The Heart Call of the Great Mother

[written in conscious attunement]

I sing through my angels of light!

The song of love, the song of hope, the song of life.

For life is that song, that vibration of angelic flow – for is not the flame in the heart, the 3-fold flame, held by the great angels, Archangels Hope, Faith and Charity?

Angels bring movement where humans do not naturally hold that capacity, in consciousness. The human consciousness is inherently of a building, constructing nature. Angelic consciousness is inherently of a flowing, constructing nature. These are so different!

So when I sing in love, my voice of hope and vision resonates through the loving hearts of angels, and into your hearts, humanity. For that flame of life within you is undaunted, undimmed by the human, enclosing, solid form – for the flame of life burns brightly for every soul in incarnation. Even in the darkened ones ,for here the shield is where the darkness lives. Never is the flame extinguished except at the rare, and we hope never again used, second death, where a complete restart of soul intention is needed. No one on Earth is heading towards this at this time: potential, yes, but expectation, no.

The second death is reserved for those where the soul intent, the living force for evolution, is denied expression on every level of personal existence to the point that the personality cannot be un-cemented. So very rare. Even Hitler did not receive this. For even though there was so much ignorance and inhumanity expressed in his cruelty and manipulation of the astral milieu encompassing the masses, yet still enough conscience was held within for retribution (karmically speaking) to begin. This is the darkness that finds light, the tricky and delicate balance of evolution. Nothing justifies evil intention for it is always a choice – but evil choices do not an evil and completely darkened being make.

But, for the lighted ones, my song I sing into the heart’s flames, and that fans those flames brighter. Less and less shall the restrictions and challenges of constrictive times and consciousness be the guide of personal growth – instead, it shall be the forerunner of great, positive, global change. For I cannot be ignored. I am the voice, the song, the sound of evolution: I am the unfoldment of consciousness within human and earthly realms, and my angels cooperate in the ringing of the sound of love, hope and the vision of the future.

When this vibrates within your heart, how can you not see and feel great change? How can you not awaken and demand great change, within yourself, and all around you? Whether you change your attitudes, your desires, your needs, your awareness – or champion and campaign for evil forces to be done with on Earth; whether those expressing through power, greed or secrecy. No matter your choices, in your heart my song awakens the awareness you can no longer avoid, or un-hear, or un-see, or silence with choices grasping, clinging to old familiarities.

My song is so beautiful you cannot turn away. My song is so deep you cannot un-feel it. My song is so full of promise you cannot but be filled with hope – even if the pathway of transition feels so un-illumined and impossible at times.

It all starts from the heart!

No great change has ever begun without my song, the song of Isis, Mother Sun, Mother Heart, Sirian-cosmic love, Sun-beams resonant with life itself. I initiate that song, I am that song, of substance itself, the substance of cosmic evolution, filled to overflowing with loving embrace and intention!

I am that resonance that stirs you to search, that awakens you to seek, that whispers in your ears the promise of life to come, that sings into your being the knowing of grace to be loved. You, human of cosmic dust and loving heart, of angelic song and human soul, of living breath and graceful matter. You, human of Earth; you, every heart upon Earth:  you are the change-makers for this great transition, and I sing into your deep, deep heart, where you cannot un-hear my promise to you. Where you cannot un-see the beautiful, enriching, embracing worlds to come of purity, of magnificence in diversity, yet unified in heart; of enormous presence in daily life, that shines from every heart.

It is coming, for I see it, and I sing it – and what I see is what becomes, for I am the life-giver of universal heart.

I am She, the Great Mother, flowing through conscious intention on every level, manifesting in hearts from Cosmos to little Earth, radiating like the Sun, the life-giver in warming embrace, the vitality that creates and extinguishes life in the great fire of beingness: to mould the heart of creation in the substance of Earth herself.

Ah, such wonders!

Such wonders I behold.

I sing to you, dear humans, through my angels great and small, shining down the octaves of vibration into your hearts, with words to reach your minds; for am I not already nudging you into awakening?

So, I call to you:  my song is real. Follow my notes, and learn to sing your being into a new grace … a grace that shall incarnate and become the Great Heart, as all life opens to soul and life, and chooses, in diversity and tolerance, the new life with a singing heart within. Shining, radiating, creating love, and the new world I see.

Open to my song in your heart, and you see too. And then it becomes … the new world, of love, of unfoldment, through the myriad of colours, expressions and choices that consciousness brings, when nourished by, and resonant with my song of heart.

I am singing my song.

Listen, feel and hear my song in your very beingness.

The new world awakens. Your new world awakens.

Peace and love awakens, through all the multitudes of colour and expression creative humanity can, and shall express.

The life of heart unfolds with wonders.

Listen, hear, feel – I am there: the song within your deep heart. I am there, Mother of the deep, deep consciousness of life. I am there.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.

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