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Earth Deepens Your Heart

[written in conscious attunement]

In the Earth’s rhythms, you can find your life.

In the rhythm of your heart, you can find yourself.

Identity is a sacred gift of individualisation – the journey of soul evolution. But what identity?

Identity created by things, advertising, media, other people – that is not you, and within that, you won’t find soul, and therefore meaning.

Identity is found through your own heart. There you start to find the true you, the individuated soul in incarnation, full of gifts to give and receive.

When you start to identify with the Earth, as your body and the consciousness you are part of as a physical human being, then you start to walk the path of consciousness, and life itself has meaning. Karma and dharma will guide you, and your journey as a human soul becomes that radiant exploration of consciousness and service that holds such joy for us all … the Greater Hearts and Earth who nurture, hold and give hope to each soul embodying in this beautiful world.

Even grief, loss, and the greatest of challenges hold light in them, when you take that path, with heart; because in your heart you know truth, and it gives you strength. Because in your heart you sustain hope, and that awakens your awareness, showing you the bigger picture and the vital part you play, with every choice, action and intention.

This is the path of heart.

A deep path, of deep relationship with Earth, our Mother consciousness, enfolding all.

This is the way of consciousness in this coming era. For Earth is ready, and human consciousness, en masse, is awake enough to perceive.

The two suns rising are our golden sun, and the glowing, rising rose light within Earth herself. Her inner heart is shining, and we work from there. Her heart is expanding, touching all.

Those in conflict of conscience and consciousness can take an easier path because the way becomes easier to see, and therefore to feel and know. Conflict arises when choices seem of equal value; but when the light shines more strongly, it is clear which choice unfolds with heart.

Those of undeveloped conscience and consciousness will flow along with the many.

Those of developed intent but in denial of soul and Earthly conscience, these humans are the most pressured, and we see today both beings, and the corporate and government structures they hold in place, reacting to that pressure.

We all have some aspects of our being that hold fast to the past, to a wished-for reality  based on self not Earth, on personal not soul intent, on inward-focus, not on self within the greater picture and responsibility of life on Earth.

Always it is a choice. And Earth has made hers, and greater light emerges as her heart awakens more and more consciousness, and thus light, and she shines that into every human path.

We work with her great heart, to strengthen and heal, to magnetise and radiate, so that greater heart can be found by all.

Choose your heart, to guide your inner and worldly journey.

Choose the Earth path, to awaken your conscience and soul, in this era of the path of heart.


So much can change when you take a conscious step; and that can be as simple as saying it within. Choose heart. Want it. Yearn for the life it can give you: a life of relationship to soul and Earth, nourished by the river of love that fills every heart that chooses so.

Then you step forward in the world of challenge and change with that guide to help your choices:  the light, your soul, Earth’s heart. All are present as a vibration, a touch that you can see, feel or know, and can then nourish your choices with this deeper intention.

Then you walk a path of meaning, in a loving journey with Mother Earth and your fellow beings in this world.

It all comes to the choice and connection of heart – your heart, Earth heart.

Know your heart through your choice and wish to go there.

Know your life by your choice and wish to know Earth, loving, embracing Mother Earth, who feeds and holds you here in this world of beauty to become. Know and feel her rhythms, and yours become real and meaningful.

Watch the sunrise and sunset and be one with that grace.

Feel the shift of Earth through the seasons, and know that journey of lifeforce in your experience.

Don’t just notice night and day, cold winters, hot summers. Feel them, relate to them, embody them as part of the rhythm of life, your life, Earth life – and meaning, heart and love will deepen.

Priorities will change, choices become easier. Life will still have challenges for that is the path of development: to stretch and grow consciousness and love. But you no longer walk the circuitous path of confusion and feigned ignorance, going round and round in the same circles of what you have already learned, until you build a wall of confinement made of your own self-assessment and unwillingness to evolve.

It is simple. Start with the choice – the choice of heart, deep heart, the one within you, within the Earth, that truly holds the presence and meaning of loving grace.

Then you walk in freedom, and love will guide your way.

Start in Your Heart!

Start in your heart

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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