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Heart, Initiation and the Earth Path

[written in conscious attunement]

I come, Mother’s embrace, to heal, to soothe. I come with the wind, with the rain, the sun – the blessings of nature.

Dear humans, nature is your greatest healer, because there you love Earth, and Earth nourishes you.

This I facilitate.

Mother’s embrace:  the love of she who gives birth to life is never lost. Mother Earth never ceases to love humanity, whom she has birthed. Mother holds and nourishes. Mother uplifts and comforts. Mother disciplines and guides.

Mother – Mother Earth, becoming a conscious force interacting with global human consciousness like never before; for now it is a conscious step Earth and humanity must take together.

Like the unison of soul and personality, in the great unfoldment of consciousness of the first great initiation, signifying lessons of consciousness learned.

There is a global shift unfolding because Earth and enough, nearly, of humanity have joined voice, heart and yearning for positive, conscious change. Now we prepare for the first great initiation to be bestowed upon the Earth and that group within who have chosen and have developed enough in soul.

Never before has this occurred, but it is part of the evolution of consciousness on Earth, which is a deeply Earth-centred journey. On Venus, from where many of the Greater Hearts that guide us have come, the path of initiation was not engaged with the physical planetary substance, because conscious growth at its densest level of vibration was astral (emotional).

Here on Earth, the vibration of physical matter herself is part of the journey of consciousness. This is why the Way of the Heart is a journey into the Earth, not away and up into the celestial worlds. Why the great path of mastership involves great Earth service.

Why the next step for humanity taking this journey is to love Earth. For only in deepening that relationship can you truly find heart. Only in feeling, truly, deeply feeling, your alignment and oneness with beloved Mother Earth, can you grow in consciousness and help co-create a peaceful, loving earthly home for all.

It is unique in our solar system:  of all the places where consciousness develops, which are many, this is so unique.

Yet so many people harbour illusions of mental grandeur, where mind is king, or queen – the dominator and ruler. But mind cannot rule Earth, only learn and align with her.

Only in soul can you participate in the planning and conscious co-creative direction we take as a global and earthly community.

But as consciousness of Earth has developed, now you can find soul within her heart. For there also have Maitreya and Maitreya’s Mother, Mother of Earth Yasodhara, taken up home. There, hearts are already as one, and together with Earth heart, they call, “Come to Earth, come to heart.”

What does this mean?

Go deep, not up.

Go into the Earth, not up.

Go through your body, not your mind.

Go through nature, not words.

Go through life’s radiance, not spirit’s light.

Of course spirit’s light is nourishment for all, but it is not the path now.

Now, take the deep path. Enough of human past has been cleared, at least shaken loose, and the pathway is possible.

The great cosmic angel, the Spirit of Resurrection has worked tirelessly since 1955 on this: the redemption, loosening and release of what hinders our human relationships with Earth.

Now it is for you, humanity. The path is there. You can feel the loving light of Mother Earth, and her deep, embracing heartbeat; if you take time and focus your awareness to do so.

This is now possible.

But the astral worlds have not been cleared; for that is the vehicle of choice for many: choice of path, and of heart.

Mind cannot choose this, it does not resonate with heart, but nourishes any choices you make when you so align.

Humanity, it is yours to choose.

The deep heart of Earth is radiant and pulsating, vibrating beneath your very feet – if you choose to notice. That pathway to heart is there.

You have the tools to make the choice.

Once engaged and committed to the journey of heart in loving connection to Earth, your soul flows unhindered between you and Earth heart as the pulse of life-force that brings untold love and consciousness, and awakens into untold worlds. Then the first great initiation can become part of the conscious milieu of global heart, and all who open to heart can be drawn into that new consciousness.

We, humanity, Earth – one, beautiful, radiant heart in a world of beauty, harmony and consciously chosen peace.

Take the step. Feel my, our, heartbeat beneath your feet, through your bones, in your own heart, and make the choice of consciousness that you know is yours to make.

Become a radiance in the one heart, you will shine, and all will shine.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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