Heart blessing Earth

Blessing in the Still Point of Solstice

[written in conscious attunement]

Sink into the deep, deep stillness of this moment: solstice, the pause in Cosmic heart flow, the still point in Cosmic heartbeat. Where all that is known and has been, is gathered into the presence of the heart, there to be irradiated, evaluated, enlivened with Cosmic oxygen, which is love. The love that is will, the will of spirit – Cosmic, Solar, or personal, it does not matter. Your level of soul development and conscious attunement enable the greatest, deepest touch of this utmost life force that is the most beneficial for you.

Will-Love is the perfect love that creates evolution: the love that magnetises matter to draw it home to spirit, in consciousness. The love that infuses matter, to become a resonant presence for heart, so that Cosmic oxygen, Solar love, and personal self-determination can express. It all starts from the still point: the place and space where everything living in the Universe is held in perfect presence; poised, ready to express how it can.

That is the choice contained within this moment, made up of a million, million choices, small and large, as the flow of your consciousness moves through your being, Earth’s being of which you are a part, and Solar and Cosmic beings (although we have little sway on that portion of Cosmic consciousness).

Our journey of heart consciousness is of our own personal travails in life, and our relationship with Earth. Because we are Earth beings, we cannot evolve consciousness without being of her consciousness. That is the path.

So your choices, Earth’s choices, our collective choices that influence and make up some of Earth’s choices – all these create the substance of our consciousness that then flows to this still point in the great Solar-Cosmic heart alignment: solstice, gathering within the great heart presence of Earth, held by the consciousness of the Great Teachers for whom consciousness of heart is their dharma.

Christ and Buddhas hold our Earth’s heart in conscious life force, drawing in the conscious intent and loving flow from Cosmos, holding the great radiant life-giving presence of Solar heart, filling with the deepest loving intent of the human and angelic families that live within Earth’s aura. This is the conscious heartbeat of Earth: her intent, filled, nourished and sustained by all these other presences, just as all hearts are.

In this intentful space and place, all of our own hopes, dreams, choice and intention sit, ready in this moment, to absorb the inflow of grace and radiance from without.

Cosmos reaches in and touches Earth’s heart, and light fills everything and spreads everywhere, to sustain, guide and illuminate the next year’s journey. If we let this moment of poise in stillness reach our conscious self, we also let this loving, nourishing light fill our own beings.

Our year is made up of opportunities to sit within the still point of various hearts: the Great Teachers have all left their guidance, and continue to energise their holy and illuminating moments that we celebrate as spiritual festivals.

But solstice is different, for it is of Earth’s heart, and although held and supported by many of the great ones, it is her intention that impregnates the milieu of the fullness in her heart. Her awakening intention, as a planetary being of heart, holds presence in this space, as she draws in all that can align with Cosmos, all that can be infused with Cosmic love, all that can be reinvigorated by Cosmic Will.

This is her call to you, dear people of Earth: rise, in consciousness; feel her heartbeat, bring all of who you are into the holiness and radiance of this still moment, and absorb. Absorb the love, the light, the intention, and become changed by this utmost grace. Become like a red blood cell within your own heart, soaking up not only life giving oxygen, which is love in manifestation, but will, with which to nourish and feed your body and actions upon Earth. With both, you become a living, radiant presence of Cosmic will, and loving intention, circulating within Earth’s body of consciousness and matter, bringing your life-giving gifts to her body, and our world.

This is the stillness and promise of this solstice moment: the utter magnificence of holy communion, sanctified blessing, illumined embrace, of Cosmic heart, infusing every heart that so choses a pathway of care, love and conscious choice.

Show your intent, and you open the door. Open your heart, and you fill with hope. Stand here, present upon Earth, and you gift the greatest blessing: the living heartbeat of Cosmos, the presence of Cosmic Christ, the illumination of earthly Buddha, the love of Mother Earth, the heartbeat of your own soul self in unison with the divine. Give a little and become of this grace, for Earth needs your light, as you need her loving heart.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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