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Angels, Christ and Care for the Earth

[written in conscious attunement]

With the lightest of touch, I call nature. Her flowers, trees, moss and grass; her plants of Earth and ocean; her living joy.

“Come, come to the light!”

For at this time of year, the nourishment of nature is given all over the world – a blessing of Christ, the great bestower of life.

In sparkling grace, love descends to nature, to Earth, to all life – but this week, it is nature upon which we focus. The living garment of Earth’s life force, her love. The radiance of planetary consciousness, infused with the Sun’s blessing.

Nature is how Earth absorbs that nourishment from the Sun, and how she gives that nourishment to all inhabitants.

sparkly seascape

Christ’s blessing is how that nourishment is assimilated into consciousness, both of Earth and of humans. It is given to other kingdoms of life too, but that is less needed at this time, for they do not carry the power of choice, to influence evolutionary intention and outcome.

Christ is the creator, wielder, melder of consciousness, so that all life can grow in light and conscience. The blessings are thus bestowed into nature. All life is called to open, receive and be nourished; to be filled with the cosmic nourishment from the Sun’s living light, and Christ’s conscious intention in which the plan of evolution is held.

Christ the redeemer is the life-giver in all worlds. Christ the saviour is the nourisher of all life so it can express in light and with purpose. Christ the disruptor brings that awareness of what is not of the plan.

So, as nature is nourished, you can see what holds light, and help that; and you can see what does not hold light – do not support that.


The living light of Sun and Christ is strong. Only the aligned places, spaces and forms can hold that love – for that is what living light is:  pure love. The love that is of Sun for Earth, beautiful Earth, the life-holder in the physical for our solar system. The love of conscious intent for the vehicle of evolution, the holder of the plan’s birth, year after year.

This love, this living light, is magnified at this time, magnified in outer expression. It is deep and strong at the December solstice, deep in birth within Earth and heart. Now, it unfolds, unfurls, emerges and radiates through humans, nature, all life that chooses.

How does nature choose?

Through two avenues: the choice of Earth herself, as nature is of her conscious expression; and through the guiding angels that embrace, nourish and infuse nature with this love, this livingness, this grace.

It is the angels who are so busy now, as living light intensifies, and cosmic love seeks expression.

angel spreading light

Angels from highest to lowest; from angels of the Sun itself, to the angels holding the tiniest creation of life through nature. From angels that hold Earth, to those tiny streams of conscious creativity in a flower, a bud, a plant emerging from seed. The angels are the vehicles of cosmic love, conscious intent, evolutionary force – and of Christ’s embrace.

All angels work for Christ, for their work is to evolve life, consciousness of life, and to nourish Earth’s joyful expression, so to touch all with the radiance that is the living light.

We call upon them, we seek them – angels of love, livingness, nature and consciousness.

We gift to them our thanks. They are the life-givers of Earth.

Yet their presence is denied by ignorance and selfishness, where some of humanity hold Earth as their own, and see not the life force, only matter to plunder and take.

The balance is disturbed, for greed and ignorance, fuelled by the forces of materialism, are destroying more than nature – they are destroying the vehicle of the living light, and of the angels who bring and wield it.

So, at this time of blessing, of renewing through living light, give hope to Earth and her angels through your care. Care for the Earth, for nature. The balance must be restored!

In the dark ages, the angels were not here. They retreated further into the inner worlds. They watched, and some wept – yet knowing this was human not angelic choice. For humans hold the anchor of consciousness into the very substance of Earth herself. Humans are the vehicle of conscious intent, and its interaction with the deep, physical being of Earth herself.

Angels are not of matter, the closest they come is to the etheric levels.

That is why we speak – for humans and angels in concert, in conjoined effort, are the only way that Christ’s love and the universal living light can be present within, and rise through, the Earth and all life.

In care, you align with living light, with love, and with angels. It is as simple as that.


Care about the Earth, the fullness of your life and home. Expand your horizon to the planet you live upon, for she needs your care for balance to be restored.

When you care, angels and Christ can see that in your heart, and then help strengthen that presence of life-force in your heart.

For to care is to share light, living light, and that is so much needed.

Yes, care for each other, take care of the challenges that confront you – but know that in amongst that, if you realise and consciously choose to include the Earth in your embrace of care, all will be aided. Both you and your personal challenges, and Earth and the great change she and all of us are going through.

You can care by holding the whole Earth in light and love. You can care by simply standing upon the Earth and letting love move between you and her – by really feeling that living light that she is, and she gives.

Care, and help the angels, the Christ, the Earth, and all life. Care, to bring a lighted, loving future for us all.

Care, and your heart sings in the living light.

Maitreya is the Christ and holds this opportunity open at this time, as Asala approaches – and the descent of living light is magnified in His care.

Let your heart sing, and be of living light with angels and Earth – and love awakens all hearts.

Healing the Earth


You may be interested in our guided meditation Earth Healing with Maitreya, a simple practice you can do on your own, or in a group, to share love, light and care with the Earth and all life.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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