angels from cosmos

The Angels of Comfort Descend

[written in conscious attunement]

Gentle angels, in our millions … we are returning to help.

Earth called, for many are to leave. Many are to be renewed. Many are to rise into the light. Many are to become beings of light.

We have returned in our millions. Angels of white and gold, blue like the sky, rose like the sunset, green like the lushness of leaves. We have been called and descend, like a rainbow in snowflakes, gently, gently floating down through conscious and unconscious, through hopes and fears – for Earth called, and we come to Earth’s call.

Her love for you, humanity, draws us like a magnet, through pain and challenge, to be here with you. To bring loving embrace when you have none, to touch you with grace when fear comes, to hold with love when hearts open – for we come on a mission of love.

Love was the call, we come with love.

The inner worlds shine and sparkle. We descend through it all to reach you, and touch your hearts.

See the wonders of light. See what the magic of consciousness and awareness awakens within you. Open your hearts, let us in. We come with comfort. We know the plan, we come with love to heal. We know the journey – it is one of light, but only when the physical ties are eased with love.

Open your hearts.

We come with love, to touch your deepest fears with knowing, the deep knowing that all shall be wonderful – for the light shall unfold within you and new consciousness unfold in your being, with more light radiating from your heart, new understanding in your mind.

Like snowflakes we descend, gently, gently, in softness and grace. We stay a while, a short while, for Earth in her transition has called.

Then we move to new worlds and stars, other holders of life, where new growth and transition is unfolding.

Would you like to join us? Many leaving Earth can do that, and become the angels of hope and awakening that we are, and share light with those in need.

Let our presence flutter into your life, to brighten all that is light within you.

Gently, gently we come. Not the angels of evolution that you know, not the human-angels that stay through friendship and soul-bonds to their family and descendants, not angels of cosmic intent holding global unfoldment in their gaze.

We are the angels of Christ as an expression of love. Cosmic Christ. The life force of consciousness in our world, that stretches across our universe. We are the floating, radiant particles of light that shine when time is right.

No directive, teaching or guidance, we come simply to hold and be with you.

Transition is hard, whatever the level of consciousness you are growing through.

We come to all, we are the transition angels.

Like snowflakes we gently arrive, but with warmth, and love. You will feel different now, for we touch all who journey through consciousness at this time.

Like gentle snowflakes, we brush your cheek that you may know we are here, yet we do not interfere. You choose, and life chooses.

We are Cosmic Christ in the lifeblood of our beings, simply here to hold and help transitions with love.

Simply here to enfold you and comfort.

Here, for Earth called, and we, the light, come to heal.

In grace, comfort, and such gentle touch, like the softest snowflake, brushing your cheek, for we are here or you. Earth in her love for you called, and we are here.

Rest and shine in our grace.

Rest and shine in our embrace.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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