Hope waves

Cosmic Angels Flow Solstice to Solstice

[written in conscious attunement]

Now, we descend.

The great outbreath has been expended, and we gather all the blessings, intentions of goodwill, love and care in our arms, and descend.

Solstice to solstice we flow, for we are angels of the cosmic blood: the flow of life-force itself; that force that ignites the heart spark in every soul, in every human, in every angel, in every evolving and conscious life. We are that flame of life, of light, that both illumines and inspires, that nourishes and provokes, that soothes with the balm of love yet burns with the fire of transformation.

We are Christ’s angels, the Christ of evolutionary consciousness, of cosmos, worlds, suns and stars. We are the angels of life itself, and we flow relentlessly, tirelessly, from solstice to solstice as the heartbeat of consciousness within Earth herself, within cosmos, in all spheres.

Within Earth, we draw those with us who choose the journey of consciousness. We take you with us, breathing out with Earth, breathing in with Earth; pulsing out, pulsing in. The flow of life is what we are, and what you can become when you surrender to soul.

All souls incarnated upon Earth, whether physically or in the inner worlds, but mostly those in physical embodiment, shall have the choice to respond to our flow.

This is how you grow consciousness of Earth care under the Law of the Heart. For to stay upon Earth in the Age of the Heart that is now pre-dawn in its awakening, you must align with global heart.

Humanity, yours it is to choose this alignment, at least in sufficient quantity of consciousness so that the great sweep of our loving wings of light may flow in concert with humanity’s will, when the choice is made.

Then the magnitude of life force increases many-fold, and true love flows.

We cannot bring cosmic love to bear upon Earth in her human-personal spheres, for there are too many unredeemed pockets of darkness, hidden corners of grief and guilt that need to become conscience: locked-away containers of greed and self-centredness that need to be relinquished, tightly bound prejudices toward others, the Earth, the light, which need to be untangled and unravelled.

This is the journey of consciousness, and when you align with our flow of light and life, our wings shall caress your being with love, and support your choices so they become easier.

Choice opens the door, then all can flow!

Choice in this era is of flow, it is not incremental like it has been with the presence of light. Step into the flow and you are in it, and moved along with it. Step into the light and you can step back. In the flow, you can never step back to where you were. This is a massive step forward in the speed with which evolution of consciousness can unfold.

So, we come, angels of cosmic love and force, and we bring the love that magnifies, that nourishes, your choice.


In the flow, life is nourished by heart. Different, yes, but it is the nourishment you yearn for when you awaken that part of you that is your heart consciousness.

No matter the substance of mind or feelings anymore – go straight to the heart and let that be your starting and choosing point for all your life’s exploration and richness.

Here, we love. Here, we bless. Here, we help you step into that greater flow that is Earth’s heartbeat – solstice to solstice we flow. Heart awakens. We flow.

Descending now to December solstice, with all the light you, humanity, and all creatures of consciousness have let burst forth from your hearts in these last months. We take those gifts, wishes and hopes and magnify them with cosmic love, the blood of life that can only flow where wishes and hopes align.

Now, these flows are intended for the human consciousness, not just the being of Earth herself, this is part of the Great Change.

This is why it matters so much how you share and express your love and light through your hopes and will for a better world of care.

Every act of care sends out light, and we magnify that, to bring it up to the highest realms of earthly consciousness for the June solstice, to amass all that goodness of intention, and then draw down into the Earth sphere the equal but cosmic inflow of loving light to magnify those intentions.

This is now our journey:  to bring this magnified light and love into what you hoped for, wished for, willed for; where it aligns with the loving unfoldment of all life in consciousness and loving care.

This is your task too. Open to the magnified light now reaching down into your conscious self. Open to our love, and let the flutter of our wings caress you with the hope that awakens heart, more heart.

Then we flow through your heart, all hearts, opened in balance and earthed in embodiment, and all life benefits. The flow is magnified in every heart for your personal intentions do that.  That is what consciousness is about.

As you know, perceive, understand – you become a magnifier of light. Not that it becomes greater per se, but it is no longer limited, constricted, held back, dulled, by the resistant unconscious.

So, lend your heart in balanced loving care to our flow of loving light, and we all share in the utmost love, that in alignment with all the Greater Hearts, from Earth mastership to Cosmos and all the great beings that live and move within her grace.

Such it is.

Be in heart in balance, and journey with us in light.

Renew your intentions for Earth, for now we descend with Earth intention from Cosmos, with your intentions from within Earth, plus her heart’s will, and great change can unfold.

We come on golden wings with love in rainbows, for we are the living light that sustains planets and stars, gifted from Cosmic Heart.

Here we are, in presence with you, and we flow to the deep heart of Earth, with you now, to reinvigorate the living, loving heart within matter, so that all beings may be infused and embraced with Earth and Cosmic love – the great presence that is living light in unfoldment.

We are here. Flow in harmony with us and take the journey – our loving embrace enfolds you all.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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