The Rise and Flow of Heart Consciousness

[written in conscious attunement]

When you rise in consciousness to feel and see your soul, and then choose the heart path, you need to return through all you have become, life after life, eon after eon. All that you are will meet you on your heart path, but that is good! Bring your consciousness with you, and revisit your journey with love, forgiveness and transformative intent. This is renewal.

You return to what you are made of, physically, emotionally, mentally – not to dwell, but to complete.

For the heart to flow, the storage shelves must be clear. The boxes of tightly-lidded memories need to be discarded, revitalised into new matter and substance to be used anew. The locked doors to unforgiven past need to be opened and light flooded in. The cemented forms built in the certainty of eons past need to be broken up and dissolved.

This is the path of heart, and why renewal is the journey to take.

See yourself on this journey, in this flow – for you are there. All who stay on Earth in this time of transition shall take this journey, in one level of consciousness or another.

You see, to take the heart path you do not need to be a highly illuminated being, conscious of soul.  You need only to want it enough to face who you are through your past. Less past, less to face. You can have taken a short journey of lives on Earth, yet still have developed that inner yearning for the peace we all want on Earth. For the equanimity, the honesty, the wholesomeness, the caring and loving nurture all life needs.  When you yearn for that, your soul can nourish you, and bless your gaze with the vision of the path of heart.

For those who do not yearn for this in any way, soon the time of frivolous disregard of the evolutionary imperative will be over, and choices must be made. If they are not made in personal consciousness, soul shall choose – and that will be either to stay and force personal change (that is difficult karma), or leave the Earth to join the journey of evolution in a place where the yearning and need for heart is not pressing, yet.

It is all a choice. But it is not a choice reserved for high spiritual development. Anyone with an Earth-focussed conscience can choose. Anyone who cares about their fellow human and non-human beings can choose. Anyone who loves and cares for nature can choose. And if you choose, then you already have the nourishment and will within you to take that path back through your journey of becoming, to reintegrate with heart and your lessons of life and lives past.

Nothing to fear. The whole evolutionary focus of Greater Hearts, helping angels and human souls is aligned with this journey; for it is the journey of consciousness on all levels, in all kingdoms of life, and within Earth herself, and cosmic nourishment flows thus.

This is all part of the great rhythm of life that now manifests through the Earthly path that is heart. At first, physical incarnation is an experience and a learning of matter, emotion, mind, then a manipulation of those spheres, until conscience evolves and soul nourishes the path, from which consciousness flowers forth and irradiates your personal space.

The flow of evolution has pushed development from matter upwards to the finer vibrations of consciousness. Now the flow cycles back, down through the layers, to nourish the Earth path and awaken heart – for heart consciousness can only exist in flow. Cyclic flow of experience, of soul, of light, in and out of your beingness; cyclic flow of light and love in and out of Earth as a whole, and all of us within her sphere.

The uprising consciousness is Earth and human spirit calling, drawing forth the spark of light within to rise and explore, to yearn and seek the lighted worlds of the inner life. Now that enough hold this perception within Earth and humanity, the universe responds.

Cosmic love descends, the bloodflow of loving heart, formed as the great cosmic angel, the Spirit of Resurrection, flowing from Sirius, the cosmic heart, into our world of consciousness and matter.

The flow is with us, to choose to return to the consciousness of Earth, to feel her matter, her heartbeat, her life force, and thus reconnect with our own, and with our oneness with gracious Earth our Mother.

Thus, the journey of heart. Knowing is done, as an evolutionary step of its own destiny. Now, beingness with Earth is key.

Take all the conscience and consciousness you have gained, and hold it as a beacon to guide you – and step back into the substance of Earth, as a radiant being. Spirit of Resurrection flows with you, and nourishes with the loving force of will that clears your way.

Call upon this majestic being for your journey, face your unfinished lessons and stored memories with heart and hope.

Light is with all who so choose, and thus we return consciousness to the Earth, for that is where heart dwells and where we become beings of heart consciousness, and contribute to Earth and global heart consciousness.

This is the pathway to peace. The fulfilment of the yearning you feel inside, the longing you can barely voice, yet that rises with hope like the sun on the horizon for the new day: the day of realisation, the day of peace, the era of grace, the radiance of loving kindness.

It is here in the ethers of intention. Together we make it so. Take your journey, retrace your steps with loving presence, take your wisdom deep into the heart, and be the shining, radiant heart you are.

Start in Your Heart!

Start in your heart

To awaken and strengthen your connection to your deep, inner heart, try our Free Start in Your Heart attunement (just 6 minutes), or our Deep Heart attunement for a longer experience.

Start in Your Heart!

Start in your heart

To awaken and strengthen your connection to your deep, inner heart, try our Free Start in Your Heart attunement (just 6 minutes), or our Deep Heart attunement for a longer experience.

Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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