon is not contrasted so strongly with the solar pull, and the pressure is not felt as acutely, if at all.

The positive side of this pull on the emotional self is that it helps awaken new consciousness.

Your emotional body moves, perhaps releases from some of the confines and attachments of fixed patterns and mental rigidity; and there can be no other result than new experiences through that freed emotional vibration within our being!

The moon cycle permeates our worldly journey, and only the most distracted or rigid don’t feel it.

Most can, though, especially when giving quiet, reflective time to perceiving what is experienced within.

Stressors from the movement of emotions into more conscious apprehension, and release from our structures and patterns of thought and feeling, are challenges, of course. But then you go to your heart and find that quiet place of harmony that everyone has within.

Heart is a place where the higher watery sphere of consciousness, your soul, can hold stillness. Soul is always still, to us in the physical world, so it is a sanctuary of loving kindness (to ourselves and others), to which we can and need to retreat when times are challenging. It is not a blanketing, dulling stillness like alcohol and other drugs can create, for it is all about unfoldment of consciousness. But when you feel stretched from pillar to post, let your soul’s love in your heart give you that peaceful sanctuary from where you can feel the stretch, yet also feel whole, for your soul encompasses all of you.

None of your being is outside the embrace of your soul, it is simply a matter of learning and discerning that feeling and awareness so you can also find the balance and harmony of your journey. It will never dull the lessons of consciousness though, so do not expect soul to return your perceptions and experiences to where you stop growing, but it can give you that perspective that helps you feel whole on the journey.

Because of the effects of full moon on consciousness, it is used for many festivals that also align with the great solar rhythm through our year.

Wesak is known as the festival of Buddha, a time of great golden light, celebrated at the full moon of May with much ritual and blessing on the inner levels, and similarly in some places in the outer world.

Wherever you are in the world, this festival time offers an opportunity to grow.

Golden light blesses with insight, wisdom, realisation … and always love.

Wesak comes after the April full moon, often aligned with the Christian tradition of Easter. This full moon brings the rising light of Earth’s heart expression from the deep inner of Earth into the more easily-felt and perceived light of life. As this light rises, it lifts our consciousness. This is why Wesak follows; for ever the descending light of the Buddhas is given in response to the yearning human and Earthly consciousness, lifting and seeking higher understanding and love.

April full moon helps the consciousness lift and seek, May full moon invites the Buddhas’ golden light to descend and touch – to illuminate the path and choices ahead. Choice is ever the human engagement needed on a path of consciousness. This golden light illuminates higher choice options, those of the bigger, soul-focussed picture.

Take the journey of consciousness as you move through these lunar cycles and festivals. Let your awareness give you insight as to what choices will nourish you as an evolving human being and soul, and bring more harmony into your inner awakening.

If you feel stretched, do not recoil; seek insight. The pull is to stimulate emotional and hence mental consciousness, so you can become freer in your personal self, to move with the journey of soul, and give with more love from your soul, through your dharma upon Earth.

A time to celebrate!

Seek your open heart, and bask in the loving light, especially the golden embrace pouring down at this time.

Love will always find a way.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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