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The Living Evolution of Earth & Angels

[written in conscious attunement]

In the living flow of angelic life, Earth is not a body of inert, lifeless matter, and neither is nature. Earth is a living being, evolving, expressing, becoming more refined and coherent in her vibrational presence, just as all evolving life must.

The interaction of Earth and angels is utterly life-giving, to both. Angels need Earth, for the very essence of their evolutionary journey is to be in the realm where substance can flow, for angels evolve through flow, not static presence within a fixed form.

Updating Planetary Consciousness

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In the evolutionary process through form, the learning comes from the stimulus afforded by external stimuli, and internal exploration meeting those stimuli at the edge of that form; and the stimulus from deep within via heart and soul, or enlightened inner teacher, when time is ready.

When you learn and evolve through flow, your experience and conscious development come from the discernment of all the differences available in flow: texture, density, speed, vibration (which we see as colour, or measure on other non-visible spectra of electromagnetic energy) – and through all these, the intent. Flow always comes from somewhere. In our Cosmos, it comes from the vehicle we know as heart, and heart always sends out pulses of life with intent.

Angels are imbued with this, from the broadest, fullest presence that the higher angels are both made of, and distribute; right down to the tiniest of angels who hold the smallest aspect of intent in the evolutionary flow of life’s expression, for example, to aid in the building of a flower, so Earth’s joy and nature’s life force can continue to express in our world.

For angels, Earth and nature are one of the rare places in our universe where living intent invites their participation in the physical expression of evolution, by blending spiritual flow with physical matter.

How does this happen?

All matter is gathered and conditioned by the internal forces embedded within its very structure, as all matter is fundamentally imbued with the blueprint of evolution that has enabled its creation in the first place.

There is a fundamental principle in the world of vibration, of which matter is a part, and that is that like seeks like. Matter of a certain vibration resonates with matter of the same vibration and they cohere in that resonance. As vibrational complexity increases, both resonance and harmony build between matter of different vibrational notes.

You can say exactly the same about the evolving human consciousness: we seek and connect with like-minded people, then in groups of people with nuanced perspectives but a like-minded purpose, and so on.

Angels work in the realm of vibration – for is not flow a vibration? This is an edge where the science of physics explores: when is an electron a wave of energy, when is it a physical point of matter? It can be both.

At this interface, on every level of form and of vibrational flow, is where angels can interact, and create positive influence on the vibrational intent being expressed.

The small angel that helps in the building of a flower receives vibrational guidance from the angel that works with the plant, or group of plants as a whole, and who holds the evolutionary intent for that plant. That guidance enables the smaller angel to bring a flow of vibrational influence on the matter created by the plant; so that the inner blueprint of life creates that stunning expression we call a flower. So it goes, on every level of physical expression, for all of nature.

Nature’s evolution, and thus life-force, vitality, beauty and existence, is enabled by the angels that bring this refinement of vibrational stimuli into relationship with physical matter, by holding that matter in their flow of intent.

Angels can work at this edge of consciousness, and within the flow to and through heart

They will do the same for animals and humans, when that is permitted or required by evolution’s progression. Remember, human evolution comes from the stimuli at the edge of consciousness in interaction with the world (driven by love, as previously detailed), and by the inner stimulus from soul, teacher, guide, through heart. Animals follow a similar path, just with a group soul (mostly), rather than an individuated one.

Angels can work at this edge of consciousness, and within the flow to and through heart.

To come back to the evolutionary flow in which angels touch, imbue and nurture Earth herself with the flow of love and light and Cosmic intention: this is also a stimulus of Earth’s evolutionary expression, and intent is felt.

As noted before, when you can feel a presence upon a great mountain, near a beautiful tree, amidst a field of flowers, within the healing balm of living waters, on the desert sands, or simply anywhere in nature upon the Earth herself, it is because there is a presence of angelic beings, holding that presence in interaction with Earth’s loving, evolutionary intent.

However, Earth and angels do not evolve in isolation. Humanity has a significant evolutionary role upon and within Earth. Humans are of Earth’s substance and of their own soul’s intent, and the joint unfolding can only truly benefit both when human consciousness awakens to this reality. We are not here to learn what we want and then go, we are not here to learn only the human journey, for two reasons: there is no such thing as a human journey alone, for we incarnate and evolve within the substance of Earth and are thus part of her journey; and the very essence of our journey involves interaction with whatever is around us. This is love’s driver.

Herein comes one of the major interactions we have with angels: through nature. That is why starving humans of an interaction with nature is so catastrophic for the evolution of consciousness. Whether that interaction is in the physical presence of nature, or in the observation and perception, that involves human choice. Even in the most bare and barren of cities where nature is banished, there will be something, somewhere, that with intent, you can use to ignite that presence of Earth’s living, loving life-force within you. And thus open to angelic love, of the Earth angels.

One thing to note is that this interaction goes both ways. Angels interact with nature to facilitate the loving and intentful flow of evolutionary expression, but that includes the evolution of humans too. If you acknowledge the beauty of a flower, the presence in a tree, the vitality anywhere you perceive it in nature, you open a flow of your love to those creating that presence. You open to create a relationship with these places and these beings, and that nourishes all.

In the urbanisation of so many of Earth’s and humanity’s places of evolutionary focus, we forget too easily that we still need to share our love with Earth, our evolutionary home.

The great and old trees, including some that remain in parks or gardens, usually have older and more developed angels, as they have journeyed long together. Peoples of the land before urbanisation, would acknowledge and share love with these great beings, and loving flow would be reciprocated. Now these angels are in presence largely with nature alone, and are bereft of the key interaction with the human family, starving both of that mutual flow of love.

Where great and old trees are removed, the angels usually leave too, unless the human intent enables another focus in which the angel can bring its flow of conscious intent into interaction with Earth, and humans. This is rarely done, as human ignorance is great, but can be repaired, if human intention is applied.

Trees of the land in which they evolved have the closest relationship with the substance of the Earth at that place, and the strongest relationship may evolve that way.

What is your intent regarding nature?

See this as a two-way interaction and responsibility, and you will be blessed with nature’s love, via the great embrace of angels, and you will help the gentle unfoldment of loving intent in our needy world, to nourish Earth, nature, and us all.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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