Love Earth

Love Earth to Nourish Your Heart

[written in conscious attunement]

See the Earth with discerning eyes.

Really see – see past the needs of your personal life, for your needs can only ultimately be met in relationship with Earth. To seek the fulfilment of needs without the reciprocity of a knowing, understanding relationship will destroy both. We see much of this today.

People relate to their concrete cities, bricks and mortar, pavements and offices, paper and computers – but what reciprocity is there with these things? They are constructed. They have no life force of the Earth within them. They may hold beautiful or awful energy according to the energies human beings build up in these false relationships, but in and of themselves, they do not hold the loving, embracing and nurturing light of the living Earth upon and within which we live.

In our relationship with these things of no-life, we can never be satisfied. Perhaps you have partnerships and family relationships that are nourishing – that is beautiful – but none of these relationships can replace our human need to relate to the world of consciousness that is our Earth, with all that she gives to us in that relationship.

Ultimately, we come into a life on Earth to learn and fulfil a journey that is mutually defined by our souls and Earth’s soul. We are not able to, in fact cannot, just drop in to life on Earth at our will. And when we do incarnate, it is with mutual obligations. They may take some lives to become balanced, but the starting point is to realise that you cannot just take – because you owe Earth your gifts in your relationship with her.

Fulfilling your dharma, which is your purpose as a relationship of your soul with Earth, is unbelievably satisfying because when you do this, you fulfil the ultimate gift of relationship, which is the sharing between hearts, which invokes soul love, and planetary love, to nourish, guide and fulfil you.

I say unbelievable because most do not find themselves able to relate to the Earth. Most do not even think of her – so the merry-go-round of searching and dissatisfaction continues, until the searching and yearning breaks down the false attachment and relationship with things, and the consciousness awakens to the living, loving embrace within which we truly do live upon Earth.

Ultimately, conscience and suffering penetrate the un-living ways of habit and false need (materialism), and awakening occurs.

But we need it so much more rapidly now – which is the responsibility of all with consciousness to grasp this need of the hour.

You don’t need to have any special skills or space – every heart, when awakened even the smallest amount, knows and feels the relationship with Mother Earth, for every heart is created in the loving relationship between soul and Earth.

The connection is never broken, although those who choose consciously to ignore this mutually-obliging relationship for life after life, even though aware of it, will build a stone-walled heart which is a great sadness for soul and Earth.

For the un-cemented heart though, which is most, the actions are simple: find how you can give your love and gratitude to the Earth, and open the door to that magical flow of love that is unstoppable.

Stand on the Earth with bare feet and feel her, send love to her – and feel the love in return. Look at your fresh food, and give thanks. Let wonder lift your gaze to the embracing green of trees and plants, to the inspiration of the deep blue skies, the stars, the sun as she rises and sets, the moon. Even if you are enclosed in a concrete city, there is always something of Earth’s loving presence in your environment, for life cannot be sustained without it. Even the water from a tap – where does it come from? Not the local water storage, it comes from the Earth. It comes as her gift, and if we give love back for these gifts, and build relationship to her by increasing our consciousness of this connection, love will grow.

The love that nurtures all life, which guides our journey to a fulfilling place, where we can honour our relationship with this loving planet that gives us life.

Only then can we truly make the choice to evolve as souls upon Earth. You cannot awaken heart fully, without relating to Earth’s heart.

Many spiritual teachings, in their un-corporatised and non-doctrinal interpretation, hold and guide you in this relationship with Earth. For every true religion or spiritual path (ie, those dedicated to the evolution of soul and harmlessness in action) is inherently part of Earth’s loving expression, and is built upon the realisation of the soul-Earth relationship.

This is the path forward, made by a choice in consciousness, enacted by choice of conscience, informed by heart awakening, started by feeling and knowing your relationship with our beautiful planet.

Start now: stand on the Earth, feel her heartbeat, nourish yourself with her gifts – and love her back, with your care for our collective future and sustainable, environmentally responsible choices.

Then life unfolds in all its beauty and joy – as it does in any truly loving relationship.

Be in love with the Earth, and your heart will sing.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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