Wesak is a festival celebrating the life and ongoing blessings of the male and female Buddhas who continue to aid life and consciousness on Earth. It is an opportunity for humanity to sound a collective call of the heart for light and love to heal our world, as the Buddhas open the pathways of resonance that enable more light to be given and received. This festival occurs every year on the full moon of Taurus, with many rituals and celebrations held the world over in the Buddhist tradition. There is also a significant ceremony held with Greater Hearts and other beings of light in a hidden location in the Himalayas, to enable the major down-flow of golden light and consciousness that the Buddhas bring to humanity to touch our physical world each year.

Wesak is the second in a sequence of three very important spiritual festivals held every year, commencing with the festival of the Rising Light at the full moon of Aries, and concluding with the festival of Asala on the full moon of Gemini. See also Asala, and Wesak and the Call of Your Heart.

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