Maitreya and Mother Light the Heart Way

[written in conscious attunement]

When love comes knocking on your door, do you open?

Do you welcome?

Or are you shy, fearful, or overcome by guilt from your un-lighted self?

We, Maitreya-Mother, come knocking on the door of your heart. We seek only your care. Care for Earth. In that choice you open to the love that we are, for we are love of Earth: the very substance of her heart, her beating heart, her yearning heart – seeking, seeking, seeking the awakening hearts of humanity who care.

Caring is the first step to opening the door to soul, and we come knocking to show you the door.

Listen, for we knock on every heart. Listen, feel, relate to the sensations in your body; awaken to the call of your lighted self. Listen, feel, and care.

I come, Maitreya of the lighted worlds, merged with Mother, of the lighted Earth, the substance of hope.

I come, Mother of hearts, awakened in the body of Earth’s yearning, awakened by time’s call, and human soul readiness.

We merge to make the heart of all, the pulsing, beating heart that nourishes the new life, the life of hope, true hope … the hope for peace, not things; the hope for love to embrace all, not to be grasped and held by the needy; the hope for sustenance of light and food to fill all beings, to feed the worlds of light and Earth.

For nourished souls nourish light in the world, and nourished bodies radiate light in the world. Holy saints of all faiths and traditions know this, the true ones who shine.

There are many falsehoods upon Earth, many un-illumined awakenings where revelation is of self-focussed greed, not community-minded understanding. Revelation only to the concrete mind, the closed and contained emotions – where freedom does not live. Yet it is freedom that is sought! The paradox of earthly life, and of our times of human-earthly growth.

Seek the revelation that stirs in your heart. Seek the truth that lands in your heart. Seek the insight that sings in your heart.

Seek your heart.

For that is the door upon which we knock, now, to help you see and feel, that which is of heart.

For then, only then, does the maze of falsehoods fall away, the corrugations of uncertainty dissolve, the illumination of darkness show the way.

We are the way-showers, the deep love merged of Earth and human; of Mother and Light; of love expressed, and love lived.

We hold open the pathway of balance, of healing – heart healing. Here you awaken on the journey of soul, and soul heals, for soul holds all that is known and to be known, experienced and to be experienced.

On the path of soul, time seems both short and long, because future and past are both there – yet unformed in body, for that is the journey of physical life: to know the unknown yet familiar; to reach for the experience desired, yet already within.

Much of what we do on Earth is to confirm what we have already done, already learned, and know we shall meet in our journey going forward. But in that confirmation, we enlighten and soul-infuse a little more of our beingness, and upon our journey we walk.

Every step is a blessing, when you take it with heart-seeking intent.

We are there, in every heart, to remind you what door to open.

Do you seek that door? That door of soul wisdom, of cosmic love, of personal choice, of Earth commitment?

Then your steps shall be light, in the world of pain. Your feelings shall be whole, in the world of challenge and fragmentation.

Come, come to heart, dear children of Earth’s heart. Come, hear the knock on the door, hear the heartbeat of cosmos and Earth, for our love is there, our pulsing heart is beating – and you can hear us at your door.

Walk with steadfastness through deep and challenging times. The great balance is shifting again, for all growth in consciousness takes a shift to awaken. Like the load on a ship rolling in the storm:  anything not integrated, aligned, harmonious shall toss and roll and create destruction – but only as the storm thunders by.

Do yours:  know yourself, your baggage and containers, and know that whatever does not weather the storm is not yours to hold. Let it go, to be churned by the storm of love and will to become matter, free and uncontained, unconstrained.

Freedom is the call of love. True love. The freedom of soul to express, to be. The freedom from emotional containment and rigidity of fixed patterns of mind.

Where mind and feelings go, body follows. Work on your mind and feelings to find the freedom of soul, and our love shall live, flow and radiate in you, and from you, and you will illuminate your thread in the tapestry of global change.

I come, Mother, with Maitreya in my heart, to reach you, my children of earthly life.

I come, Maitreya, of the hearted way, to touch you as with soul, to show you the way. The way of love. The way of heart. The journey of salvation for Earth and humanity, nature and all worlds of life in our care.

We come to the door of your heart. Are you there? Are you home? Do not fear or pretend you have not heard – for we are there in every one of your heartbeats, to show you, fill you, embrace you, with love.

We are that, and we are here, in the golden river of the time that is now, the time that is choice, the time that hums with promise in every heartbeat.

We are here, and we love you, child of Earth, child of heart, child of soul, child of the great change.

We are here, and we light the way.

Start in Your Heart!

Start in your heart

To awaken and strengthen your connection to your deep, inner heart, try our Free Start in Your Heart attunement (just 6 minutes), or our Deep Heart attunement for a longer experience.

Start in Your Heart!

Start in your heart

To awaken and strengthen your connection to your deep, inner heart, try our Free Start in Your Heart attunement (just 6 minutes), or our Deep Heart attunement for a longer experience.

Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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