The Heart’s Still Point at Solstice

[written in conscious attunement]

From the deep heart of the universe comes the sound, the heartbeat of life itself. Rippling through time and space, heart to heart, it descends, finding resonance in each heart that is embracing and creating life, holding presence in each Solar system and planetary being so aligned.

Thus comes the love of the universe to little Earth, a heartbeat in the physical matter of solar and universal life. The deep matter, most dense, yet built of life itself.

The greater heart pulse sounds forth, and its ripples resonate through the space within which Earth resides. It is similar to when a human stands next to a being with a larger heart, the resonance is physically felt, and the heart responds.

Always the heart responds, to the resonance in its surroundings.  So too does Mother Earth’s heart, singing in time and space, receptive to this great loving resonance from Cosmos.

This is most keenly felt at June solstice, for the Earth’s heart has absorbed hopes and intentions, manifestations and expressions, drawing them into her heart, there to hold in utter stillness for this glimpse,  this moment (yet an eternity of now), as the magic of heart unison happens in that timeless stillness between drawing in and pulsing out.

In this moment of stillness, the utter stillness of the heart sanctuary, the resonance of Cosmic heart and earthly heart align. They are of different octaves, but in the stillness where no other sounds can be present, alignment and resonance occur, and Earth’s heart is filled with that great and nourishing sound that holds all the promise of life to come. All the grace, all the love of the universe, bathes Earth and her heart at just this moment, and life force is renewed, revitalised and reinvigorated. The plan of life is infused into the blood of Earth, the hope of the future, the nourishment for the journey, all in that moment.

Then, it passes. The heart beats, Earth heart pulses that infused and irradiated life force out into her being, our world, nature’s existence, angels’ and greater hearts’ realms. And the light finds its way to our own hearts when we are ready: the promise, the inspiration, the uplift, the hope, the strength, the focus, the determination, the plan, the manifestation; all come from that infusion of light from Cosmic heart to Earth heart to our hearts.

Then we must act, express with that resonance what is ours, grow in consciousness with it, and align more greatly with Earth within it.

This is the heart journey of our year. At June solstice, the great Cosmic blessings comes, and Earth’s heart absorbs and resonates with that blessing, then fills her being with that blessing as her own heart beats. Then comes the heartbeat of December solstice, the heartbeat that is of Earth alone, for Cosmic heartbeat is not present at that time. Earth herself, having circulated the Cosmic blessing of the June solstice and resonated that vibration through her being, absorbs all that has been learned, explored, achieved, and awakened, and draws that into her heart. There she holds in stillness all the promise and actuality of what has been gained, and that aligns in resonance with Solar heart.

In that still point of the December solstice heartbeat, Solar Lords and Ladies of consciousness stand steady with strength, in presence of truth and in alignment with Cosmic heart, for it is their responsibility to hold this between Cosmic heartbeats. That which has been absorbed into Earth’s heart from all her life-streams, and that resonates in Solar presence, is blessed; and all which is not yet resonant is given the chance to lift and align, so as to be able to resonate.

This is all an action of consciousness, which is in resonance with life itself. For life is Cosmic in its origins, and Cosmic heartbeat is its source and presence that invigorates and guides all unfoldment.

What can you do?

Find the stillness at each solstice, to sit in and wonder, and let your heart stillness find resonance with the greater loving embrace of what is around you: Earth love, Solar love, Cosmic love, human love, nature’s love. Then, act from your heart in as much clarity and loving presence as you can. In this way, you contribute to the great heart flow that shall awaken more rapidly upon Earth with each conscious choice. From solstice to solstice the flows of love, light, purpose and intention, hope and action, shall strengthen and awaken in matter. Conscious choice of heart then becomes the guiding star for all life.

Thus the heart flows, and your choice guides.

Sit in stillness, find the resonance of this moment, and be forever nourished and blessed with the great force of life itself, the Cosmic heart.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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