New Consciousness: the Call of Earth

[written in conscious attunement]

In the physical body of Earth is also a living presence, a consciousness, evolving, as we all are.

This is a consciousness that both evolves as a being in her own right, and as a Mother to all life streams within her care.

We are such life streams, and our rebellion at considering our Mother Earth in all our choices in life is so damaging for all.

On our journey of evolution, before realising the full consciousness of soul, we, human beings, must first realise there is soul. We are born into matter, the physical substance of our world, and that is the hardest place in which to retain soul awareness, even though we have come from a place of consciousness that knows that light.

So, our evolutionary journey is focussed on lifting our awareness, and building our consciousness of the finer vibrations from whence we came.

The challenge, as evolving consciousness grows, is that it begins to feel all powerful, all controlling. This is the product of self, exploring what can be known, desiring to know – but since not all can ever be known, the consciousness driven by the need to be in control starts to limit the world to that which is in its known sphere.

Here, evolution of consciousness is stagnated.

Here, is the situation on Earth at this time.

Many of developed intellect and emotional capacity are still driven by the need to have certainty. The fundamental challenge of human life is balancing the known and unknown. Evolution is using the unknown to learn, the opposite is to constrict and control.

Now we step into a new evolutionary impulse, which is why this is such a fundamental shift in our journey of consciousness.

The development of astral and mental consciousness and awareness is sufficient to allow soul to shine and be seen by the seeker. At the same time, those who fear seek to contain, constrain, and pretend there is no more to existence than what they know, or believe. Further development of astral and mental consciousness is not needed, in the same way.

Now, the yearning, seeking call to become light, present, awake, conscious – this call comes from within Earth herself, not from soul in the world of light.

As Earth has evolved, she has come to a place where souls can be in her body and shine there. So, soul’s call is now from within Earth. She holds the vibration of the next steps in evolution within her being, and our souls resonate in her body.

We are drawn to the Earth, not as a substance of matter to hold, to touch – but as a consciousness of the heart:  where light and matter meet and co-mingle, to create life.

Earth’s heart is beating with new light and life. Spirit of Resurrection, the great angel of life-force known in cosmic spheres, is now in flow with Earth’s pulse of life.

Thus it is with every heart: as you evolve, your heart’s flow aligns with many hearts around you, and magnifies the light, love and consciousness that you are.

Spirit of Resurrection is a living flow of force, love, will and cosmic intention from the heart of Sirius, bringing cosmic loving presence into Earth’s heart flow.

We on Earth can feel that, and are called to align with that.

Nothing more than loving Earth is needed to access this flow. No great, deep, complicated spiritual practice, enmeshed in structures of old, created to foster the focus and development needed as we took the path of developing our ability to remember soul.

No! Now we know that well enough, collectively at least. Now we take the path of heart consciousness – the ultimate expression of soul in embodiment. Now we have a pathway, a simple choice:  to open to the loving presence within Earth, and within our own hearts that open to this journey of consciousness.

Choose the way of heart awareness, the journey of Earth consciousness, and you align with the evolutionary unfoldment all around us.

It is so different to the many eons of spiritual practice we have all known and loved. Yet, do you not notice, those practices struggle to hold the presence of growth, of evolution to soul? Beautiful, yes; nourishing and comforting, maybe. But the journey of consciousness now lies in relationship with Earth herself, and except for the highly evolved and flexible, this is hard to find in the practices of the past.

A major re-orientation is occurring!

Take with you all the lessons of kindness and care; of service and devotion; of discipline and personal control learned in those practices past, but now, walk the path of Earth heart.

Therein lies the blood-flow of cosmos, the Spirit of Resurrection. Therein radiates the living light you seek, that nourishes you both as soul and human. The sparkling, living grace we all seek, that lifts our spirits, fills us with hope, gives meaning in the face of adversity, gives strength to hold steady in the tide of resistance.

The controllers living within a built world of their past, Earth’s past, do not want change – yet it will come.

Ours is to take the step consciously to love Earth, heart and the living light within her being – and help that light become the lived reality. Then we give ours to the great change, and goodness is nourished in our needy world.

Start in Your Heart!

Start in your heart

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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