Heart Song of Mother Earth

[written in conscious attunement]

I come through the song of the Earth.

I, Mother of Earth, sing through her ethers, her rocks, soil and oceans, in harmony with her sounds:  her sounds of the living life of spirit all the way down into this most material world.

I sing, and the Earth moves. The Earth sings, and I embrace. The Earth sighs, and I send love. The Earth awakens, and her sounds of love merge with my voice of creation, and terra luminosus evolves. The Earth of light. The Earth of love. The home of heart to be. The awakening of life in the merging form of angels and humans, light and earthly substances.

Thus, the great song I sing with my Sister of Light, Cosmic Light, who challenges the forces of creation to awaken. Awaken! Now is the time!

I respond with beautiful Earth. Awaken, I shall! I am heart and breath, life force and incarnation. I am ether and matter. I am Earth. Beloved planet in our universe, beloved home of heart, beloved focus of giant streams of light and love.

I sing through the rumble of Earth and thunder, through the waves of water and wind. I sing, and nature hears me. I sing, and my resonance stirs your heart – for are you not of Earth? Of her waters, sky, earthly substance and spirit? This is my call.

I respond to my Sister.

Our songs merge soon, to complete the Great Change – eons in the making, but some time is still yet to pass for enough conscious choice to empower the greatness of love to hold those unable to see, feel, hear my voice, my Sister’s voice.

Hear my voice in the subtle change of your heartbeat, the nuance of your perception, your awakening at the edges of what you know and believe. For that is where I dwell: in the almost unknown.

For my dharma is to bring you to Earth heart, where you also find your own heart, and cosmic heart, and soul meaning. I dwell where you seek without knowing, where you yearn without shaped wishes, where the longing within your heart stirs you to take pathways unknown, yet so familiar.

I am the nudge that guides your first step. I am that whisper that comforts and subdues uncertainty. I am the caress that soothes fear, the embrace that inspires strength.

I am the heartbeat that, when you open to your journey, resonates with your heartbeat to give you unfailing strength.

For I am Mother Earth, who welcomed you as a babe of souls, who has held your heart in love while you grow life after life. Who has tilted your gaze when the past beckons, yet without meaning, so you could see the new horizon.

I am this for all incarnating souls, animals too, for I am of the Earth, her consciousness, her song.

I sing in harmony with my Sister of Cosmos, for then we align the great flows of evolution – not the small evolutions of souls and creatures, but the great evolution of planets and stars! That is our work, yet all life is  part of this great unfoldment.

So I sing to you, dear human, to help you remember why you came to Earth. Why you chose to stay. Why you walk your path. How you shine in this world.

I call through your hearts, and awaken through your eyes and ears, so you can see, hear and know my life force, and be one with this Great Change of Cosmic and global happening.

Hear my heartbeat and you are in my embrace. See my wind, my waves; hear my thunder, my birds; be of my Earth, beloved Earth, and shine and sparkle as of soul and spirit, only seen so brightly when present with loving intention in earthly realms.

Be the shining ones. Hear my voice and sing the sound of your heart in my beautiful world and planet of love to become.

Sing, heart of loving intention. Sing, heart of awakening evolution. Sing, heart of Earth and Spirit! For that is what is within you, and the song is of creation itself.

I sing that song with my Sister of Cosmos, and Earth hearts awaken.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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