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Your Loving Choice at Solstice

[written in conscious attunement]

In the pulse of life, there is always stillness, and flow, for all life in our universe is centred around heart – the vehicle for life in our eon.

Pulse, the flow, brings movement.

Stillness, the pause, brings depth.

So with every pulse, whether of cosmic heart, human heart or earthly heart, silence erupts with beauty and joy, then deepens to the stillness within, then bursts forth again.

The cosmic heart nourishes planets and solar systems. Our Sun holds solar heart and nourishes earthly life. Our Earth holds deep consciousness and evolutionary flow for all within her embrace.

The conscious vehicle for heart is a christed being – Christ or Bodhisattva, a being dedicated to becoming heart.

Our earthly Christ is Maitreya. Then there is one of heart in the Sun, but we are not permitted to know more, for that energy is for planetary, not human apprehension. Then there is Cosmic Christ, the life-giver of our planet, and this is the pulse we feel with attunement to Earth’s life-rhythms.

Each year this pulse descends, giving loving light to Earth, drawn deeply into her heart at December solstice, circulating and bursting out to nourish consciousness at June solstice.

In December, the flow goes deep into her heart, and with that flow we may go too: to our own deep heart, to Earth’s deep heart, with the inflow of life’s force and blessing, to fill our hearts, Earth heart.

In June, the outflow reaches its final expression:  all that was held, nurtured and realised in heart shines out into the world – into your own world, into Earth’s world, and the radiance illumines the consciousness attained, and love shines in all its colours and brilliance.

Christ of Earth, Maitreya, guides, nurtures, and in some situations embodies that Cosmic Christ for us, for Earth. That is the role of this christed Master, soon to be expressed as feminine Christ. But not much will change in the duty and expression of the Cosmic Christ, whether through male or female embodiment on this earthly level.

It is a flow of nourishment, a circulation of love – and love is the greatest force of evolution, being as we are in an era of evolution where love is both the highest attainment of conscious growth, and the fullness of the milieu in which consciousness lives as planets and suns.

As this loving flow reaches out into its fullness of expression for June solstice, what do you choose?

Do you let it move through you in the fullness it seeks, or are old patterns limiting, restricting, confining – or even blocking? Of course they are – we are human, we are beings of form, and our consciousness is structured in the forms that we are. But we can choose to open, to release, to surrender, to be free in this radiance of loving light.

Ever it is a choice. Even though in the heart you cannot stop the flow in and out, for that is life, you can affect how it expresses, and thus how it manifests.

We have been through great upheavals these last months. What do you realise from that journey? What do you see differently in that journey? What do you seek more ardently now, in your presence of being?

What do you wish for in our deep Earth, in our outer world expression of civilisation, culture, environment … ?

Now is the time to gather intent, to garner your wishes and hopes into the expression you most want to energise in this last movement of life and light to the outflow’s peak; so that your consciousness is opened, aligned and cooperative with this flow, with your deep inner choices and flows.

Thus, you set in motion the deep rhythm of life force through your intentions, and you become a conscious vehicle of choice and evolutionary unfoldment – whatever colour, quality, manifestation is yours to give.

Christ Maitreya blesses you at December solstice and at the Asala full moon festival, as part of the evolutionary nourishment gifted every year to Earth and all life in their mutual embrace.

Now it is your choice, how to manifest.

Choice is the defining aspect of conscious development in the milieu of love: for the pulse of life flows or does not – the ultimate choice. Ultimately, it is life we are choosing:  shall we nourish life in joy, in equanimity for all, in Earth care, through nourishment physical and inner? Or constrain life to forms of the past: our consciousness structured around an old world, an old way of being, an un-living life captured by what was, not what is, nor helping what is to become.

Life, love, flow and stillness – these are the core of a conscious life.

Choose your expression, that lets life flow, love radiate, joy express, justice prevail – the justice nourished by freedom in the light of soul, and the love guiding the evolution of souls and humans.

In the stillness of the coming solstice, give your all, in love, and be ready for the following inflow to nourish another year of growth and change, so needed in our world yearning for peacefulness, radiant in the diversity and joyful evolution of life itself.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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